Police professionalism and ethics in South Sudan!!

By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

December 4, 2012 (SSNA) — There’s a famous quote from Eleanor Rosevelt that goes; “great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and little minds discuss people.” It takes a village to engulf into actual ideas to change the world work ethics; it will behoove to learn a little bit about how to use your own mind and embark on a journey of great ideas.

To begin with, the police code of ethics was miserably violated in South Sudan by unprofessional and inexperienced personnel. My friend, instead, of mourning you better have a party, if the old work ethic wasn’t dead, and therefore, I certainly, believe that a mercy killing would be in order. Hats off to all our forefathers who were willing and able to afford the luxury of working to live, instead, of living to work, therefore, our previous behavior an extremely rare trait in our kids of today 

A retired Chief of Police Department in South Sudan once said; if you pay a visit to “police head quarters in Juba”; you will come back with severe cardiac arrest for what you observed from lack of professionalism and respect! On the other-hand, the retirement of more than four generals in Police force at the same time, and, neglect of cadres whom we called returnees from old Sudan, “no, we don’t trust them, they are traitors and we are the liberators”, those professional Police officers were completely marginalized, without any crime they committed rather than; being well- trained, equipped with knowledge, according to world standard rules of law, but, their crime is because they worked under Khartoum government. It’s insanity.

In the good old days, when we were kids going to school and playing down the road, if you look at the policeman; the first thing you will imagine is; whether he is carrying a gun or not, Especially, the criminal investigation department “CID” detective, who’s often without a uniform? If it happen that you accidentally had a glimpse of his pistol or whatever weapon he was carrying, it makes a head line news, and will be the talk of the group for a week, but now a days law-enforcement agents and other national security agents in South Sudan are deliberately exposing their identities and showing off their guns to the public. What a shame?

Law- enforcement officers are the shields that protect good citizens from the bad guys, they don’t make laws, but, they are just re-enforcing laws according to the standard of Criminal Justice System worldwide.

There’s a tale about a secret service agent who served for thirty years, and his wife don’t know about his job. Accidentally, the agent misplaced his work Identification card in his house- bedroom, and was found by his wife, it became a big deal for him. To make a long story short, that agent instantly ended his long time career by quitting his job.

The fact of the matter is; these days nobody can take a bullet on behalf of somebody else, commitment, dedication, and, friendship, all, gone with the wind. The incident that occurred two weeks ago, the killing of the bodyguard of an SPLA Major General, was stunning and mysterious, just to say the least. We don’t have all the evidence and the facts behind the incident.

There is an old joke and its goes;

About two terms former Prime Minister of old Sudan; and long term Chairman the  Umma national Party; Al-Imam Saddig Al Mahdi, whenever he gets sick with common Nile virus fever “Malaria” the doctor prescribes the medicine quinine injection for his treatment, guess what happens?   

The most dedicated member, and the second powerful figure in the Umma national Party, the Secretary General late; Omer Nuor El Dahiem said; Hell no, the needle is too big, therefore, I, will take it myself, on behalf of my Lordship Saddig!!

The same man “Nuor El Dahiem” once rebuked members of Umma Party and National Islamic Front “NIF” of Sheikh Hussan El Turabi, in the national assembly, while deliberating about the power sharing in a coalition government, when he said his famous quote; “today we are fighting in the assembly, for power sharing! SAF announced that; the SPLA of John Garang, now controlled the besieged town of Bor, and your soldiers are starving to death due to shortage of food and ammunitions, are now, eating rats and cats”. “Guys, shame on you”. He added.

That was broadcasted live on Omdurman radio, and national television. 

But, let’s not put all our eggs in one basket, I mean, not to disclose all our secrets and plans here about reforming our law enforcement agencies. Former Secretary General of the Sudanese communist party, late ustaz; Ibrahim Nogud, was once asked by a Sudanese journalist on the national television after April the 4th 1985 “Rajab” spring; about where he was hiding in the capital City of Khartoum for seventeen years, during Gaffer El Numeeri regime?. He politely said to a journalist; I can’t comment on that topic because we never know; another coup may happen in the future! He said. Now, you know the rest of the story!

Crime is a “rational choice” but, it can be deterred by informal sanctions, such as; parental and peer disapproval, exposing the criminals to the public through media outlet, and permanently, fingerprint them. Therefore, according to our ethics and traditions, it is possible that; fear of shame and humiliation is more powerful deterrents than criminal penalties or legal punishment!

Good articulated laws and constitution is needed in our country and without any doubt; one day, the criminals, and the bad apples in our society would be apprehended, and will end –up on the ash heap of history, after all cold cases would be solved, no matter how long it may take because, there’s no perfect crime!

This is my prospective!

The author is a criminologist, living in USA, and can be reached at [email protected]

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