President Salva Kiir’s Death List

By Elhag Paul

January 17, 2013 (SSNA) — The title of this article, ‘President Salva Kiir’s Death List’ is frightening and emotionally draining. The reality demands that the title be presented exactly as it is because the truth and reality must prevail. In our struggle to develop a good country the truth is the only weapon available to us to disarm the SPLM Oyee. Objective truth as the enlightenment philosophers have proven can not be destroyed by any form of lies. So this must be the only tool left to confront SPLM Oyee lies and confronting this murderous organisation we will without flinching. SPLM Oyee will not for sure be able to destroy the truth. The truth will bring them down whether they like it or not. It is just a matter of time.

Wandit, a member of SPLM Oyee security organ disclosed the following on 5thDecember 2012:

Quote As a member of security service, there is no organization of information in the security organ. No secrets, we all know and those people with connections know secret information too. Isaiah’s death come as a shock to many people all over the world but those in security, it was made with deafening silence.

However, for those with knowledge and know it was clear he either shut up or be eliminated. What is responsible for his death is his article in which he wrote saying the president must step down. That was the last straw and it was decided to eliminate him.

Once the decision was approved by the big people, those of us with an idea tried to convince otherwise but was difficult without risking my life. I am a small man.

So how was Isaiah killed? Those who know have gone overseas now but we in the security job usually take a person number from the phone companies, Vivacell or zain or MTN, and then we see who you talk with or to often or every time and then we get that person.

That person is then used by the security to get its victims by telephone call or we go their homes.

In the particular case of Isaiah Abraham, he was killed by members of a special protection of president guard unit, called ‘Tiger.’ It is open secret known to all that they have jails in their compound next to the president’s official residence, J1. They have killed many people and buried them there, even including a guy who used the First Lady’s name for business.

So, on that fatal night, Isaiah Diing was called out from his home and was made to sit down and then shot in the head. Only one bullet. He was killed by another Dinka, his tribe people. The murdering people made sure that national security was not patrolling at night in that particular area of Gudele.

So, my brothers, watch out. Security people say the following people are next because of too much talking against the government and ministers.

So, please, brothers watch out. Mabior Garang, Kuir e Garang, Deng Dekeuk, Mading Ngor, Zachariah Manyok Biar, Elhag Paul, Justin Ambago Ramba and James Okuk. unquote

This is the message from Wandit, a member of the security group that sadly ended Isaiah Abraham’s life on 5thDecember 2012. It is chilling, painful but reality to be dealt with. We can not bury our heads in the sand in the face of SPLM Oyee brutality and terror. What does this list of death mean? There are a number of things that come to mind.

First, it indicates the paranoia plaguing Kiir’s regime of terror. They are afraid that by educating the South Sudanese populous about the crimes they have committed this could raise the consciousness of the people thus leading into their overthrow.

Secondly, it exposes the true nature of Kiir as a murderer, an experience he gained when he was a security officer of the Arabs in the Sudan army and then a Rottweiler of Dr John Garang for 22 years in the bush. Kiir is responsible for the murder of all the South Sudanese intellectuals and politicians during the war of liberation.

Thirdly, it proves beyond doubt that president Kiir wants to rule South Sudan with terror in order to secure their loot of the country even when he is not providing any services to the people.

Since 1983, the SPLM mercilessly has been killing people of South Sudan with impunity. The murders started with elimination of Benjamin Bol, Akout Atem, Samuel Gai Tut etc and continues to date with the latest being our brother Isaiah Abraham. They will certainly continue to kill unless they are stopped and this is now an urgent task for all South Sudanese.

How can SPLM be stopped? A number of things can be done as a start to weaken it severely.

First South Sudanese who value our cultures of consensus need to vote with their feet. They need to desert this criminal organisation. There are no more reasons or need to continue being a member of an organisation that is depleting South Sudan of intellectuals, journalists and capable people via assassination just for it to remain incompetently in power.

There are no more reasons to continue being a member of an organisation that does not provide any services whatsoever to the people. It abdicated its duties of provision of service by default right from the day of independence outsourcing it to the aid agencies and the United Nations. Even with this glaring fact, president Kiir shamelessly goes to Wau in support of the incompetent governor of Western Bahre Ghazal Rizik Zakariah Hassan who wantonly massacres civilians. He falsely claimed the governor’s action was to implement a policy that would take services to the people.

There are no more reasons for being a member of an organisation that is run and controlled by a tribal cabal including foreigners in the likes of Ahmed Alor, people who are technically not South Sudanese. There are no more reasons to continue being a member of an organisation that is bringing shame to South Sudan daily.

There are no more reasons to continue being a member of an organisation that is committing heinous crimes against its people. For instance, the killings and land grab in Chollo land, Balanda land, Equatoria, the systematic state sanctioned targeting of the Murle people in Jonglei, the wanton shooting of peaceful demonstrators in Wau. Is what is going on under the leadership of SPLM Oyee the true reflection of South Sudan? The beauty of South Sudan is in its diversity. We cannot just sit down and allow this beauty to be shredded by visionless villains claiming to be liberation heroes. All the people of South Sudan represented by the various tribes are precious and their rights as human beings override everything and must be fully realised, protected, respected and guaranteed.

Secondly, all those South Sudanese in the Diaspora urgently need to get in touch with their respective local MPs to update them about the tyrannical regime in Juba on what needs to be done. Our brothers and sisters in Australia have already started this process and they are in the fore front. The rest of us need to follow suit to complete the process so that SPLM government in Juba can be properly exposed for who they are. The Diaspora also need to consult their personal solicitors regarding the open threat posed to their lives by the SPLM Oyee terrorist system so that protective measures are put in place and should anything happen to a Diaspora member the responsibility must squarely rest with the government of South Sudan.

Thirdly, a concerted campaign for democracy in South Sudan need to be urgently mounted just as South Sudanese did in early 2000s which resulted in Machakos Talks and eventually the CPA. We need to act collectively in our respective countries of residence by writing to European Union, British government, American government, and Australian government to support the UN to make use of the mandate granted to it by the Security Council under section 7.

United Nations has the authority and the power to ensure that RSS does not become a danger to itself and risk to regional peace. With South Sudanese asking them to act their power will be invigorated and they therefore will have no reason not to act. SPLM Oyee does not represent the people. They have forfeited that right by their criminal acts against the people of South Sudan and that cannot be allowed to continue.

We have the power to organise and do something to stop president Kiir and his murderous security men from committing further crimes. Let us make use of it for the sake of future generations. The struggle to take back our country starts here. We will prevail because we are a force for good.

Finally let me end this call with Albert Einstein’s inspirational quote: “The world is dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

The Author lives in the Republic of South Sudan. He can be reached at [email protected]

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