Ruweng Biemnom Community in diaspora objects to Gen. Kuol Dim Kuol’s presentation, accuses him of abusing his military powers

From: the Ruweng Biemnom Community in Diaspora

CC: The President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit
CC: The Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, Dr Riek Machar
CC: SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum Okiech
CC: Minister of Defense John Kong Nyuon
CC: Deputy Defense Minister Majak Agoot
CC: General Chief of Staff, Jamese Hoth Mai

April 30, 2012

Subject: A rebuttal to General Kuol Dim’s presentation on (Heglig) Panthou dispute in SSTV, on April 26, 2012

The Ruweng Biemnom Community in Diaspora, refuted General Kuol Dem’s fabricated and deceptive information in SSTV that “Hegilig is a grassing land between Abyei, Panaruu and the Nuer”

May 1, 2012 (SSNA) — Making a preconception and inequitable presentation publicly while you were in the SPLA uniform is an indication of and signaled a wrong message to the Ruweng people in Biemnom that, Ngok generals and politicians are abusing the SPLA and Government of South Sudan’s Ministerial positions. Abyei has no border with Panrieng. Where did you take Biemnom in the East and North East of Abyei?  General kuol, do not abused the SPLA power if you want to involved in Ngok politicians’ plan who are obsess to annexed Ngol Biemnom to Abyei since Naivasha. SPLA is a back bone of South Sudan and it is a nucleus of which we see the legacy and souls of our fallen heroes.

Were Abyei politicians and generals fighting for purpose of grabbing a land from Biemnom County to your home town Abyei or were you fighting to change the injustice government in Khartoum? SPLA rank should not be politicized and should not be misused to annex the land of other Community who has no high ranking officers in the SPLA. Ruweng Biemnom participated in two Liberations struggles, Anya-Nya one and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/M. Our sons lost their lives in many battle fields in all parts of South Sudan. We hope that SPLA should act differently than our politicians because SPLA is a unified Army whose vision and mission is only to defend South Sudanese citizens and the great oil rich land of the Natives Black Africans revered as a “Garden of Eden”

As a Community, we are obliged to respond to some Dinka Ngok’s internal political ambition to grab Ngol Biemnom areas. To assure South Sudanese and the world, (Heglig) is one of the areas within Tor Aliny between Biemnom and Panrieng. It located East of Biemnom County in Unity State. Tor Aliny included Aliny (Heglig) was not a grassing land, it is a native home of the Ruweng Dinka in Biemnom and Parieng. Distribution of population density in Ngol Biemnom before Arab pushed us back to South of Biemnom in 1970s to 1980s. North West of Ngol was in habited by Manteng, Thiony, Ngongcil; North East of Tor Aliny and Ngol areas was inhabited by Mijuan, Abang and Amaal section in central Ngol in Biemnom. Dinka Ngok have border with Biemnom in the West and North West, and Panrieng County located in North East of Biemnom County. The three sections of Dinka Ruweng bordering with Dinka Ngok in North West are: Thiony, Manteng and Ngongcil, these sections border with Dinka Ngok section called Ashaak.

We sent a message to President Salva Kiir Mayardit and to Vice President, Dr Riek Machar to advise Abyei boys to stick to their border which was demarcated in Hague. It is clear that, Abyei Generals and politicians were fighting the Arab for purposes of marginalizing the Ruweng Dinka in Unity State. Abyei politicians become steering wheels to the Government of South Sudan because the government gave them higher positions and use the government power to grab other Community’s land. Ngok politicians forgot that, those positions are the results of our collective sons and daughters of South Sudan who have sacrificed their lives. General Kuol Dim’s present in SSTV was not worthy to the Ruweng people because, he could have done that excused presentation before the Court of Arbitration.

Finally, we were expecting Dinka Ngok politicians to apologize to Dinka Ruweng in Unity State for false claimed of Ngol Biemnom areas from North West to North East, included some Panrieng areas in East of Biemnom County. The Government of South Sudan should be more vigilant to Abyei’s high ranking politicians who are grabbing the land from other State. The reluctant of South Sudan Government to advise Dinka Ngok politicians who are in power to stop claiming areas in other Counties fueled the current dispute areas. Abyei land grow bigger when there is fighting erupted between South Sudanese and Northerners, because it give them a room from those who claim their right from Abyei to wait until the war over.

Signed by the Chairman and members of the Ruweng Biemnom Community in Diaspora

1. Lal Mabil Achuil, Chairman of the Ruweng Biemnom Community in North America.
2. Peter Mijok Jurwir
3. Bol Ajou
4. Ayen Wal
5. Mijak Michar Kueth
6. Mading Marieu Bong
7. Chol Akuong Ador
8. Achol Mun Ayei
9. Simon Arop Dau
10. Biemnom Gook
11. Nyok Kueth Dau
12. Mayiik de Noyk
13. Chol Nyok Kuot
14. Dhieu Minyiel
15. Alei Deng
16. Anger Thon
17. Mawien Miaper
18. Abuk Ajou
19. Aguek Lang
20. Wuor Lual
21. Marieu Jupur
22. Charles Nyok Mayany
23. Kuol Mayik Deng
24. Miyar Dau
25. Aliet Abang Deng
26. Aojak Chany
27. Nyaliey Arop Yoll
28. Nyanyok Dhieu
29. Nyanmou Dau
30. Nyok Mijok Jurwi
31. Mayath Deng
32. Dau Bol Kirr
33. Kiir Bol Kiir
34. Akuach Nyok Bol
35. Miyar Dau
36. Miyar Ngor
37. Magun Jurwi
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