SPLM-DC Executive Office in the United States Accuses the Vice President of ‘Misleading’ the Public

Date October 9, 2012
Press for immediate release
SPLM-DC executive office in the U.S.A.
Office of Information Desk

Washington, DC, October 11, 2012 (SSNA) — The Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan Dr. Riek Machar was caught red-handed at his controversial conspiracy and rhetoric statement made at South Sudanese Community briefing in Omaha, Nebraska U.S.A on Saturday, 6th October 2012. Dr. Machar stated that he would ban Sudan People’s Liberation Movement for Democratic Change (SPLM-DC) political party, the official and second largest political party in South Sudan, from being registered allegedly linking Dr. Lam Akol is not only the leader of SPLM-DC but also the leader of the various rebel groups fighting the government of the South Sudan.

Irresponsible statement, The SPLM-DC executive, members, sympathizers, peace, unity and Democratic lovers in the U.S. condemn in possible strong terms, a failed leadership role Dr. Machar has demonstrated. It’s apparently clear that Dr. Machar is desperate with full of ill intended motives and dishonest characters trying to mislead south Sudanese in Diaspora and the international community by portraying SPLM-DC party and its leaders as rebels.

Reliable sources and whistleblowers asserted that Dr. Machar was speaking out of the fear that he has never offered a tangible, achievable, nor specific solutions for the outcry of the South Sudanese people for the last seven years of his term in the office and that he is worried the South Sudan constitution did not okay him to run for the presidency and yet he saw growing support for the opposition leader Dr. Akol which sparks him overnight negative advertisement on the opposition.

Hence, Dr Macher needs to be reminded that he did not earn the post he is holding now “vice president of the Republic of the South Sudan”; it was late Dr. John Garanga’s initiative that the present Speaker of the South Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) Hon. James Wani Iga be moved to third position to create unity among the South Sudanese people. Dr. Lam Akol has been calling for the unity of South Sudanese all along, yet Dr Machar terms unity is meaningless while forgetting the fact that it was unity that tamed him and brought him to the present golden post.

We are calling upon concerned South Sudanese citizens, the embassies of American, British, French, and Germany in Juba, including international community to pay close attention to Dr Riek’s war against multi- party democracy in South Sudan. Since the United States took lead in bringing independent of South Sudan to South Sudanese, we are specifically ask the government of the United States, the world’s defender of democracy, not to allow individuals like Dr Riek Machar to lay ground for monopolistic and dictatorial ruling in the new Republic of South Sudan. We are also calling upon international community and South Sudanese to resolve to intensify persuading Dr. Riek and those who do not believe in democracy, a civilized way of managing a country, that the time is running out, every citizen’s voice must be heard.

The SPLM-DC vows to change the course in South Sudan politics by working closely with political parties, civil societies, churches, diversity and various communities that decentralized federal system of governance, prevails to create equitable distribution of powers and resources to meet the needs and wants of South Sudanese citizens who have been Suffering for the last seven years under the autocratic rule of the SPLM led-government. The SPLM-DC vows to end corruption spotlight in Juba, which ruins and devastates our economy including proposing constitutional amendments, achievement of greater autonomy and economic independency, security etc.

In addition, we hold Dr Machar equally responsible for all corruption allegations and failed system of stated-hood of South Sudan he and his boss exercised. Dr Riek needs to clean himself before calling on others to clean themselves. It was such remark that he has made in Omaha Nebraska, which left South Sudanese without system of governance. The SPLM-DC and the entire people of South Sudan should not let undemocratic minority individual suppress our democracy. Let’s all rise tall and say no to monopolistic rule and grasp democracy.

The SPLM.DC has strongly condemned statement of vice president of the Republic of South Sudan that the leader of our party must prove that he has no links with the rebel groups that operating in the country. There is no need for call to de-link our party from armed groups because our party has no links with them. It was not the first time for SPLM leadership to accuse the opposition party SPLM.DC of supporting the rebels, they have some reasons that been set up to impair the quality of objectives of their opponents, and then to destroy the value of our party.

According to Dr. Riek Machar, the vice president of South Sudan as he met with South Sudanese in USA, he has threatened the SPLM.DC, one of the largest opposition parties, and the most popular party in the Republic of South Sudan that it will not be registered if its chairman doesn’t prove that his party doesn’t assist and has no links with the rebel groups, which are fighting against the government of SPLM party’s policies in the country. The ruling party is absolutely sure that SPLM.DC has nothing to do with the rebels that fight the government; our party was created as a result of failure of the government to demonstrate democracy in the country.

Those routine accusations have contradicted with the SPLM.DC party objectives, and they were absolutely rejected before and will be rejected in the future. Furthermore, this government is still ruling its people with absolute power; it arrests and tortures its own people daily when they try to express their opinions on government’s failure policies. This unsuccessful government always tries to link SPLM.DC with rebels as an advertisement to the people of South Sudan in order to clean up its failure to make proper rules, and to protect citizen’s right.

SPLM.DC has made its position clear that it has nothing to do with the rebels, it is a government job to deal with the rebels; it was proved by our chairperson before that the objectives of the party are plain, it will work for the benefit of Southern Sudanese, and we will continue to condemn unreasonable accusations from the ruling party. SPLM party wants to skip its negligent, and its non- proper performance to address public issues. Our party will insist to speak out its rights, and to resist any SPLM party’s attempt to confine the party.

Our party would address the threats of the ruling party SPLM to international community for its attempt to diminish; its denial progress of our party; it tries to block party’s right to operation in the country, and SPLM.DC will continue to address the failure of ruling party to implement democratic system in the country. In addition to that, SPLM has shown a poor performance of governing; it has forgotten the role of government to protect its citizens and their properties, and it also fail to train its citizens to get good skills for development, and now it is applying absolute power over South Sudanese citizens. SPLM.DC party wants to ask democratic countries such as USA, UK, Canada, etc. to involvement, and support the accomplishment of democracy in the country. We will not endure the suffering of our citizens under the rules of one party, which appears of taking care of its members, and neglected the largest portions of ordinary citizens.


SPLM-DC executive office in the U.S.A.
Office of Information Desk
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