Under Expulsion: South Sudanese Community in Israel

By Joseph Monyde Malien

Our genuine heartfelt to the great Israeli society and our soul pain to Israeli authorities on their unethical attitudes on African communities in Israel

June 7, 2012 (SSNA) — We “South Sudanese Community in Israel welcomed the expatriation ruled out by the Jerusalem District or Administrative Court but we called upon the Court too, to based our returning on legal procedures of repatriation of the refugees. Its legality is that, “returning should be carried out by the Human Rights Organizations such as UNHCR, IOM and any other Human Rights Organizations but not by Government Parastatals institutions that make business on people such as International Operation Bless run by Charmaine Hedding or Migration Police because we came here in Israel with our UNHCR documents.

When we came in Israel, we do not have tourist Visas or passports that may put us into the groups of illegal migrants that may authorized migration police to deport us but the Israeli policy on Sudanese sabotaged our rights since our presents in the Israeli State as refugees looking for protection, and we are appealing to the Court for legal extradition.

Nothing bad than being unwanted in the house of your best friend as the tragedy and traumatized life of hatred strikes our human soul in our living among our blessed brothers and sisters of Israel, and we all know deeply in the bottom of our hearts that something went undetermined, very deep within our core has been shattered due to unreciprocated statements made by Interior Minister Eli Yishai such as  “Muslims that arrive here do not even believe that this country belongs to us, to the white man,” but we are not Muslim and being “a white man or yellow” has nothing to do with us Mr.

Interior as well as we not conquerors of Israeli land. We have our own blessed land in South Sudan but due to the Islamic brutal regime in North Sudan, made us reached your country because death is the first and last enemy a person can run to unknown places so that one can deserves taking in and out of the air daily.

The blow of a sustained wind of love and respect has been so difficult to gain as we do question ourselves that “is there time we will be able to go on or ever heal the pain we have so intensely experienced since our present in Israel?” A pain we referred to is the Soul Pain not body physical tenderness.

We came into the Israeli country looking for the soul healing and protection but not that heart which has made us fled our homeland that is now a sovereign State (South Sudan) and that love Israel more than food. We South Sudanese always feel amazed at the moment we entered among Israeli society but Authorities made us so discomfort in our presents. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: who says, “the breach of Israeli borders by infiltrators could threaten the Jewish and democratic state,” and removing the “infiltrators” from Israel will begin by removing South Sudanese,” this statement shocked us and make us feel the heat of hatred and racism that has occupied the air in Israel.

We are often left ill-equipped of how we will fit into our friendship within the experiences of hatred as MK Miri Regev of Likud: called the Sudanese “cancer” in their body. That makes the South Sudanese in Israel, the loss the trust and respect of Jewish society who figured or grouped Sudanese in general as wrong doers. The task of figuring out wrong doer and how to carry out official’s duties or statements in public media often seems impossible from higher authorities in Israel, as in the past few weeks, Interior Minister, Eli Yishai, subjected diseases such as hepatitis B, measles, and AIDS to Africans among his people but being a black man or women doesn’t make all Africans to be disease carrier, (Published in Ynetnews on 05.19.12).

And I think, if I’m not wrong, we “South Sudanese” residing in his country, are part of his people although we are not welcome but at least, we are in his house drinking his water and eating his food.

According to Minister Yishai, it turns out that Africans are the main production factor of “various phenomena problems such as the rape epidemic, violence and theft but not all Africans are in that business”. As the process of alteration, one often feels like he/she is having tail and hair on his/her body rather than being human among other human beings but “the greatest gift one can give others is the example of his/her own life working.” Well, aside from all that, nobody will encourage rape and rapists among the people.

I call on my African people who are going to be left in Israel, to distanced themselves from such evil thing. Please, living in harmony with neighbors and friends is good for remembrance. Rape is a scary thing in human life and I will support interior minister, Eli Yishai on his devastating comments and other authorities of the protective organs to apply legal measures on those who think of the unlawful by compelling a person through physical force or duress to have copulation.

Rape can scar a person for life leaving emotional, mental, and physical scars. It damages psychological health and can cause a person to shut themselves down from people due to fear as we have experienced it through their racism language rather than demographic problems. As Danny Danon of Likud usually attacked African people on his “Facebook Wall” by saying that, “Israel is at war with an enemy state of infiltrators established in Israel, and its capital is south Tel Aviv” of which the root cause of racism and hatred emerges from Mr. Danny Danon Facebook page.

And in my view, others such as Michael Ben-Ari and MK Aryeh Eldad of National Union of which Michael Ben-Ari caused our kids of carrying unknown diseases and MK Aryeh Eldad who highlighted the “shooting of whoever touches Israeli borders” are dancing attendees of racism party.

In my conclusion, I personally and the South Sudanese Community in Israel gave special thanks to the head of Israeli Defend forces Ehud Barak and any others protective high authorities as well as each and everyone uniform for their honesty at the borders.

The values of Israel and Jew are with those people I met at the border in 2006 and in the prison. And our heart pleasure to the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs: Avigdor Liberman, for his Leadership based on the rule of laws, moral and code of ethic by mentioning that “no person has the right to violate the law and resort to violence against others, certainly not to endanger lives.”

The author of this article is Joseph Monyde Malieny: a native of South Sudan and a Postgraduate in Government, Administration and Development Studies at the University of South Africa.  I can be reached at [email protected]

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