The people of South Sudan: Don’t be scared by Al Basher’s threats!

By: Luk Kuth Dak

“Our unity is our best defense against Sudan,” The author.

February 13, 2012 (SSNA) — Most people with some knowledge about warfare would be the first to tell you that the republic of the Sudan’s not in any position to engage in a war with the republic of South Sudan, (RSS) at least for a foreseeable future!

Yes, there are people there, who would like to believe that the Sudan has the capability to attack the South. And yes, Sudan remains a serious threat to regional and world peace.

But despite what all the Khartoum’s elites are barking about day and night, from tyrant Al Basher himself, or his surrogates : Foreign Affairs Minister, Ali Karti, to the Presidential Advisor, Mustafa Osman, on down to the regime’s most strongman, Nafia Ali Nafia, Sudan blowing up Juba is simply not something you should worry about!

Nonetheless, that’s what they want you to do of course. It’s nothing more than a scare tactic and empty rhetoric, which was carefully and skillfully designed so that they can continue to steal our natural resources, especially the oil. Sudan simply has way too much on its plate in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile to commit a suicide by opening a new front with a conventional and much more sophisticated SPLA army, not to mention the possibility of a military and logistic support from both the United States of America (USA) and Israel!

I agree with those thoughts, don’t you?

Of course, Sudan is a country that was stolen by the Islamic extremists in 1989. It’s that regime that hates the rest of the nationalities and bangs its war drums so loudly. But with out the oil revenue, which had gone south, those war drums will only fall into deaf ears in South Sudan as well the Blue Nile, Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, respectively. Also, we should not forget that not all Sudanese people support the regime. There is a significant portion of the population that hates it just as much as we do.

Thus, as the quote says it above, our internal unity remains one of the most, if not the most powerful weapon there is to protect us from any future aggression from the our enemies in Khartoum. The government of South Sudan must explicitly strive to unite the country behind it. However, those whose ultimate goals are to bleed our country to death, must be dealt with sooner, not later.

The author’s a former anchorman with Juba Radio, and he can be reached at [email protected]

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