Dr Machar’s apology is but kind and a heal to wounds

By Michael Madit Magot

February 15, 2012 (SSNA) — To just summarise introducing myself before i commence, I am one of the lost boys residing in Australia, who lost my father, a brother and a sister to 1991 Bor-Nuer 1991 split.

Also I lost a mother to abduction with my younger sister where they both spent 11 years in abduction with 3 t0 5 CHIDREN RESPECTIVELY BEFORE A MOTHER RETURN and RECONCILE WITH US IN Sept.. 2001. and a sister remain behind as a wife to her husband of Lou-Nuer but not an abductee anymore after the 2001 Nuer-Bor peace conference resolved the hurdles and fears that had existed.

To start with, I would like to begin by appreciating Dr Machar for his heartfelt apology and acceptance of the repercussions of 1991 split.

I am not going to dwell or buy into the individuals pessimistic views that the apology that Machar gave was late and insincere because justice late is better than justice denied at all.

When I first learn of the apology through reliable source of Sudan Tribune, my feelings toward my own integrity and Machar immediately resurrected and i was beaming with delight and self-esteem which this incident denied me for quite a while.

Having seen the magnificient contribution Dr Machar exerted and tracked in the progress of our independent nation, the apology further ignite hope and restore my believe and trust in my would-be-president Machar.

War or conflict is a nature which can happen anytime at anywhere be it a brother or an alien over pertinent issues in a society.

The best way to go about it is to seek ways and the means to addressing it before or after it occurred.

It is only when the conflict is at great magnitude that it tends to derail the already existing coexistence between communities and families.

The civil war that effected in 1983 to 2002 happened when we were young and fragile and worst did not fully comprehend how important it was or what were the idealogies it was fought upon.

We just rely on our models’ feed on what the war entail unlike currently where we are adults and could figure out what all perspectives of life mean.

To resume the very idea I am writing upon, the apology that Machar gave must not be scorned nor disowned by either Nuer or Bor because keeping and accummulating grudges will do us no good instead of using them as tools to learn upon and mend the future.

Let’s be sincere with ourselves and logics to foster consciental certainties of our daily lives in our state as a nation.

We should not live in a society of blames and fears from just airing out one’s point of view over a matter.

What meant is that, our elders and academics should confront the apology sincerely extended in a mature and diplomatics manner instead of just pointing fingers in shadows. There was no point of asking Machar to go to Grassroots in Bor town to express an apology when the very people he addressed where our eyes as Bor community.

Yes, 1991 incident was a mess but it is too a turning point in our history that will be remembered just like other important calender dates in our struggle history.

If it had to start today, I will definitely join it but not with an intend to point a gun to my brother or sister which tragically happen but was not the cornerstone of the mission as shown by recent referendum where all voted for independent.

Lastly, am very thankful to Dr Machar for his brave effort to replant trust and brotherhood in the two brotherly tribes.

It is widely and wisely putted that, the greatest risk in life is to risk nothing at all.

The Author lives in Victoria, Australia. He can be reached at [email protected]

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