Addis Ababa Talks So Far First Round Well Done

By: Justin Ambago Ramba

June 13, 2012 (SSNA) — The first round of the current negotiations between the Republic of South Sudan and the Sudan in Addis Ababa has ended in what many would refer to as “fruitless”! This much said it must be acknowledged that not all is a waste and the fact that the representatives of the two sworn in enemies are back at the negotiation table itself is a break-through and further signifies that they are aware of the one important fact which is –‘given their weak build-ups, no side is set to win an outright military victory’, even if they were to be allowed to militarily engaged forever.

Again it is worth noting that both countries are now in deep financial crisis as a consequence of their inability to utilize their geographical proximity for the betterment of their economies. As if to challenge both Juba and Khartoum, about two thirds of the economic activities of two countries lie within the border regions, thus putting extra importance for not only where the borders should be drawn to satisfy each side’s economic ego, but also who should finally win the contested areas which are no doubt rich in resources.

For South Sudan citizens at the grass-root level who overwhelmingly voted for Independence from the Arab Islamic North, they will want to see nothing less than the total repossession of all territories deemed Southern by the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).  This is the foremost point that those negotiating on behave of South Sudan must stick to, for anything less will totally derail the SPLM led government in Juba which is already too vulnerable as a result of the massive corruption and financial embezzlement  scandals that engulfs the entire SPLM party intelligentsia from top to bottom.

Abyei on the other hand of the new developments is now relatively free of President Bashir’s NCP Forces, although anyone who follows the records of this devilish regime in Khartoum will not miss those notorious security guys – the remnants of Khartoum’s intelligence left behind masquerading as civilians all across the vast Ngok territory. Nevertheless how relative things are, the bottom line is to help and encourage the Dinka Ngok displaced population to welcome this new development and they should be seen repatriating home in big numbers to rebuild the necessary structures that were devastated and in many instances erased down when the area was under occupation of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the other forces loyal to the NCP plus the notorious Messeiriya Popular Defense Forces (the al Qaida in Sudan).

As for the border issue between the two countries, things are far from done especially on the central issue of border demarcation based on the 01/01/1956 Sudan Map.  This is what the CPA says and it was what the two sides signed as an agreement in 2005 supposedly to be implemented within the first six months of the pre-SPLM/NCP government of National Unity, which didn’t happen.  Why? Go back to the records of performances of the two partners from July 2005 to July 2011 and it has all the answers to the question. In short there was a luck not just of trust, but the real and most needed political will to implement what was inked in Naivasha-Kenya was completely lacking. Maybe it just disappeared when people returned to Khartoum!

In fact there is NO much problem in tracing the South- North Sudan borders as it stood on 01/01/1956; however we need to understand that the country called Sudan [North] under the currently ruling Islamists of NCP is an Arab (Egypt, Saudi Arabia –Iraq –Syria & Kuwait) Project for the second wave of invasion and Arab expansionism in the African continent. This view is also supported by the International Islamisation Project as adopted by the governments of the aforementioned countries and blessed by Turkey (birth place of the Othman Empire that devastated South Sudan –Nuba Mountains, the Angassana Hills and the whole of Darfur).

In other wards the Sudan [North] is the dream child through which the    International Islamic Movement as financed by the Saudi Wahhabis intend to have a strong hold on the lands they called “Bilad-al-Sud”, which went on to become the Sudan.  Their expansion south ward into what they prefer to call “the Dark Continent” has only been   challenged by the emergence of the  Independent state  of South Sudan as opposed to  the unified pan Arab  Islamic Republic of Sudan. While the population of South Sudan is 100% black African – what is left of the so-called republic of Sudan, now technically North Sudan remains predominantly African as well, but of course at different stages of Arabisation, Arabiciasation and Isamisation! Can things be reversed? That is left for the brothers and sisters in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Beja and the Blue Region to answer. But yes it can be reversed!

Talking about  borders in the context of Sudan, now two Sudans, and  based on the multitude of historical evidences, the map of Arab Islamic expansion in sub Saharan Africa has always moved southwards faster than the desertification [Saharisation of tropical Africa]. The Khartoum regime, a tool of Arab Islamic expansionism is automatically set to set claims on any land in the interior of Africa in satisfaction of it pre-set and inherent expansionist imperialist motives.

In other wards to Abdel-Rahim Hussein  – Sudan’s minister of defense – who is a phenotypic black African northern  Sudanese’s from the riparian region of Nubia  – but has been programmed by Arabism and Islamism, will only be satisfied if the entire African continent succumbs to his adopted identity ( Arabism and  Islamism)  the way he and kinsmen have become.  Abdel-Rahim Hussein is a Jihadist who is bound by religious beliefs to set claims on more traditional black African lands south of the Sahara in fulfillment of a pre-set goal for the Islamic conquest of Africa. So how does the African Union [AU] or the UN Security Council (UNSC) become right in expecting   such a bigot to understand the basic concepts that govern international borders? “The guy is nothing but an al Qaeda let loose”.

Abdel-Rahim Hussein is wanted by the international criminal court (ICC) for crimes he and his boss [President al Bashir] committed in Sudan’s western province of Darfur. Even to have him moving freely to attend a UN monitored negotiations is a slap in the face of the international community- a thing that is being purposely promoted by the African Union for narrow interests.

In his [Abdel-Rahim’s]  unfounded claim  that South Sudan made new land claims raising the number of contested border areas to nine and that  Sudan initially said the number of disputed border areas was limited to four’ one can see how cunning the Khartoum NCP regime is? Well if he recognizes the four regions as belonging to South Sudan, then why is his government insisting to continue occupying them? Why then has his government not peacefully hand back these so-called four areas to their rightful owners (Republic of South Sudan) in fulfillment of the CPA that was long signed in 2005? Arabs! You corner them here, they jump there; after all who doesn’t know them?

Read and see below what the enemies’ Defense Minister had to say in Addis Ababa:

"The border is based on a map that we have been using for the past six years, but they have included five areas within their border," Abdel Rahim said.

"We consider it as a hostile action," he further stressed.

Do you need to be reminded that this was the same guy who declared the Republic of South Sudan as an enemy state in April 2012 in the Sudan Parliament in Omdurman?

Abdel-Rahim Hussein in his above statement is clearly insisting not to relinquish territories taken by the north between 01/01/56 and 09/07/2005. As such he is not in any way justified to blame the deadlock in the negotiations on South Sudan. It was his government’s miscalculated strategy that landed him and his delegation into this loosing position, for Khartoum should have understood better that the 2005 CPA signed by both sides is yet to be fully implemented to the letter and the spirit.

This is an agreement that remains  crystal clear on the issue of the border between the two entities and until the 01/01/1956 map is revisited and implemented only the feeble minded should expect peace between the two Sudans.

I conclude by putting my lot behind the South Sudan negotiating team and equally congratulate them for a first round well done. It has indeed educated the world opinion about the vast southern territories that have been annexed by the north in clear violation of the CPA.  And again as long as Oil remains out of the South-North dialogue, our hearts will always be with you. USSP extends its hands to all citizens of South Sudan in the fight against corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

We equally share the same trench with all those who scarify their lives for the total reclamation of every inch of South Sudan soil. Long live USSP – long live the People of South Sudan.

Author: Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba. Secretary General – United South Sudan Party. He can be reached at : [email protected] or [email protected]

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