Khartoum must de-link its own engineered problems in South Kordufan, Blue Nile, Darfur, and Israel

Khartoum must de-link its own engineered problems in South Kordufan, Blue Nile, Darfur and Israel from its historical divergence with the Republic of South Sudan

By: John Bith Aliap

May 27, 2012 (SSNA) — Sudan has repeatedly been accusing South Sudan and Israel of being responsible for all the conflicts taking place in Sudanese soil-failing to acknowledge that the current situation in Sudan is a result of diversity mismanagement through adaptation of artificial status of Arabism and Islamism. The people of the Republic of South Sudan in all walks of life are calling on the blood-thirst and genocidal regime in Khartoum to de-links its own engineered problems in Blue Nile, Darfur, South Kordufan and Israel when it comes to dealing with its historical enemy South Sudan as its parliament has recently voted overwhelmingly and declared South Sudan as an enemy state similar to Israel.

As long as Sudan’s history could reveal, Sudan has shamelessly betrayed its own dignity as an African country and adapts some forms of artificial status as an Arab country in the last centuries. The adaptation of Arabism and Islamism caused innumerable troubles in Sudan and some of which are presently raging in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordufanan states. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which brought the Republic of South Sudan into being was viewed by many analysts as the only resolution to Sudan’s fundamental problems. However, after the independence of South Sudan, Khartoum instead of implementing the remaining parts of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Blue Nile and South Kordufan, it resorts to violence as the quickest machinery of resolving the lingering problems in these marginalized states.

Through my own observation and perhaps observation of others, it has come to my attention that Sudan has often been mistakably swift to launch a ground and air assaults on South Sudanese territories whenever Israel, SPLM-N and Darfur rebels are at confrontation with its army. It is worth pointing out where things have gone wrong in Sudan to avoid Sudan’s feeding the international media with unfounded, baseless and un-credible accusations which are habitually based on the basis of falsity on the Republic of South Sudan. However, Sudan with its historical identity crisis has been unknowingly caught up between Arabism and Africanism identities. The identity confusion – meaning not knowing the ‘true identity’ has pushed Sudan off-limits to the point where it dips its hands in the flames of fire by joining unconventional Arab groups who have been singing a song of ‘Israel is an Arabs’ enemy’ not foreseeing the consequences it could reciprocally get in being part of these groups.

In my view, Sudan has intentionally shots its own feet by accepting to be a member of terrorist groups. Instead of acknowledging its miscalculated decisions and carries its own cross, Sudan turns around and publically points its finger on the Republic of South Sudan whenever Israel and rebel groups strike targets in its territories. It is a known verity that Sudan has always been quick to accuse South Sudan even with its own engineered conflicts such as harboring terrorist groups who have been smuggling illegal weapons from it territories to Gaza Strip in Palestine which hosts a number of terrorist groups. Israel has long accused Sudan of undermining its national security through its usual supply of weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist groups. As stupid as the country might be, Sudan thought itself to be on another planet and that its terrorist activities are not known to the outside world, but Israel has been monitoring Sudan’s terrorism tendencies since these weapons are used by terrorist to launch attacks on its territories.

Through many media reports and narratives from the people of Darfur themselves, the Republic of South Sudan has neither been a causal factor in Darfur’s conflicts nor does it support the rebels which are fighting for their denied rights by the Jihadists in Khartoum. South Sudanese’ experience with Khartoum’s regime tells us that conflicts in Darfur are accounted for many factors and some of which are closely similar to what South Sudanese have fought for with Khartoum for many decades such as ethnic divisions, social, political and economic marginalization, lack of diverse political involvement, under-development and racism. Despite their assumed Arab identity, the people of Darfur have long complained that they have been victimized by the Arabs apartheid policies. These complaints in nature are not noise generating phenomena among the people of Darfur. In truth, such policies have existed in Sudan for many centuries although the Arabs in Sudan, brought up in a culture of falsehood within the context of doomed religion ‘Islam’ blindly denied that such policies do not exist, but history could prove otherwise that the Independence of South Sudan is undeniably a result of such policies.

The solution to Sudan’s problems will only be realized when fake Arabs in Sudan are totally removed from power, but blaming the Republic of South Sudan for all the messes in the north will not bring any realistic solution other than destruction. What resulted to Bashir being indicted by the International Criminal Court is a product of such policies. The Arabs have been manipulating the people of Darfur and other marginalized communities in Sudan just to consolidate Arabs solidarity to carry out apartheid and ethnic cleansing policies, thus resulting to people taking up arms to defense themselves. The maintenance of these policies in Sudan shows that there are no wise men in Sudan, but terrorist groups masquerading in the name of serving the country- a country with its future being driven into abyss by criminals in power.

When it comes to South Kordufan and Blue Nile, South Sudan has got nothing to be accused of in these conflicts other than regime own makings. Peaceful approach would have work in these two states, but disarming people who have fought for more than two decades by force is a political blindness for the regime. The current situation in Sudan is no mastery, but direct result of the misguided decision by the regime in Khartoum. Historically, starting from its conflicts with South Sudan, Khartoum has in the last decades been pursuing brinksmanship policies towards South Sudan, Blue Nile and South Kordufan as its preferred conflicts resolution mechanisms.

The conflicts in South Kordufan and Blue Nile which Khartoum regime rants throughout the day and night to the international media that South Sudan is supporting the rebels in these states are its own makings!The Frame Work Agreement (FWA) signed in Addis Ababa recognises the SPLM-N as an independent political entity in the north. However, this agreement did not last for days before the genocidal regime in Khartoum declared it as unworthy accord less significant of being implemented. The regime thought that it would be a shameful thing to negotiate with armed elements – hence closing all the offices of the SPLM-N, arresting SPLM-N supporters, imposing state of emergency in Blue Nile and South Kordufan and suspending the Interim National Constitution in these states would create an atmosphere of long-lasting peace in Sudan.

Khartoum regime led by the most wanted men on the earth has been sending a clear message to the people of Blue Nile and South Kordufan during the eve of South Sudan’s independence that it has an intention to use military means rather than negotiated political settlement. Khartoum regime must accept its responsibility of creating turmoils in these two states rather than holding South Sudan to accounts for its own engineered problems.  

Khartoum’s aggression on South Sudan has reached its highest peak and from this point on, the government of South Sudan has undisputed right to retaliates as long as the international community remains watchful of Khartoum’s antagonism. The current state of affairs in South Sudan clearly shows that the end of regime’s aggression on South Sudan is too far away from insight and confronting this belligerence would be the only way to put it to rest once and for all. The Republic of South Sudan has no time to waste in reporting all Khartoum’s aggressions on South Sudan to the toothless United Nations and African Union without taking any action on Khartoum regime. The government of South Sudan must take things into its own hands as a method of protecting civilians, reclaiming stolen lands, protecting properties and preserves the territorial integrity of the Republic of South Sudan.

Relying on the so-called international community would be a hopelessness gesture for South Sudan as the international community cannot effectively hold Khartoum responsible for what it has done and what it will continue to do in the Republic of South Sudan. The government of South Sudan should learn how to resist international pressures and also resist becoming a toy in the hands of international community. The recent Panthou’s conflict shows that the international community is undoubtedly a partisan organisation – which the people of South Sudan should not rely on.

Khartoum being negotiation killer and African Union (AU) a lame-duck organisation, these factors bring us closer to a conclusion that the up coming round of talks due on the 29th of May in Addis Ababa may not produce any tangible results-thus making Addis Ababa a ‘Tee Party Venue’ rather than that of peace negotiation. The government of South Sudan should start stock filling arms especially anti-air craft guns to effectively offset Khartoum’s aggression should the up coming round of negotiation follow its usual path of Khartoum’s negotiating team walking out in the venue.

In conclusion, South Sudan shouldn’t continue to sing a song of ‘Khartoum bombs the territories of South Sudan’ without a deterrence action. The international community does not stand behind weak states-the government of South Sudan should put this into its consideration. Although repeated complaints may yield the international attention, these complaints must be accompanied by actions. This is how the Khartoum would be forced to rethink its approach towards the Republic of South Sudan. The government of South Sudan needs to reverse its arms akimbo culture and replace it with workable game! The government of South must not wait for unrealistic action from the international community in its dealing with terrorists in Khartoum whose motives in South Sudan include; destruction of properties, illegal occupation of South Sudanese’ territories and mass killing of civilians with impunity.

The author of this work is a concerned South Sudanese citizen and can be corresponded at [email protected].

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