Khartoum Warmongers are zilch (nothing) with the exodus of Our African Buffalo Soldiers

By Gen. Thoon – Anyar Aywien

April 12, 2012 (SSNA) — “Let those who beat the drums of War in Khartoum be reminded that”, the war devours with an ugly face, and it takes courage and human bravery for those who willingly sacrifice their lives because they have confidence in the objectives and cause.

I would like to remain the policy makers in Khartoum that, during all those previous conflicts in the Sudanese history, it was those army of African ethnicity (Buffalo Soldiers) doing the fighting, starting right from the Mahdist Revolution (1881 to 1899) the dominant fighters were indigenous Black Darfur people, Nuba Mts people and South Sudanese, the same in the White flag revolt 1924 where brave Sons of South Sudanese fought against the Angelo Egyptian Rule in the Sudan, down to the previously two civil wars.

I would like to remind those Northerners, who were beating the drums of war in Khartoum, they shouldn’t, mislead their people, since that twice civil wars in Sudan history, and it was the Buffalo soldiers doing the fighting in both sides be the insurgent or the government. Alas things were not O.K with those war mongers of Khartoum, who were under delusion that SAF, was still that as strong as previously known, but the reality was that all those former Buffalo soldiers within SAF were on the opposite camp.

After Killing, displacement and raping the gallant Darfur communities, who were by then the war fuel for SAF personnel’s, and later  also Khartoum opt to starve and bombing those indigenous population of African origin in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile, moreover   the reality that those people constitute more than 60% of the strong infantry force within SAF Previously.   But now almost three quarter of that number have switch side and those who are left behind run out of morale for fighting, since their communities and regions were totally devastated by Khartoum war machinery and Religious Militias who claim to be fighters of God.

“Northern Sudanese too, must have grown weary of the African resistance in South Sudan to the point that they panic over such agreements, whatever may reconnect South Sudan with Sudan must be nipped in the bud even if it means via the barrel of a gun”.

The recent border clashes in Panthou (Heglig) echo what Islamists in Khartoum had reiterated about keeping the north Arabised and purely Islamic. In the words of Al-Tayyib Mustafa, a close relative of President Bashir, and leader of Just Peace Forum (JPF) of Sudan, agreement with South Sudan that involved the four freedoms: freedom of residence, freedom of movement, freedom to undertake economic activity and freedom to acquire and dispose property, poses threat to national, social and political security. His further calling on the president Bashir to scrap the deal as he did with the Addis Ababa framework agreement signed in July 2011 between the government and rebels of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N), referred to national embarrassment hence, national integrity.

That calls by Northern Hardliners to scrap the Addis Ababa four freedom agreement was answered by Bashir on April 11, 2012 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese cabinet held an emergency meeting on Wednesday in which they decided to suspend all negotiations with the south on post-independence issues and declared their intention to mobilize all the country’s resources to repeal the "aggression".

What the War Mongers should understand is that Panthou (Heglig) belong to South Sudan in one way or another it was demarcated in 1956 – the year British-Egyptian colonial rule ended. So Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) intend to reach the border between the two countries as it was in Kersana which would be part of Unity state marking the South Sudanese border with its northern neighbor, as it was the case in 1956.

The war mongers in Khartoum are under stress to show their ill inform populace, that their forces are able and could even invade our territory by military might, to their distress they are relaying on inaccurately aerial attacks, and worst to that their infantry compose of a bunch of Southern bandits Militias together with units of PDF rapist and children Killers hypocritically propagating the drum of Holy War.

Coming days may witness a breathtaking reality, that could possibly silence those War mongers in Khartoum once and for good, our gallant Buffalo soldiers are waiting for whatever Khartoum has in his coffer, as experience have exposed previously, those coward Arabized northerners are not man enough when it comes to ground operations warfare, they by then only do manipulate those courageous indigenous Sudanese of African ethnicity to fight for them since time immemorial, what they do best is to sit somewhere in safe heaven and direct and plan for the war and later push those Buffalo soldiers to the real fighting, but not attending to the frontline themselves. Likely now the equation is turned and it is their time to face the bitterness and ugliness of confrontation which I doubt they can withstand. So the only appropriate option for those war mongers are to plead for peaceful settlement through the leg -dragging AUHIP, otherwise Kadugli and Damazin will be the next target after Karaseni.

God Bless South Sudan

The Author lives in South Sudan. He can be reached at [email protected]

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