The Anyuak Kingdom the Most Peaceful Tribe in Jonglei State: Is it a Positive or Negative Thing?

By Amb. Dhano Obongo

August 14, 2012 (SSNA) — I was impressed by the Sudan tribune website for the report entitled: "The Anyuak Kingdom, the most peaceful tribe in Jonglei State ".dated Thursday, August 6, 2009.

The Anyuak Kingdom is indeed the most peaceful among the other three tribes namely, Nuer, Dinka and Murle. These are tribes, and inhabitants of Jonglei State.

Thus, on behalf of His Majesty the Nyenya (King) Adongo Agada Akwei and on behalf of the entire Anyuak Kingdom community I salute and thank the Sudan Tribune website, and its staff for their truthfulness and kind words to the Anyuak Kingdom Community.

This came during the occasion of swearing in of the new Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Hon. Isaac Ajiba Ochang by H.E Kuol Manyang Juuk, the Governor of Jonglei State, immediately upon his recent return from one month’s trip to the United States of America.

Hon. Isaac Ajiba Ochang, is a member of Sudan African National Union Party, (SANU), replacing one of the competent, capable and experienced son of the State, Dr. Bier Atem Bier, a Medical Doctor by profession. I have known Dr. Bier for the last two years and become very closer to him when I was an MPof Jonglei State Legislative Assembly. He was a very dear friend and an elder brother. I had learned a lot from him especially in our political arena. Dr. Bier Atem Bier leaves the position on voluntary basis. He is one of the most experienced sons of our State. I wish him good health and prosperity. 

Brother, Hon. Isaac Ajiba Ochang, moreover, is the first Anyuak son from Akobo, Ciro Clan to ascend into such a portfolio in our State, since the GOSS under SPLM leadership was established almost five years now. Despite the Anyuak Kingdom’s support and commitment to the SPLM, since it’s founding in 1983! No single native from the Anyuak Kingdom has ever been appointed in any GOSS institution, not even in its ten Commissions, Leave alone a dream of representation in the GOSS cabinet, the South Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) or GONU.

Could this be attributed to the peacefulness, the writer of Sudan Tribune has already mentioned in his article? It is true; the Anyuak Kingdom community is the most peaceful and not aggressive in their manner of approach.

Last and not least, let me take this opportunity once again on behalf of H.M. Nyenya Adongo Agad Akwei particularly and the Anyuak Kingdom Community in general to give a BIG word of gratitude and appreciation to Hon., Dr. Toby Madut, Chairman of Sudan African National Union (SANU) as well as the entire Executive Committee members of his party for their right decision they took to nominate Hon. Isaac Ajiba Ochang for this position in Jonglei State. We the people of Anyuak Kingdom, appreciate the wise leadership of Hon. Dr. Toby Madut for looking into the issues of marginalization in Southern Sudan and Jonglei State.

It is Worth mentioning, here that the Anyuak Kingdom community is not new to the SANU, because it used to have some of it prominent sons who were themselves members and supporters of SANU, such as late Ambassador Philip Obang, late Simon Moris Didumo and late Commander Joseph Otio Akwon of Anyanya Movement, just to mention few.

Thank you,

Ambassador Dhano Obongo is currently the Deputy Head Mission Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan- Washington, DC, USA. He can be reached at Email [email protected]

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