SPLM-USA May 16 Message

May 16, 2012 Message

United States, May 16, 2012 (SSNA) — Today marks the 29th anniversary of the peoples’ revolution waged in 1983 by Sudan people’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A). Known as one of the longest revolutions in the continent of Africa, the struggle reached its climax in 2005 with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Kenya. It should be noted that previous struggle waged by Anya Nya I in 1955 also ended in the signing of the Addis Ababa peace accord in 1972. Although the 1972 peace accord was dishonored by the Khartoum regime, as it did the Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) and many others, they set the stage for SPLM negotiation team in Kenya to settle for nothing less than a guarantee that the past does not repeat itself. That resolve is responsible for the terms of the CPA, particularly the right of an internationally supervised self-determination for the people of South Sudan and popular consultations for the Nuba Mountain, Southern Kordofan, and the Abyei referendum. Although the last three provisions were dishonored by the Khartoum regime, the right of self-determination was not to be denied as the people of South Sudan voted overwhelmingly for separation, which was officially realized on July 9, 2011.

So today is a commemoration of not only our victories but our losses, particularly of the 2 million lives, led by Dr. John Garang, William Nyuon, Kerubino Kuanyin, and many other martyrs. The SPLM – USA National Secretariat, therefore, seizes this opportunity to congratulate the SPLM, its members and all the South Sudanese across America and beyond on this momentous day for their sacrifices and achievement. We will be remiss if we did not remind you to continue to work for the South Sudan that would make our departed heroes and heroines proud because we still have a lot of work to do. We therefore call on all to put aside personal and political differences, unite under one goal and leadership, and not only confront but help overcome the current and future challenges that are a threat to our young nation. Only then will we be able to truly realize the meaning of freedom, democracy and justice for all.

We know that this is possible because the recent provocation that led to the capture of Panthou by our gallant armed forces – SPLA, revealed the much needed unity among ourselves against a common enemy. We urge you to keep this spirit and we shall prevail!

SPLM Ooyee! South Sudan Ooyee!

Mangok Mangok Mayen
Chairman, SPLM – USA Secretariat
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