Terrorists Attack Nairobi

By Maury Clark
Nairobi, March 12, 2012 (SSNA) — Nairobi, a city with a reputation as sanctuary from the violence and turmoil of Sub-Saharan Africa, joined the rest of the region last night following an attack that reportedly killed four, and left dozens wounded. About two dozen of the most seriously injured are being treated at the Kenyatta National Hospital where a dozen remain in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit. Dozens more were transported for treatment to medical centers throughout Nairobi.

At about 8pm last night, a sedan carrying an unknown number drove by the crowded Country Bus Station in Nairobi, slowed, threw three hand grenades and fired dozens of shots into the waiting crowd. The carnage was spread over a wide area as the car sped off.

Noting direct similarities to earlier assaults throughout the region, police reported that this was an "– obviously well-planned and carried out attack". There was a similar hit on a bar in Nairobi last fall, but the death and injuries last night far exceed the prior attack.

While Al-Shabaab has claimed no formal responsibility, a local group with known ties has issued a statement that there will be "–more to come". Following raids and kidnappings on Kenya beach resorts last year, Kenya has joined other nations to eliminate the Al-Qaeda related organization, Al-Shabaab.

Although police are omnipresent today and the security at the Nairobi Hilton, where I am staying, is comforting, I think that a little relaxation at the hotel pool is called for before continuing on to Juba next Tuesday.

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