The Secondary Period of Gen. Kiir with His Administration in South Sudan from year 2005 to 2012

Hitler why did he gain so much political support? It’s exactly the same way Gen. Kiir, came up. Both men have some similarity in common, Hitler a wide appeal to the various classes within Germany period of 1920s to 1933.

By: Deng Duot Deng (Deng-Ajith), Queensland, Australia

December 23, 2012 (SSNA) — The period of 1920 to 1933 and even few years after the war over was a time of political uncertainty, economic instability and social confusion for Germany. The Weimer government was very unpopular amongst the Germany people during this period as it was blamed for the many complications Germany faced. Many Germans saw it as incompetent and incapable of governing Germany effectively. This time was rise of Hitler with his high intellectual military statute.

Consequently, there was a common longing amongst the various classes within Germany for a powerful and radical leader to return their country to strength and wealth; and return their sense of pride as a nation and a race. Hitler realized these desires of the German people. He exploited the climate of despair and despondency to gain the support of the disillusioned of every class, with his attractive policies and decisive promises of the action.

On the one hand, South Sudan was in the same situation Germany was in it throughout these years. Gen. Kiir was nominated to lead the Sudan People Liberation Army/ Movement (SPLA/M) not because his capabilities and his capacity. He was not nominated by the South Sudanese people to stand after their political direction. But he was appointed due to the political climate of rebel movement at the time. This was after the extreme plane crashed that killed a charismatic leader late Dr. John Garang De Mabior. Moreover, this was done because of the SPLA/M has the so-called policy “SPLA/M seniority”.

Naturally, this policy usually stated people have to be nominated on the basis of their ranks in rebel military and who followed who. There were many well qualify leaders like Dr. Lam and Dr. Riek Machar and other foreseen individuals within the rebel movement. However, Gen. Kiir was put to be the chairman of SPLA/M few days as a result of fundamental principles of SPLA/M. Also, there was grouping with in the SPLA/M movement. Other classified themselves as late Garang Boys while other like Dr.Lam Akol and Dr. Riek Machar were raising stars who believed they are capable to lead the movement based on their education prestige and military rank as well.

This was the same manner, Hitler selected his military personnel and other who closes and did not like previous Weimer governance of Germany system of government.

Much of Hitler’s appeal stemmed from the fact that there was widespread opposition to the Weimer government. This acceptance of the humiliating Treaty of Versailles by the Weimer Republic angered many Germans, especially since many believed they were never fairly defeated in World War I, but rather they were stabbed in the back by the civilian government and the Jews on their home front. There were also political divisions amongst many of the German people. On the one side there were those who wanted a kingdom, and on the other side there were those who preferred a communist regime. The Germans were therefore receptive to a leader, such as Hitler, who promised to re-united Germany under the one leadership and defy the terms of the Versailles Treaty.

Well, it’s what exactly happened in South Sudan or within the SPLA/M. There was this un-study theory that if one of the people was nominated to lead the rebel group calls SPLA/M like Dr. Lam Akol or Riek Machar. Therefore, they will lead SPLA/M ideology back to Khartoum and remained under united Sudan under the same system we left to the bush.

Apparently, I was one the people who believed in that principle of not electing Dr. Lam and Dr. Riek Machar. Not only that, there were also some allegations which are true like 1991 SPLA/M split. The two factions were SPLM mainstream and Nasir-SPLA/M declaration underneath the control of Dr. Riak Machar with others. Yet Kiir was not my best interest to lead the rebel groups or Riek Machar either.

In addition, Riak is widely believed to be the person stabbed the SPLA/M at back during the 1991 era. This is a true philosophy left in every South Sudanese mind. Also Lam was in the same boat Riak was in even though people incline to believe that he was the masterminded of the 1991 SPLM split. To me, I ensured not to believed Dr. Lam Akol was not the masterminded of split. In that case, Col. John Garang De Mabior was the master minder of 1983 defection and late Late captain Kerubino Kuany Bol conducted the operation let to the formation of the SPLA/M in 1984 in Ethiopia.

I think the appointment of Kiir to lead the rebel movement was an assumption and confusion of the inner circle members of the SPLA/M at time. Gen. Kiir was only a good person during the movement because he just followed the direction of another man call Late John Garang who was the head of SPLA/M since it was first founded in 1983. John Garang death put him out of the SPLA/M chairmanship. No doubt he would have calmed lead the current Republic of South Sudan. No one have an idea what direction would South Sudan headed.

Primarily important to the Hitler regime, the problems faced by the Weimer Republic were not just political; indeed, the Weimer Republic was constantly plagued by economic problems which it failed to solve expediently. The war effort had a tremendous impact on the German economy, causing strain and exhaustion on equipment and machinery, and labour shortages.

More significantly, the Versailles settlement further escalated the economics problems with the huge reparation bill, and the loss of territory, overseas investments and resources. The inflation of 1923 that lead to Great Depression crushed businesses and industries, and resulted in difficulties in paying reparation bill. The inflation also had significant impact on the lifestyle of the general population as it meant that the wages of the German people quickly reduced in value whilst many middle-class lost their life saving.

Even though the Dawes and young plans assisted economics recovery from the inflation, the economy collapsed again 1929 with Wall Street Crash and the subsequent Great Depression. The Great Depression resulted in millions of unemployed German workers and a great many ruined businesses. The Weimer Government was seen to have failed, once again, in the eyes of the German people. As a result, the German people desired a powerful and active leader to returned their nation’s dignity and wealth.

No question about that, we got South Sudan Independent through the hard work of all the South Sudanese across the World. Under who ever leaderships we were still going to get popular vote to be a separate nation likewise.

I can give Kiir credit here and there because that was under his leadership any way. But the question remains. Gen. Kiir Government got independent and what next? Likewise, Hitler got the land back that the German people hope he will get. He even went further to make few invasions. Meanwhile, Gen. Kiir current administration has given a way our land like the 14 miles South of the river in Northern Bhar Eh Gahar. Leave alone the other lands being sold out to foreigners without public’s consultation. Every single agreement the SPLM Party make with the Khartoum government result in us as South Sudanese losing and the North are will without taking carefully consideration. 

This is evident because we as South Sudanese are complaining but the Khartoum administration with their public beside them are making some parties in their street Capital and local towns.

Giving all this reasons make me to draw my conclusion that these current administration has failed and will continuous to fail if keep in power for too long. It is a time for us South Sudanese to come out and do some standing and make change in good cause not by brutality system like the Arab-spring and other unnecessary systems. The belief of democracy values is to hold non-violence system.

In saying so, exploiting the prevailing atmosphere, Hitler cut cross class barriers and makes some distinctions and appealed to the German people as a race and a nation. The basis of Hitler’s philosophy was that the Aryan race or master race and the German nation were the chief Supreme body.

Hitler believed and promoted the notion prevalent amongst the German people in which the believed they were superior over all other human beings. Hitler demonstrated this belief with his determination to make Germany into a great power again by disregarding the Versailles settlement and recovering lost territory such as the Saar and Polish Corridor, thereby bringing all Germans within Reich. Hitler also declared he would shape living space for the German people by finding the necessary space in the east where he alleged the people were of inferior racial stock. Not only that, by fit to serve as serfs under the master race. Within this context, Hitler utilized the German sense of superiority to again popular support by stirring up great nationalistic fervor and excitement amongst the German entire population.

In the same way, Hitler also appealed to a common hatred amongst the German people. This was a hatred of Jews. The German authorities of Hitler period classified them as non-Aryan German. He used the Jews as a victim group of people to fasten the blame for the nation’s problematic makers. Hitler administration classed the Jews as racially substandard and claimed that the Jews caused Germany to lose World War I. Thus, once again, Hitler administration cut across class divisions to appeal to the German people as a whole. At that time the German people were united at the expense of another group in society the Jews.

On the other hand, Kiir current administration is playing the same game Hitler played against the Jews. The death of Lawyer Akuac Jok and now the death of political writer Isaiah Abraham showed that Generals turned politicians’ government is waging war against the media of South Sudan. Jews were business people who make the economy of the Germany work and running well. The same to Journalists in South Sudan whatever, they said against government will make our government work really hard to provide us with what we expects from them. This SPLM Party must consider the voice of South Sudanese matter in wider views. It is the most influence things that can happen in any nation. Also our south Sudanese people who are giving their best analytical. And expressed their views on nation issues are facing death as consequence and threating messages to silence them. This is what Kiir’s government is capable of doing.

What make the independence happened in the African continent during the 1950-60s. The Kenya people stood up against the British, the same to Ugandan, Ghana and the entire continent expansion it independent after all.

Furthermore, Hitler earned the support of many Germans through his fierce determination to expel the communist threat to Germany. In doing so, Hitler appealed to industrialist and upper-class landowners in particular. These groups feared and opposed communist revolution and therefore approved of Hitler’s brutal opposition to the communists. The administration disciplined and proficient army was successful in breaking up mass communist rallies and revolts, thus earned themselves a reputation for getting done on time. Consequently, through their promises and efforts to crush a communism, Hitler acquired the support of the industrialist and upper-class landowners who saw him as a strong and radical leader able to save Germany communist revolution.

The South Sudanese elected the current President of the Republic of South Sudan with his co-generals into power in 2010. Due to this, there was this SPLA/M Party ideology if the vote out Gen. Kiir administration. Therefore, South Sudanese were misled if not SPLM Party then we faced the consequence of voting for unity. Other politicians within other Party for examples SPLM-DC party were accused of being with the rebel groups or they are going to vote for unity government. This conspiracy was a tool used by Kiir administration so the SPLM Party can win the election not truly but by implicated other element into other political parties as enemies of South Sudanese civilian population.

This conspiracy theory was the motivation let to South Sudanese voted for SPLM Party back to office. It was not whether Kiir has performed well or not. The make a lot of campaigned if you stand as independent person trying to challenge the SPLM Party member with their Military wing of South People Liberation Army (SPLA) known today as South Sudan Army Force. Therefore, the will call you a rebel or you are being backup by the Khartoum government which was our authoritarian. This strategic plan has brainwashed the entire population of South Sudan to vote for the miscarriage Party of SPLM.

If I can re-call it well, Dr. Luka Biong Deng came to Australia after the general elections took place.  He was asked to speak to South Sudanese residents in Queensland by the SPLM chapter Leaders. This event took place at the Multicultural Development Association (MDA) Headquarter in Brisbane South bank.  He brief people really well after how all the SPLM Party run-up won their seats. He further mentioned one point which I did not like from high profile government official like him to say. He said “the only independent Governor who won the election was from Western Equatorial and he is not from the SPLM Party. He further added that they SPLM Party knew him very well. One of the South Sudanese gentlemen who was they colleague of the incoming Governor of Western Equatorial. He added that because we knew him very well and he can stand behind the SPLM Party rules and principles. From that point, I knew they made huge corruption and I told my friend who was sitting next to me that this government has committed crime call “corruption”.

From this perspective, even though he acknowledged they have done that he should have not mentioned it publicly. The same antiquity happened to the governor of unity state that he loss governorship to Ms, Macher. Also, in Jonglei Kuol Manyang Juuk did not allowed George Athor Deng to campaigned in some counties such as Twic East were Diing Akol was a commissioner at the time. So by any means necessary, this was planned corrupt system. I hope we didn’t fight for them to come and make this massive corruption. If we talked like we do they killed us like Isaiah Abraham.

I draw my proclamation that Gen. Kiir administration is exactly the same as Hitler Administration was in Germany.

The governor of Jonglei is keeping silent while Isaiah Abraham is from his state. There has been heartless cold blooded murdered and assassination taking place in juba capital without any caused. The Jonglei government must condemn the killing of innocent people in such a way. What makes him became a governor if he does not respond in this difficult time?

While the people from his state are being victimized by the current administration he helps to get Kiir into power after the death of Late John Garang De Mabior.

Whilst opposing communism, Hitler also appealed to the discontented working class. He did with his promised to end unemployment and offer to pay welfare to those in need. The socialist element of Hitler’s nationalist socialist’s party also enticed to the working class, who saw the Nazis, promises of social reform as an alternative to communism; particularly given that many Germans were religious and therefore found the communist policy of rejecting all religion as being in opposition to their own personal beliefs. The offer of employment and welfare benefits without the uncertainty of World of revolution appealed to many working of the working class. In essence, Hitler administration through his inner circle members of Nazis used the promises of social reform and a better standard of living to lure working support away from the communist party.

At the time goes, the actual name of Hitler’s party was also had great influence in attracting supports. They were ‘National socialists’ rather international socialists. Through this notion of National Socialists, the Nazis promised to improve the conditions of the workers by giving them a greater share of the wealth, without asking them to forego their attachment and loyalty to the nation. This is demonstrated in an extract from a 1930 Nazi propaganda pamphlet:

‘We are nationalists because we, as Germans, love Germany. And because we love Germany, we demand the protection of it national spirit, and we battle against its destroyers’.

This was evident from the SPLM Party of South Sudan. They used told and continuously telling us. We are the Party who fought for your freedom and bring about the comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). The created all those well written songs of Red-Army and Koriyom battalions. They went further with that un-meaningful slogan of SPLA/M Oyee, South Sudan Oyee and finally anyone can use that slogan in any function.  But they only thing they forgot we the people of South Sudan took up armed and fought against Khartoum regime.

This is without thinking there was going to be a Juba regime where power is then given to inner circle and misapplied in a context affecting the citizens. It was not about SPLM Party vision and set of rules. We fought under united rebel group not being SPLM Party that was not essential theme of our freedom fighters.

In effect, Hitler gained the support of the nation by using the German people’s sense of the national pride, superiority and desire to establish themselves as the supreme race and nation. The collapse of the middle class was also a major cause of the rise of Hitler. The middle class looked to Hitler as an alternative to the Wiener government and communism system. Hitler tempted to the middle class because they had nowhere else to turn. Under the Weimer government they had been destroyed twice-first by the inflation of 1923 and then by Great Depression of 1929. In addition, they realized communism would cater for the needs of the working class which is not their own. Thus, the middle class saw Hitler as middle class savior.

Hitler also fascinated to other varied groups within the Germany society. Especially to the peasants; he offered them land, freedom from foreign interest and foreign competition. Hitler likewise, ensured the peasants their rights were not overlooked and instilled within them a sense of purpose by proclaiming them as the backbone of Germany.

Equally important, Hitler promised the peasants economics and relief. The youth of Germany were attracted by Hitler’s impressive promise to make the fatherland and motherland glorious once more. His administration conjured a sense of purpose and reason for hope in the future of many young Germans. Women also, were particularly attracted to him. Hitler stressed the eminence of women as mothers and wives of the master race. He also secured much his support through ruthless propaganda and by exploiting his ability a charismatic speaker. Hence, he appealed to the many and varied classes within Germany by emphasizing their importance as members of the master race and supreme nation; by making attractive promises; and through extensive use of propaganda and his unique ability as an orator.

Comparable whereas, the current administration or the political Party SPLM. Is way behind compare the Nazi? Why? This is because SPLM never listen to it peasant and other classes within the South Sudanese society. For instance, the recent agreements that were signed in Ethiopian capital never value the need of pubic submissive. The 14 miles approximately 22.5 kilometers was given a way without proper reasoning. Equally important, the Wau County relocation deserved publics meeting between the local community and the government officials. There has to be reachable agreement and high level understanding between local people and the government of South Sudan. Moreover, went the SPLA/M did their political rallies. The used to campaigned we need people to fought for your motherland. You are those people who are going to be our near future leaders plus other un-follow promised by mentioned.

Largely, the government should have explained it to entire local population why the headquarter need relocation and where it’s taken.  This need only dialogue which does not involved physical force like shooting which took place without accountability being made. It’s now in the media and government tend denied the reports which has been done professionally by the reporters who are on the ground including United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMSS). The same thing is happening in Jonglei whereby the state government had removed local people houses saying this road is going to pass here and there.

The cattle’s raiding is another central theme in this particular state. Thus the state government is not applying heavy policies to prevent the innocent killing of civilians. The governor has failed drastically. Why he is earned the salary of governorship while not doing it his job.

Considerably, I have no problem this idealistic initiative’s by the state government trying to develop their main roads and so onward. What is important here is that the government must provide it people with incentives. What would be the results if the government is removing your home and it is not paying you anything? Therefore, there would be demonstration and protest taking place. People have loss hope and faith in the government. As a result, they will start moving in the street to tell the World that their own government is neglecting them.

For example, what started in Buran, goes on to Libya and Egypt? Those people who made massive demonstrations resulted in popular uprising. It has today been recognized by World as Arab Spring. There has been a leadership changed in Libya and the same to Egypt. So the people are power than the system of governing body. We can over-turn this so-called indirect dictatorship of Gen. Kiir administration in just a matter of few days, months or years.

People are also powerful the South Sudanese and plus marginalize areas such Furs and Nuba stood together and changed the Khartoum regime. This why there is a rebel call SPLM-North  now, and other Darfurs rebel groups fighting for injustice they had for so long from the Khartoum misruling of it citizens. So bad governance can resulted in bad reaction from the people.

These were inspirational words of Abraham Lincoln applied here. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.

The problem of 25 per cent Women in the SPLA/M Party

Moreover, the 25% of women the SPLM party said these percentage is for women to represented them in the assembly is heartless lie. This is because the minister’s wives and single mothers who have closed tied relationship with the ministers in the Government of South Sudan are one now earned that 25% representation. Which mean, this not a government it is only about friendship and closed relatives to be chosen instead of well qualified person who can speak out and can make a lot of changes.  Both the federal and states government are drastically miss-using their powers. The Governor of Jonglei State Mr. Kuoln Juuk had dismissal former Bor-South commissioner and labour minister without justifying his action to the entire population. This act is act of dictatorship not holding the democratic universal values.

He must act within the contexts of law instead of his owned military ideology. He is not a leader of the men and women who are in uniform nowadays rather civilians’ leader. Well if this is the case, we are people who elected him to that power whether he will be there forever or not. I hope there will be an election to come one day. We will justify our happiness by taking out every single one of them from power especially the SPLM Party corrupted members. I can see they totally forgot us. I promise we will never forget every single problem the SPLM Party has done to the entire nation of South Sudan.

I doubt none of these SPLM Party members understood what it means to be a democratic society and live in a country where people have the back up support. For example, look at the last two weeks dreadfully political assassination of Isaiah Abraham.  These led me lost hope and focus of re-building our great nation of South Sudan. I think they feel our reaction by now. Because if you looked in the entire South Sudanese media website. There is a massive concerned people are putting across about the action this government is using. They are taking wrong approaches and useless measures like the shooting and killing of people who are speak out.

Back to the antiquity of comparison, Hitler secured the support he had from the various classes within the Germany by gaining power by legal means. In the year 1932 elections Hitler’s party won 230 seats out of 647, however, this was not sufficient for a majority in parliament. The following year he formed a coalition which gave the Nazi a small but distinct majority in parliament. Once in power, Hitler set out to ensure that there was no opposition to his rule. This was done through the Enabling Act of 23 March 1933. The Enabling Act effectively gave Hitler full dictatorial powers, thereby making the Reichstag obsolete. Similarly, the SPLM party always accused the SPLM-DC forum of being with Khartoum. I believed this is well planned policies used by SPLM Party to silence the opposition indirectly. If the SPLM-DC is rebel why they never made attempted or attack any state controlled by the SPLM.

Alternatively, I am as individual appealing to whomever out there not thinking critically saying General Kiir government with Dr. Riak Macher plus others who are current serving in Government of the Republic South Sudan. I personally notice on publics net like Facebook and other South Sudanese media commentaries. There are people mentioning and I hope they will continuous believing in SPLM Party. The few individuals who are believe in Gen. Kiir administration as results of him being from certainty region or ethic group.

Well, we are brothers and sisters of the same nation who need better governing system. We acknowledge him for the time he had given himself to fight for our freedom during struggle.  However, at this time we lost faith in the current way he is presiding the show. We applauded people went they had done great job. By attributing the system of government does not applied to individuals. Gen. Kiir is our president therefore, we have total right to admired him and blamed him. Especially went things go wrong like the current state in our nation capital and in the street of our local towns and villages. This political environment went beyond to foreign land like United States of American, Europeans countries, Canada and here in Australia plus other region in the entire World where South Sudanese are residing.

I need to clearly state to our South Sudanese: General. Kiir is our national figure; he deserved to be criticized in national level. He does not belong to Bhar El ghazel anymore. My brothers and sisters if you are defending this government of Kiir and Riak I can quite frankly tell you that you are wasting your times. The SPLM Party does not belonged to any single tribe or ethic group like Dinka, Nuer or Equatorial regions plus other small tribe within Republic of South Sudan.

Let dealt with Gen. Kiir administration in democratic style. The current leaders can go tomorrow and we will remains as 77 tribe of South Sudan and the next leader or criminal can come from one of the 77 community within the Republic of South Sudan. My recommend term is that defends your ‘SPLM Party’ and absolutely forgot about Kiir as a person.

The disagreement within the SPLA/M during the struggle

Late Arok Thon Arok disagreed with SPLA/M chairman; he did not involve his closed relatives like General Bior Ajang Duot and other significant leaders who are currently working with Kiir administration. The same way went he left Sudanese Army Force as a major and joined the SPLA/M. He did leave behind his Biological brothers like Deng Thon Arok, Kuir Thon Arok and Macur Thon arok who murdered in cold blood as serving members of Sudan Army Force (SAF). Exactly the same manner, Late Kerubino Kuayin Bol left the SPLA/M and he did not go with Salve Kiir or Late Gen. Dim Deng, Late. Dr.Justin Yai Arop. The same to William Nyoun Bany he did not joined Riek Machar because he is from his Nuer Community. These men disagreed with the mainstream SPLA/M who was dominated by Late John Garang and the current President who was chief of intelligent and became second in command after all the felt hero died consequence.

Remember the same to Late Dr. John Garang, we blamed his administration like the way they have murdered high education people like Judge Martin Majier Gai. Under Garang administration, their mismanagement which has led to the disagreement of so many important people and greater fighter like Late Arok Thon Arok, Late William Nyoun Bang an finally Kerubino Kauyin Bol. They were arrested and detailed without single crime they have committed. This people never killed civilians like the way Dr. Riak Mahar has order and murdered thousands of people and he is current serving as via President in the current administration of Gen. Kiir. I acknowledged Kuir E Garang, he did stated that “we will held them accountable even they reach 90 years old”. 

Keep in your mind the Germans political outcome after the war ended, there was the Nuremberg Trials in the aftermath, the first international war crimes trials to be held, it took place between 1945 and 1949. The reason behind the choice of Nuremberg as a venue was significant as it was there that the Nazi party had held its annual rallies. There will be a trial which I can suggest to be called the Nasir trials which will embrace Dr. Riak Machar Teny accountable for his wrong doing.  He never justifies what make him split and killed innocent children, old women and men.

If it is because he disagreed with Late Dr. John Garang, why not disagreeing like Late Arok Thon Arok and William Nyoun with their followers.

Consequently, Dr. Riak, would not be the sacrifices in the eyes of the South Sudanese publics due his crime he has committed. I think Riak is meeting the Geneva Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Abolition of the Statute of Limitations on War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

The recent trial conducted by International Criminal Crime (ICC) of former Bosnia Chief intelligent officer who commands the battalion.  That led to cold blooded murdering thousands of Bosnia-Muslim in early 1990s. I think Dr. Riak Machar would remember that part of history it took place at the time he was killing large number of innocent people.

In brief, it is clear that Hitler with his administration beside him appealed to the many and varied classes within Germany. He utilized the environment of political and economic confusion and despair within Germany during the period of 1920 to 1933 to accomplish the support of the various classes. While he appealed to the general population’s national pride, his appeal was also unique to each class. This has let it success and won the top job. To each and every class Hitler appeared to have a solution for the many problems they faced. His program was presented so skillfully that members of each class in Germany interpreted it to answer and harmonize with their distinct needs and desires. Consequently, Hitler gained so much political support as it seemed he was the one capable of solving their problems, and of returning Germany to prosperity and strength.

His appeal was so intense and powerful that the people of Germany perceived Hitler as the savior of their national and racial pride and integrity. In effect, Hitler held wide appeal amongst the various classes of Germany by exploiting the prevailing climate of political and economics disorder in a manner whereby he seemed to have the solution for a more richer, powerful and stable Germany.

On the whole, South Sudan has experienced political uncertainty, economics instability; social challenges which are facing this young nation. These matters have become part of the South Sudanese culture due to lack of improvement from the current administration. There are millions of natural resources on the ground which can result in advanced this young nation. By this time, the international investors would have started moving in with their national business.  But the current system is not capable of using their brain power in perfection way so the country can progress sensibly.

Finally, the Generals turned politicians’ period of Kiir as President of Republic of South Sudan since 2005 to 2012 has been full disappointment to South Sudanese.  Instead of him using his brain to developed a nation and defends the nation from the aggression from Sudanese Army Force (SAF). Then, he turned to his own people like the recently killing of his individual political commentator named Isaiah Abraham (Diing Chan Awuol). This is categorically a bad government, with bad system and bad policies. At the same time, bad people like Gen. Kiir and Dr. Machar. The eliminated high profile persons like Hitler administration.

The Author is a South Sudanese. He is residing in Queensland, Australia. He can be reached at email, [email protected]

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