The President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, Must Resign

By Gabrial Pager Ajang

December 8, 2012 (SSNA) — The viability of any state rests on its domestic and foreign policies. However, the amounting internal and international pressures on the South Sudan’s leadership are disproportionally increasing. The trend and direction this country has been taking is simply disturbing. The United States and its ally have threatened South Sudan with series of economic sanctions. These sanctions that were almost leveled against South Sudan government were intentional, and juba never understood that. So how did Juba loss to sustain its international and domestics supports that it had during the interim periods? Bear with me; I will focus this country that becomes a rogue nation in less than two years from independence. It simply minds boggling to see how the Sudan People Liberation Movement abandoned its founding principles. The Great generation that rose up against all odds and adversity to fight the oppressive and dictatorial regime of Khartoum prevail. These were men and women of this great generation from105, 104, Tiger and Timsah, Kazuk, and Jamus, Koryom and muor muor etc many of them did make it back to their homes. They died and were fighting for the new Sudan vision, a mission and strategy popularly known as new Sudan democratic transformation. This simple idea changed Sudan forever, and indeed, it did for the better.

Concurrently, the civil war between the South and the North claimed an estimate of 2.5 million lives in the 21 years of war. So, did our president forgot the great generation that laid their lives so that the rest of us can live in free and prosperous society, where human rights, freedom of press and freedom of expression can prevail. As a young red army, it had never occurred to me that these principles and ideals of Justice, Quality, and Freedom that our brothers and sisters died and fought for, have been relinquished. The President of Sudan Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit has lost it bearing and way. This illustrated by the state of horror and lawlessness in South Sudan put the whole country into socio-political stalemate which unleashed severe economic meltdown, meanwhile the President himself and ministers benefited the most, from south rich region of national resources. Today, in Lake, Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile, the South Sudanese residents mercilessly flushed out of their homes and killed. Tribes and sub tribes fight each other almost on daily bases in all the corner of South Sudan. These ordeals and political disorders are astounding. These defy and disgrace the endearing legacy of the SPLM as a formidable political party that gives South Sudan a true self. Kiir has failed to restore law and order in the state he leads. The inter-tribal conflict is of a concern. The president failed to address the root causes of conflict, and to create conditions that could promote peace and community security in conflict-prone state. These conditions include supporting the establishment of community based conflict mitigation mechanisms, inclusive of local leaders, women and youth, who could build democratic processes and finally addressing conflict without violence. He failed to establish programs that would create a viable political framework that seeks to end tribal conflict, pave ways for agricultural development, push for good governances and failed to bring a lasting peace to South Sudan. Besides, the government of South Sudan failure to establish peace and security to promote good governance and accelerates agricultural development. He has completely failed to promote democratic reforms, rules of law, and frames better ways of handling issues concerning national security. It is essential to develop inclusive consensus-building initiatives related to peace agreements, and national issues.

On the foreign policy fronts, Kiir has reached a political deadlock with Khartoum over the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The two countries could potentially square off in a full scale war any time. However, the Juba negotiating team has no basic political science experiences. They lack will and political leverage to corner Khartoum on issues that are vital to South Sudan’s interests, and rally international community to assist in areas of national significant.

Kiir colossal flawed is illustrated in following portion of protocols of the CPA:

1) He failed to push withdrawal of the Sudan government troops from Abyei and implementation of its protocol.

2) He failed to push for demilitarization of the disputed regions (towns).

3) Demarcations of Borders,

4) He allowed Implementation of the popular consultation in Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile to be held hostage by Khartoum.

5) He failed to engage Khartoum to cease he aerial bombardments in South Sudan

6) He permitted the violations of the South Sudan’s’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, and ceded 14 miles the South Sudan’s Land to Khartoum.

It is worth noting that the implementation of the popular consultation in Blue Nile and Southern Kordufan could serve South Sudan as a political tool in the process of border demarcation, oil agreement and Abyei, but the president does not see it that way, or he only comprehend blind ill policies, what a retard.

So who is Salva Kiir, the man who becomes South Sudan president after the tragic death of Dr. John Garang in the helicopter crash? And what motivate him? Kiir was in charge of the Sudan People Libration Movement and Sudan People Liberation Army’s intelligence. He never led army to frontline successfully. However, to his credit, he captured Kurmuk for few hours it was later taken by the enemy. Kiir was a disaster during the liberation struggles. The soldiers he led suffered and died at his watch. If this story is not true, fellow soldiers in the liberation struggles will be my witness. The same management skills he had during the liberation struggles are the policies he practiced as a President of South Sudan. He is a man with no vision, program and policy. Kiir is nothing but a nepotist suffering from unknown disease. The man is coward and had no testicles. He is an unworthy president and a dictator. If he is not unworthy he should have known that the Nilotic people never scare of a man who stands with two legs, had two testicles and anus in the middle.

Since South Sudan independence, he has permeated South Sudan public with series of empty promises. Kiir lectures citizens like students in classroom. The man is a nightmare. He does not know that the presidential speech comes with fiscal responsibility and budget appropriation. It is a national tragedy to simply see the national leader constantly loading citizens with series of empty speeches and programs. Instead of doing the right thing for nation, he granted ministers unusual access to public funds to misuse these funds for family’s transportations, buying mansions and houses overseas, and reckless buying of cars is rampant, when there are no well developed infrastructures and roads in the country. Besides, he failed to introduce strict rules that would govern behaviors of military SPLA elites and ministers. Kiir intentionally surrounded himself with cabinet ministers who were in Khartoum during war. These cabinet ministers he appointed were in Khartoum because of money and greedy. They are coward and moron who never had opportunity of experiencing bush life. 

On the same note, South Sudan is the only nation where the legislative assembly serves at the loyalty of the president. The assembly has never scrutinized or question ministers or senior officials that engage in siphoning public funds. The South Sudan Legislative Assembly has failed in the following areas, because they fear, they would be killed:

1) Annexing appropriate laws that would create balance among judiciary, legislature, and cabinet,

2) Holding corrupt ministers accountable,

3) Making laws and statutes that would prevent or control sex trades from the neighboring countries because the ministers and senior public officials in the government import HIV-AIDS from Kenya and Uganda. It is sad to see South Sudan successful in sex trades.

As a responsible citizen who cares about the future of our children, what happened to the South Sudan budget of 2005/2006, 2007/8, and 2009/10 fiscal years that would have used to build at least three hospitals, three schools in each states, and six high ways that would have connected the ten states? Apparently nobody in the government knows. The president Kiir admitted that close members in the cabinets and several ministers have laundered billions of dollars. But because he severely suffering from testiclelysis, and lack qualities of leadership, he grants culprits and criminals amnesty.

What did Kiir achieve since 2005? The answer is nothing, zero.

1) He failed to implement the Comprehensive Peace Agreement;

2) He lost international supports

3) He failed to hold corrupt public official accountable

4) He ceded South Sudan lands (14 miles) to Khartoum

5) He surrounded himself with greed individuals from Khartoum who came solely for purpose of looting public money,

6) He divided the SPLA generals into Dr. John Garang’s boys and Kiir boys. NB: Garang loved his boys because they led during the liberation struggles, they captured towns and won battles against the enemy, what did your current boys do to the citizens of South Sudan? Your boys have basically destroyed the government, looted funds and completely failed in serves delivery.

7) The ministers squandered public, the budget allocate to the ministries is used for their private purposes. Mr. President you are coward and disaster to our nation.

Fellows South Sudanese, we are in the dark days. Our state’s leader is cruel, brutal and savagery killer. He was appointed as a head of security and intelligent by the nation founding father, Dr. John Garang. During the liberation struggles, Kiir resort to murdering of a prominent person or political figure by a surprise attack, usually for payment or political reasons. Many people that we all know, disappeared on his watch. With many incidents that have occurred in the past six years and half, Kiir has proven himself to be assassin.His engagement inkilling of important people began to become more than a tool in power struggles aiming at dividing and uniting his own tribesmen who may not like his leadership styles. The man has open butcheries of killing people in Juba. He is waging war against education, freedom of speech and expression, and importantly he is waging war against the very principles the SPLM as a political Party was premised upon.

Below are the people that his security personnel assassinated:

1) Akuac Jok a lawyer from Makerere University

2) Mayol Kuch Duoi, a veteran and guardian of orphans,

3) Isaiah Abraham (Diing Chan Awuol) A pastor, writer, columnist and political analyst, and most importantly father of two children and two wives.

The following persons were threatened and beaten:

4) Deng Athuai, human rights advocate and political activist

5) Mading Ngor Akech Kuai, co, founder of the new Sudan vision, former radio talk host, Bhakieta stationed in Juba

6) Emmanuel Jal, Musician, peace activist, composer and song writer

7) Dengdit Ayok, News paper editor.

8) Mabior Garang de Mabior (son of the founding father) and many more

I condemn the assassination of Diing Chan Awuol in the strongest term possible. The hypocrisy and high ill illiteracy in part of the government Sudan has killed him. According to article published by Sudan Tribune indicated that on November 21st, 2012 the president Security went to his house to investigate him. They shown him a printed article by the security agents a few days before his assassination and the president says “I know” it is not the ‘police and security.’ So the president now walks around with security officers like he is not aware, but the ongoing investigation indicates that 70% is assassinations “says minister for information, Marial Benjamin. Dr. Riek Machar had also said in the funeral of the former ambassador to Kenya, Micheal Majok Ayom, that the investigators are being threaten with text messages, that whoever will reveal the assassins will face the same consequences. These evident are whistle blowers to the president are covered up and styles of killing. Our president is a man with no confidence in himself and the public.

Just like any other community in South Sudan, Dinka community had contributed to the Liberation Struggles immensely in term of blood and treasures. I am personally proud and honored for their remarkable history and the landmark accord we have reached with Khartoum. We have an endearing legacy, we not allow one man to distort our image. We have led during the liberation struggles, and during the interim period. It is time to give other tribes in South Sudan an opportunity to lead South Sudan. The power of the presidency must be peacefully transferred to the SPLM/A member who had no tribal blood on his hand. Kiir must be impeached by the South Sudan Assembly. The members should cast a vote of no confidence. Kiir must be removed, and the power must be to be given to Honorable, Chief of Staff, Lt.general James Hoth Mai, and I proudly nominated Governor of North Bhar El Ghazel, Pual Malong Awan as his vice President. President Kiir has not led; Hoth and Malong will lead this nation to a brighter future.

Kiir has plundered the nation into deep economic stagnation by misusing resources.The lack of economic opportunity, particularly among marginalized youth, is a potential driver of conflict in South Sudan but our president had never mentioned it. He miserable failed to sustain and inclusive agriculture sector and ceased to lead the growth that can enhance resiliency and reinforce stability, by increasing agricultural productivity and linking communities to markets, providing access to credit for agribusinesses and small-scale farmers, and building strategic partnerships to better enable Southern Sudanese to capture market opportunities and enhance stability in areas where lack of economic opportunity is part of the conflict dynamic. Kiir cannot and will not disarm himself out of the problem because a cattle rustling is not a source of the problem in South Sudan. The problem is economic, social, and political, and these issues need to be addressed at the state levels. The South Sudan government should allocate funds to all states not speeches or words. James Hoth and Malong Awan must be given a chance to practically deliver services to all citizens. The power must remain with the party that crafted the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, and the party that given the people of South Sudan freedom, justice and equality, the SPLM.

Hoth and Malong will support the withdrawal of the Sudanese government troops from Abyei and use the International arbitration that was done in as a political leverage to gain Abyei back. They will move away from mediocre policy of Kiir, and implement demilitarization of the disputed regions (towns) and demarcations of Borders. They will help in the implementation of the popular consultation in Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile, and oppose the 14 miles that ceded the land of South Sudan land to Khartoum. They will preserve sovereignty and territorial integrity of our nation. However, I amazed and disappointed by how our president simply dismisses the important of Northern Bhar el Ghazel, Unity State and Upper Nile to our nation during the liberation struggles, and their significant positions they holds now. Dr. John Garang knew it very well that without Northern Bahr el Ghazal, we would have not reached independent. Losing this state would mean that Mr. President, you have lost your credibility and your presidency. Besides, ceding 14 miles land of the South Sudan under the pretext of security arrangement. And indeed the security arrangement was a calculated political advantage used during the interim period to gain more land from the North but it is useless now. The chief negotiator and the team would have not considered this agreement…because it weak and yield now difference. What is the meaning of security arrangement when the people of North Bhar el Ghazel and, upper Nile and Unity States are being bombed on a daily bases? We need a leader that will revitalize foreign policy advocacy and change government of South Sudan from diplomatic stagnations. There was no single diplomat in Washington DC and New York; they only came back at the height of oil shutdown and conflict in Pathou.

In conclusion, the people of Northern Bhar El Ghazel whose blood cemented the foundation of Republic must not and should not be neglected. Their land must not be ceded to the North. The border between the South Sudan must remain as it was drown on January 1st 1956 .We need a leader that can secure our territories along the border of Unity States, Upper Nile, and Northern Bhar el Ghazel. The politics of totalitarian-authoritarian regime in the government of South Sudan has unleashed detrimental impact on all Sudanese people and it is sadly crippling the viable of democracy and economy of Sudan. The policies of this authoritarian regime are dangerous to people and to the prospect of true democracy, we need a leader that will rescue the citizens of South Sudan from this monster. Kiir must go. If he does not resign, he must be impeached by the South Sudan legislative assembly. However, the citizens must exert significant pressure on him in order to relinquish power. The United States, and it ally, United States must be informed about his atrocities he is committing. We will be in contact with the United Senate of foreign relations to bring more pressure to bear. Kiir must go or he will be held accountable for the crime he had committed.

The Author holds a BA, MPA, and a PhD student. He works as Nebraska legislative assistance, he has written articles on the President and Vice President of South Sudan, he can be reached at: [email protected]

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