Reclaiming Original Territories of South Sudan is Creed not Politics

By Dr. James Okuk

April 18, 2012 (SSNA) — The determination of the people of South Sudan to separate from the Sudan in order for them to establish an independent country seems to have been undermined by the Jellaba’s elites in South Sudan. These foxy elites thought they were playing smart politics of power gains. But Southerners were out for a long-awaited unfinished business of quitting from unjust Sudan.

The Islamic Jihadists of the old Republic of the Sudan and their top ruler, the most wanted suspect by the ICC for many shameful crimes, President Omer Al-Bashir, are really losing their ground with miscalculations of their Machiavellian politics these days. They have numerously been making unwise decisions and emotional wrong choices against the people of the new Republic of South Sudan. Their fallen and falling wicked politicking is now landing them into deep abyss they might not have been thinking about consciously as their hearts got into their heads and their heads dropped into their feet.

These Khartoum Jihadists tend to ignore learning positive lessons from history of their war with South Sudanese and are now about to condemn themselves to a shameful end of hyenas exits. But they are making a devilish mistake to be thinking that the SPLM is detached from the people of South Sudan, and thus, by shouting loudly "Allah Akhbar" Juba shall collapse immediately with Southerners liberated from their very own freedom-fighters. What an opiated illusion from the top enemies of the ICC!

The Sudan President Al-Bashir and his Jihadist cronies need to be reminded that whether SPLM exists or it does not, the people of South Sudan are so determined to reclaim their original territories as they stood on 1956 and even beyond. This is a matter of creed and not politics for the patriotic South Sudanese.

Lest they have forgotten, Al-Bashir and his blind Jihadists should get it well into their dull heads that South Sudanese are not good in professional lying and hypocrisy. When they say they are separated from Jellaba, they mean it. When they say they want back their stollen resources and occupied lands, they mean it. When they unite to liberate and defend their ancestral and territorial integrity, they mean it. When they say "No" to Jellaba’s neo-oppression and re-marginalization, they mean it. When they say "down down to Al-Bashir", they mean it because they know to act courageously in accordance with the dictates of their souls more than anything else that may characterize their dignified being.

Now, the troubled Sudan President Al-Bashir is digging his own grave and preparing his good coffin, by thinking that he can simply step into South Sudan to liberate it from the very people’s movement that has ensured that the people of the green and beloved country have crossed the Promised Land under leadership of Joshua after Moses showed the direction with commandments of no turning back to enslaving Pharaoh Egypt.

Even if many people of South Sudan have reservations and are critical about the shortcomings of SPLM leaders in good governance they will never compromise or collaborate with an outsider, especially a Jellaba’s oppressor who attempts to temper with established government of the new Republic. The people of South Sudan are intelligent to change their own government in ballot boxes when the right time comes to do so. They don’t need a tempting hypocrite proven political devil to do this for them.

Instead of balozing and hallucinating in Khartoum about liberation of South Sudanese from SPLM so that they could get re-united with marginalizing Jellaba of the Sudan, President Al-Bashir should instead save his dying soul by allowing peacefully the people of South Sudan to liberate their original territories from arabized occupiers.

He should stop his war of aggression and immediately go back to the negotiation tables so that he is forgiven for his sins, and then the oil can flow again from the naturally rich South Sudan to Port Sudan in accordance with the acceptable international norms on transit and facilities usage fees. With this, and only this, shall Al-Bashir be rescued from ‘hyena exit’ and bloody conclusion of his wicked ruling style that earned him and his colleagues some ICC blows.

Let’s Khartoum gets back to road of peace because it will be the one that will suffer most the consequences of bad collapse because of choosing the wrong path of destructive war. Juba has no much to lose now because it has been made for decades to live in loss already. Juba is just beginning to have what can be called an economy while Khartoum has already begun, though using wrong means to keep its economy moving.

It is high time for Khartoum to re-train its unreasonable psychology of unnecessary pride and forget about Paanthou because it got it by crooked means. Juba is not going to give it up, comes rain or sunshine. Juba is even going to get more of its stollen territories and resources, be it by force of law or by power of South Sudan Armed Forces.

The International Community need to reshape up and comply with South Sudanese defiance because of their right to ownership of property as enshrined in Human Rights Declaration. Threats of sanctions is not going to deter the determined Southerners to withdraw their rising and standing up to take their rights like buffalo soldiers.

Dr. James Okuk lives in Juba and can be reached at [email protected]

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