We will never ameliorate under the SPLM authoritarianism

By Akic Adwok Lwaldeng

March 11, 2013 (SSNA) — It has been the toughest year since we become free from Jallaba, more people are struggling to cope with rising situation in our beloved country, many are feeling the pain and disappointed about incompetent Government in Juba. At a time when some of our citizens are travelling back to neighbourhood country for safety, our country has been ruined by our selfish leaders Oyee. Eight out of ten says they are worried about the instability in the country soon.

Everyone knows that shutting oil down was wrongly and madness , no plan B, hoping that Sudan Government will collapse, oil revenues were spent unwisely, and some revenues went to individual bank account, it is disgrace by ruling party to misuse the power for their selfish ends.

I do not know any country in this world where stealing is as cool as in our country, in the a couple of years coming if we  are still under this corrupted regime, we will have probably the highest density thieves in the whole East Africa maybe Africa. Today there are more thieves in this government including some MP’s in the National Assembly (JUBA) than before. Then the time of General Joseph Lagu and Molana Abel Alier if I have not mistaken.

Stealing and deceiving or cheating is the most of the awful things in the human history and it’s a sin. However, I was brought up in the tribe where they consider that any act leading to dishonestly are prohibiting, i.e. you and your family will be denounced as evil in the community even people will create a songs in your family name and not that alone but no one will marriage from that your family, nevertheless nowadays you can find some of my fellow tribe men/women, in this government are collaborating with dark hands and thieves in other side of communities where stealing and others evil act are legitimate for them. It is regarded the strength

What is the source of this moral decadence that has permeated our society? Take a look at the top of the nation, we have a President and Vice President whom is never let any opportunity go bye, they are reminding us that they are there to destroy our National wealth, which both are the champion of corruption. And null leadership character.

How we define corruption in this dispensation, I do not know. But the international community has put us at the extreme point of corruption index in the world. Forget World Bank and IMF, that the same organization has found that the overwhelming percentage of this corruption takes place in our country unbelievable. However, corruption to the Presidency is only when money is transferred to personal account.

Remember that President, and some of his friends bought houses outside of our country at over Million dollars. Assuming that he/she did not spend a penny of his salary since he started earning a living, there is no way he/she could have saved such money those days, even taking into consideration the alleged bank loan. How has that loan been repaid?

Think back, a former Finance Minister, he is a closed friend of our President. He embezzled closed to a billion dollars with his cohorts. This money was meant for infrastructures and paying local and national services in the country.

He was arrested before he escaped the prison, yet our President, did not fire or discipline him, not only that last year 75 ministers and officials SPLM/A stolen our public funds with no shame. And our President, he allegedly instructed that they will be trial in the future nothing happen until present. We know that our president has been as silent as the lamb. These fellow thieves they will be quietly investing theirs loot money on the properties outside of the country.

As South Sudan continues bleeding, an overwhelming percent of the best brains in the land are abroad. There is more intellectual living overseas than are in South Sudan. At home half-baked and semi-illiterate are ruling us and ruining the country and they do not have any clue in the international politics and economy.

Given our resource we should plan on launching satellites, instead our leaders go to shrines to swear to alien deities. I know some of them go to black magic that convince them that if he/she can kill and harming their fellow human beings that will be the only way forward for continuation of ruling them.

South Sudan may be the one (depending on which information you choose) greatest oil producer in our continent (Africa), yet South Sudanese is listed as one of the poorest country on earth. But individual South Sudanese are among the richest people in the East Africa according to the BBC, reports.

In short this current government concept has destroyed our society, therefore we, as community should say with loud voice that enough is enough we can’t go further. Or we will start honouring corrupt and thieves of rich faithful with various titles each title dotted with specified amounts. The only qualification for such honours is nothing other the bank account of their own and their children. Rather such honour should goes to the humble heroes widows and widowers, who work hardly daily to barely scrap a living. Again missing from such lists are hard working honest, whose only disqualification is their bank account.

Finally, I am certain we will not give-up or dampening the spirit of our unity that will help us to discover the true meaning of the country. As the wise man says the greatest gift which you can give to your people is unity and solidarity and it is cost nothing. All that will not come through if current thieves SPLM, Oyee regime is still ruling us.

The Author can be reached at [email protected]

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