The White Army Vows to Launch a ‘Real War’, Warns SPLA

Dear members of the media,

We will attack Mureland and occupy it

March 1, 2012 (SSNA) — The Nuer White Army is sending you this email because Murle armed youth attacked Pieri Payam today. The Murle armed group came to attack Nuer villages and we estimated their force to be around 3,000.

Today, our leader Bor Doang called the White Army groups of Jikany, Gawar, Dinka and Lak to send their forces quickly so that Operation Savannah Storm will start. This time, we will occupy the entire Mureland so that they don’t launch another attack against us again. We have decided that to quarantine Murle is not a long term solution because they will keep attacking the Nuer and Dinka villages as they did today. Now, the White Army will move to occupy the entire Murleland so that there is no Murle who will organize attacks against the Nuer and Dinka again.

We have heard that Salva Kiir doesn’t know what he is talking about. Any SPLA soldier that will come to fight us will not go back alive. Moreover, Salva Kiir should know that the SPLA army soldiers stand with us. No Nuer and Dinka will dare to fight us while we are defending their relatives from Murle. Salva Kiir will experience a military coup if attempts to force the SPLA army to fight us. He is a bearded drankard who doesn’t know that South Sudan army is a tribal based army. No soldiers from Jonglei, Unity State and Upper Nile will execute the order of a bearded drankard from Bhar-el-Ghazal to fight the White Army.

We will now launch the new operation to end the problem of Murle once and for all. We didn’t kill Murle youth last December. This time we will go forest to forest; bush to bush to clean out armed Murle youth. If they run to Ethiopia, we will follow them there to clean them. There is no life in Jonglei State if Murle are not dealt with once and for all. We want the media and the UN to know that the White Army will now fight a real war to end Murle’s radings and abductions.

Information Department
Nuer and Dinka White Army
Akobo, South Sudan
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