South Sudanese in Ethiopia Accuse Arop Deng Kuol of Embezzlement; Urge the Government Not to Reappoint Him

February 10, 2012 (SSNA) — We have been informing the government of the Republic of South Sudan since 2006 to change Arop Deng Kuol at the post of head of mission to Ethiopia. But yet nothing change, why?

We, the South Sudanese community in Ethiopia, have approved the recent outcome of the new Ministerial arrangement as it appears to have met the “The principle of general will.” We are of the opinion that South Sudan will not assume a state of political chaos if the state and its officials begin to understand and implement basic democratic values such as rule of law, justice and equality, fairness and impartiality in areas of service provisions and employment.

We also suggest that the government of the new state should be responsive to the needs and interest of the citizens as the powers of the state officials are derived from consents of the citizens through election.

In this letter, we, South Sudanese communities in Ethiopia, once again request the government of the Republic of South Sudan not to appoint, again, Mr. Arop Deng as an Ambassador of South Sudan in Ethiopia. We have a lot of grievances against him, which we presented many times for the government of the Republic of South Sudan. This is our seventh letter in this regard. We have a number of reasons and we thought that it would not sound good if we protest at the newest Embassy against Arop Deng Kuol to tell the Government of the Republic of South Sudan not to appoint again Arop Deng as an Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Some of the main reasons are listed below as follows:

1. Arop Deng Kuol has a strong relation with North Sudanese Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that our government does not know. This is revealed by his failure to negotiate with North Sudanese ambassador to Ethiopia over the inclusion of the people of South Sudan to be part of the previous year’s election simply because he was bribed.

“His departure to Hawassa during the voting on the referendum day to meet North Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia to design techniques that could impede the referendum process in Ethiopia was also a part of his cooperation with the North. As he was recommended by three Northern ambassadors, also our government does not know this. We discovered that during the referendum when he refused to facilitate transportation of people of South Sudan in Ethiopia from and to the referendum center”.

2. Arop Deng Kuol always takes, South Sudanese people’s money by force, for example, he took money of the students, South Sudanese community and Referendum task force in Ethiopia.

3. Arop Deng uses his Ethiopian wife, Miss. Genet as a killing weapon against people of South Sudan in Ethiopia. This is true when a conflict occurred between him and South Sudanese community in Ethiopia over the money, he forcefully took the money which was sent by the referendum task force in Juba to facilitate referendum activities in Ethiopia -for mobilizing people of South Sudan in Ethiopia that he was to torture the people of south Sudan with Ethiopian federal police confirmed to have blood link with his wife, Genet.

4. He behaves more as a business man than a government representative. He has business entities in and outside Addis Ababa which have deprived   him of his time not to deal with government affairs. Hence, he is believed to be brokering agent between some officials in Juba and the business people in Addis Ababa, and he is dealing less with the Government business than his personal activities.

5. Arop Deng, acting ultra virus and within narrow reasonableness, he has targeted some of the South Sudanese community members for telling him that it is not a good thing to take people’s money without reasons. Beyond the power given to him by the government, he said that he has withdrawn those group members’ “citizenship right” which we believe he has   right, duty, responsibility and /or authority.

6. Arop Deng uses propaganda that there are no South Sudanese communities in Ethiopia. Those that are here are Ethiopians, not South Sudanese. We came here because of war, need for education and perhaps medical treatment. We were not sold to Ethiopians.

7. He, too, does not have the necessary educational background or qualification to be our good ambassador to the great nation of Ethiopia and Africa Union at large.

8. During the referendum, Arop Deng was seen to have voted for unity with the north.

9. Arop Deng behaves more of his own boss so much that he always rejects to work with other government officials appointed by the ministry of foreign affairs of the government of the Republic of south Sudan. This is because he makes the embassy of the republic of Sudan in Ethiopia as his own and called Abyei  private business limited company in which he recruit and select its staff as he likes.

Our question in this regard is:

Why the Republics of South Sudan want to use Arop Deng Kuol?
Arop Deng Kuol is selfish, thieve, looter, robbery and ethnocentric.
All in all, he does not fulfill the qualification required to be an Ambassador.

This will be the last request amongst the seven letters. If this request is turned down, our action is in our hand to get rid of and we hope so the government will not be bribed by him.

We believe this letter will be treated with special considerations.

Yours respectfully,
South Sudan community in Ethiopia
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