South Sudan Kills Her ‘Sun’

By Moses Bul

December 13, 2012 (SSNA) — It is with profound regret and sorrow that we conceive the unfortunate assassination of the celebrated Sudan Tribune reporter Isaiah Abraham. He was as well a major in the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army and a preacher too.

Abraham was an all round personality and an indispensable patriot in South Sudan. Unfathomable blow it is to the media fraternity and the minority elites in South Sudan at large.

Within such a short time from the independence of the new republic, it is most unlucky that the nation which is acutely malnourished with ‘brains’ should indiscriminately lose professionals whom she direly needs to piece up the tattered fabric of the nation devastated  by over two decades of war.

If this trend is allowed to be the order of the day, then the new Republic of South Sudan is definitely extinguishing few luminaries who would otherwise illuminate the dark dungeons of depravity, poverty, ignorance and moral decadence to liberate the people.

If the few devoted and patriotic elites are scared stiff from serving their nation, then South Sudan will linger  much longer in the tombs of oblivion.

The spate of insecurity in the recent past in South Sudan with murder of foreigners, killings of professionals here and there does not auger well for the much needed patriotism especially for the elites in the Diaspora who would wish to return home and participate in nation building.

These sporadic sad news from home scare them off and many opt to seek permanent residence in the yonder lands hence denying the country the much needed human resource at this moment in time.

The level of illiteracy in South Sudan is so enormous that a lot of efforts need to be put in place to ensure security particularly for the working and business elites in order to foster quicker socio economic development.

Not to mention, foreign investors and expatriates working in South Sudan are also scared and it is unimaginable how much this would derail development and external relations with South Sudan.

The media especially, plays a pivotal role in democracy and development in the developing nations by highlighting touchy issues which in turn catch the attention of potential benefactors who come in to salvage hence merit to the people.

If for one reason or another the media personalities continue to be targeted for extermination like vermin, then the sun shall go down never to rise and leave the new republic in absolute darkness as for as civilization  and democracy is concerned.

I believe the government has the capacity to put this on check and should prevent any further loss of luminaries. The demise of Diing Chan Awuol (penname Isaiah Abraham) should herald an all out war on the killers of South Sudan ‘Sun’. Challenge to the state departments.

The Author can be reached at [email protected]

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