BBC Africa Debate in Juba Was Fixed

Juba, June 30, 2012 (SSNA) — I was privileged to be there so as to see with my own eyes and hear with my two ears. The link is

However, it turned out to be a pre-cooked debate that was meant to portray South Sudan as SPLM and SPLM as South Sudan. Why?

1- The panelists were all SPLM’s party members led by their Deputy SG, Anne Itto. The opposition was not allowed to appear in the panel despite the protest in the beginning.

2- The members of audience who spoke were handpicked by the bias Kenyan and retired BBC journalist called Joseph Murungi. It was after protest and pressure that he gave the leader of Minority in the SSLA a very limited chance to talk.

3- Some SPLM participants within 150 audience were given two chances to talk while many hands were left to hang in air and clap only for what the BBC wanted to promote.

Bad and shameful for the BBC! Many participants were upset with the fixated program. Perhaps, the BBC team were directed by some invisible hands of the SPLM ruling regime to portray a one-party program and ensure that the non-SPLM critics are suppressed to be heard, because what they say might be considered tantamount to spoiling RSS image.

Dr. James Okuk
Juba, South Sudan
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