Unity State citizens in diaspora to conduct peace, national healing, and reconciliation conference in July

Dear compatriots and fellow citizens,

United States, May 21, 2012 (SSNA) — In the name of our beloved Unity State, warm greetings to you all. Many of you may be aware or have heard that Unity State citizens in North America are organizing a general Three-day Open Dialogue Conference, scheduled to take place on Friday, July 6-8, 2012, in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation Activities Hall, located at 3448 Evan ST., Omaha, NE 68111. You will find more information (including a short clip) about the venue by clicking the following website: http://www.malcolmxfoundation.org/MXMF/Welcome.html.

This conference is being organized by a group of volunteers from the U.S., and Canada. Only Unity State citizens worldwide are cordially invited to come and join hands together with the rest of your brothers and sisters to discuss post-Independence challenges facing Unity State and South Sudan at large. Like most of you, the volunteers organizing the conference have been thinking genuinely about the current state of affairs in Unity State and ways in which those of us in Diaspora can attune our contributions to the interests of the ordinary people back home. We can achieve the positive change we wish to see in Unity State if we believe in the strength and power of togetherness as citizens with shared interests and destiny. As Margaret Mead once said, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world, and indeed it is the only thing that ever has”. The situations and We are united and committed to promotes peace, national healing and reconciliation and prosperity among Unity State citizens circumstances Mead alluded to may be different from ours, but her wise words undoubtedly resonate today with the need of bringing positive changes to our state by focusing on and tackling our common issues irrespective of an ethnic affiliation or a political leaning. We can build a prosperous state by engaging in civil discourse and initiating concrete plans that will serve as blueprints for building a better society.

Many of us have accomplished a lot individually in our respective host nations. However, we have not done much together. Therefore, this conference provides a platform on which all of our individual accomplishments can be coordinated together to harness the power of togetherness for greater purposes such as achieving PEACE, UNITY, social and economic development in order to build a vibrant society.

This conference also affords us an opportunity to talk about our shared objectives as Unity State citizens in Diaspora. For example, achieving peace and promoting harmonious relations among communities in Unity State and other neighboring states. Finding ways of coordinating our efforts will enable us to work together with PEACE builders back home. This needs our diverse perspectives and collective thinking as a team.

By utilizing the skills and diverse resources we have in Diaspora we can undoubtedly become instrumental in creating better living conditions for our people in the motherland. The conference will also provide a platform to come together and talk about bringing economic development to Unity State by wooing foreign investors to invest in the state’s numerous human and natural resources. Each one of us has a duty and We are united and committed to promotes peace, national healing and reconciliation and prosperity among Unity State citizens responsibility to contribute in building Unity State, whether in big or small ways. We can bridge our petty differences by eliminating our doubts and all that divides us, embracing the strength of the thread that binds us together. We hope to come out from this conference united by the common vision of:

What We Hope to Achieve:

  • Build and promote peace and harmony among Unity state citizens from all 9 counties and the neighboring states such as Warrap, Lakes, and Jonglei.
  • Foster reconciliation and forgiveness among our people through initiating a healing process through which people will be encouraged to put their bitter past behind and aspire for a better future.
  • Form a think-tank consultant group, whose responsibility will be to consult with the Unity State different sectors of leaderships on matters critical to the good governance and nation building.
  • Focus on economic development by encouraging foreign and local investors to invest in agriculture, including husbandry and livestock to create for employment opportunities for people with little educational skills that will enable them to compete ably in the job market.
  • Discuss way of eliminating all forms of bad governance (corruption, cronyism, nepotism, tribalism) which cause distrust and conflicts between public officials and the constituencies they represent;
  • Promote respect for the rule of law so that nobody feels he/she is below or above the law, but all citizens are entitled to equal rights and privileges;
  • Discuss the provision of basic services (health clinic, education, and food) to the most needy in the state;
  • Discuss land dispute between and among different counties

For questions or additional information about the conference, please contact the following organizing volunteers in Canada and the U.S., respectively. We look forward to seeing you soon in Omaha, Nebraska!

1. Mr. James Nguen, Calgary, Canada (403-554-8692)
2. Mr. Gatley Tungwar, Winnipeg, Canada (204-415-2668)
3. Mr. Simon Mayiik, Calgary, Canada
4. Mr. Simon Tor, Saskoot, Canada
5. Mr. Gatwech Ruach, Toronto, Canada
6. Mr. Lwal Baguoot, Boston, MA (781-859-8059)
7. Mr. Josephs Khan, Kansas City, MO
8. Mr. Palath Thonchar, Rochester, NY
9. Mr. Chuker Nger, Colorado Springs, CO (719-217-3500)
10. Mr. Lem Miyar, Harrisburg, PA
 11. Mr. Lazarus Yak, Phoenix, AZ
12. Mr. William Pay, Phoenix, AZ
13. Mr. Abuot Tor, Dallas, TX,
14. Mr. Gabriel Shallbreak, Houston, TX
15. Mr. James Maliah, Portland, ME
16. Mrs. Becky Machar-Teny, St. Paul, MN
17. Ms. Mary Nyanbuoney Biel, Des Moines, IA
18. Mr. Laat Gatluak, Omaha, NE
19. Mr. Dieu Makuach, Omaha, NE
20. Mr. John Kuk, Omaha, NE
21. Mr. Stephen Lam, Omaha, NE
22. Mr. Gat-kier Machar, Fargo, ND
23. Mr. David Gatwech, Seattle, WA
24. Mr. Bolis Gatley Wal, Canada,
25. Mr. Michael Gatlek Liah, Phoenix, AZ
26. Mr. Biem Miabek Akol, Omaha, NE
27. Mr. Mark Gatkier Kuol, Amrillo, TX
 28. Mr. Biel Thiech, Grand Rapids, MI
29. Mr. Mabor Koang, Vancuover, Canada
30. Mr. Kuagany Wal, Grand Rapids, MI
31. Mr. Chap Phan, Grand Rapids, MI
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