Salva Kiir has to choose between being a peoples’ president or leader of certain gang of criminals

By Michael B. Ajang  Achuoth –Cairo

December 21, 2012 (SSNA) — WHAT a two-faced presidency! Just a few days and before South Sudan went to the ballot on 1.9.2011, His Excellency, Salva Kiir Mayardit gave the people of South Sudan a cast iron promise that none of them would be jobless after independence. Nearly two years down the line. Two third of South Sudanese lost the jobs they already had through the SPLM led desperate move to the oil shut down so instead of creating more new jobs, the Salva regime took away the little that the people had through: corruption, vested interest and lack of political will to work in harmony with Khartoum.

President Salva Kiir is not oxygen. South Sudan can do without his hideous, divisive and unpopular policies. On the other hand, the wisdom of South Sudan can never be determined by the amount of beard on the chin of SalvaKiir. It is only a fool who can fall in love with a goat that does not have the capacity to impress even a monkey. Everyone knows SalvaKiir as a humble, quiet and liberal man however, I personally suppose the president to be a man of my dream, leader of my choice and commander in chief of my standard of expectations.

Though the president has managed to propel my spirit to the top of the world, I still consider it one stupid damn question that SalvaKiir is an answer to all the problems that I face today as one of the poorest South Sudanese. If my president can own up to 38,000,000 USD while I own nothing…is this not simple reason to say to hell with his government of selfish interest? If SalvaKiir was a leader kind enough, he would have divided the 8,000,000 USD among the poorest South Sudanese. This simple college algebra would instantly make each and every South Sudanese a millionaire.

Time has now shown that that the boots of Dr. John were actually too big for SalvaKiir…otherwise the president cannot afford to be both a people representative and at the same time a leader of certain gang of criminals. The fading popularity of SalvaKiir both within and abroad is largely due to his quietness on matters that actually call for his legal intervention. His Excellency, the president has been offering lip services since 2005. Isaiah Abraham wrote his last article out of frustration caused by the “useless regime of SalvaKiir”…I, likewise write this article out of frustration since the death of my colleague is the adding of an injury to the wounds that already existed. 99% of South Sudanese are ready to sacrifice their lives to lift South Sudan out of abject poverty, disease and political ignorance.

His Excellency the president must either side with the people or serve his own interest but outside South Sudan. Can there be good governance amid crimes, corruption and fictitious politics? How independent is the South Sudanese media when Journalists are beaten in parliament, children of former freedom fighters and leaders of opposition are tooth-broken for talking freedom? Can the rule of law be effective under a presidency that is operating through the rule of man? Can anyone deny the fact that South Sudan is now moving in a political vacuum but without any sense of direction? Wau, South Sudan, Khartoum, Isaiah Abraham and the likes and nothing tangible heard from the president?

If the South Sudanese presidency has not chosen to be a symbol of social disintegration instead of national solidarity, then why are people dying each day? President SalvaKiir according to the late Isaiah Abraham has proven useless in the eye of the public especially on matters of life and death. South Sudan, Africa and the world at large have to be reminded that the death of George Athor after a South Sudanese presidential amnesty casted a lot of doubt on whether SalvaKiir is here to with national security through his game of hide and seek. President SalvaKiir must accept the fact that 100% of South Sudan lost interest in his visionless SPLM as well as his blind, inconsiderate and crime-oriented presidency. I, like Isaiah Abraham, better die than lead another life of slavery in my own country. I will not be proud to live in a nation where my leaders no longer enjoy legitimate authority, pride and social integrity. There are over 200 death cases each month in Juba alone due to unknown gun men. This is about 2,400 cases in a year. Calculate this into 21 years and you will have only have SalvaKiir and his gang of gun men in South Sudan. It very unfortunate to mention that the recent killing of Isaiah Abraham is symbolic of the innocent South Sudanese that lost their lives simply because they tried to critique and challenge the bush leadership. LokurnyangLado, AkuotAtem, Samuel Gaitut, Benjamin BolAkok, MajierGai, Arok Thon Arok, William Nyuon, Kuanyin just to state a few. His Excellency the president and his SPLM cronies believe that these people died on the wrong side of history. That is ok…by then how about now? Can His Excellency the president tell the people of South Sudan whether Isaiah Abraham died on the wrong side of history or not? How about me and other opinion writers in South Sudan? Do we deserve to die on the wrong side history because we spoke on behalf of the 8,000,000 South Sudanese who could not do so on their own? Will the killing of our physical bodies kill the spirit of the people of South Sudan? Will South Sudanese continue to blame Dr. Lam Akol for chosing to stay away from South Sudan and especially after George and Isaiah? I George and Isaiah, I have personally and voluntarily chosen to die on the wrong side of history and for the 2nd liberation of the people of South Sudan-SalvaKiir Must Go!

The Author lives in Cairo, Egypt.

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