Twic East Community-USA demands Justice for the Family of Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol and South Sudan Nation

From: Twic East Community-USA, Open Letter to the President of South Sudan

To: His Excellency, President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salvar Kiir Mayardit,
Cc: his Excellency, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny
Cc: Honorable Speaker, James Wani Igga

Subject: Twic East Community-USA demands Justice for the Family of Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol and South Sudan Nation.

December 16, 2012 (SSNA) — As we remain unwavering in our quest for Peace, Equality and Justice in South Sudan, we hope for a better and brighter future. This renewed hope, is clearly manifested by the level of interest and commitment displayed by the South Sudanese communities around the world. They have been supportive as well as sharing sorrow with the family of deceased, Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol. Although, we acknowledge the significance of ongoing investigations conducted by the United States Federal Bureau o into the mysterious death of Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol, we still stress fully compliance in part of government. The government of South Sudan must assist in offering computer data, cell phones, and communication systems and other necessary materials that would help in the process of investigations. The Twic East Community in the United States demands justice for the family of Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol. As you are aware, Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol was mercilessly and brutally assassinated in Juba by unknown gunmen. We believe, he was killed because he had written controversial articles that are critical about the functions and performance of South Sudan government, and even with that kind of writing, we also believe that there is no justifiable reason whatsoever  that could be use to take his life. We believe his killing was deliberately a violation of human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of press. We urge the government to protect all the citizens.

The cruelty perpetrated by the government’s security, police or unknown gunmen against Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol is unacceptable. The government has a constitutional responsibility to provide equal protection for all her citizens. All we are asking for is justice to prevail for Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol as a fundamental right under the South Sudan constitution.

We constitute to share our deepest sorrow and sadness that we extend sympathy on behalf of Twic East Community in United States of America to the family and friends of the late Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol. As we ponder this terrible tragedy, we extend our support and solidarity to them in this time of trial and heartbreaking. No words or condolences can adequately compensate his family and friends for the deepest loss they have suffered, but nevertheless we extend our support and solidarity to them in this time of trial and tragedy.

Diing and his family have significantly contributed to the liberation struggles for our country from 1983 when he first joined SPLA/SPLM until he was brutally murdered 5th December 2012. His tragic death in the prime of his productive life is undeserved, unwarranted and certainly should not go freely unpunished. We are confident that no effort will be spared in swiftly bringing to justice the perpetrators of this hateful, hurtful, and heinous crime to one of our courageous sons. In his own way, even in his death, Diing made a bold statement against evil and injustice act in our beloved country. Diing’s brutal and barbaric murder was certainly not a befitting end to the life of such a patriotic person. His three brothers died in frontline during the liberation for the country. It would be deserved to course of freedom of expression and press, and to freedom, justice and equality they fought for, for 21years.

We pray that Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol’s soul and the sanity of his family and friends as we struggle to deal with this sorrowful lost. May God bless his eternity and rest him in peace and may his light of love and devotion to freedom of expression and press continue to shine in our country. We are looking forward for justice to be served.

Prepared by Twic East Community-USA leadership

Twic East Community-USA

David Kuol Anyieth –President: [email protected]
Gabriel Mabeny Kuot- Vice President
Gabrial Pager Ajang- Secretary General: [email protected]
David Mayen Majok-Chairperson of board of Director
Deng Chol Yuang-Chairperson of Council

Signatories and witnessed by Payams leadership

Lual Bul- Chairperson Ayual Community (Nyuak Payam)
Abuoi Manychol Deng- Chairperson of Kongor Payam
Apai Mabior Apai-Chairperson of Lith Payam
Alier Reng-Chairperson of Pakeer Payam
Garang Mapior Agany-Chairperson Awulian Community (Nyuak Payam)
Ahou Yuot, vice Chairperson of Daiachuak Community (Nyuak Payam)
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