Congratulatory Message to Honourable Koang Rambang

To: Honourable Koang Rambang Chuol,
Akobo County Commissioner,
Akobo County, Jonglei State
From: All Cie-Nyal of Ji-Maai Sub-Section of Lou Nuer, throughout South Sudan
Date: March 16th, 2013


March 19, 2013 (SSNA) — In consultations with all Nyel Community members: Elders, youth, traditional leaders, and politicians, we do hereby express our sincere gratitude and congratulate you on your appointment as the Akobo County Commissioner on March 11th, 2013 by the Governor of Jonglei State- Honorable Kuol Manyang Juuk.  We are earnestly appreciative and thankful to the Governor of Jonglei State for having bestowed his trust upon you and chosen you as the best replacement of the former Commissioner of Akobo County. We also thank our Area MPs and the Ministers, at both national and state levels, for their wise supports and recommendations that led into your final appointment by our state Governor and his Deputy.

We, all Cie Nyel, without exception, do hereby give our collective assurances that we will do everything possible to make sure your leadership is getting the reinforcement it needs from us so that you, equitably, deliver the mostly needed social services to our people and carry out the developmental activities without fear or favouritism in our county. We, furthermore, are appealing to your esteemed office to initiate a vigilant approachto all socio-political issues that are, negatively, affecting our communities.

Finally, regardless of some drawbacks in your selection, we still maintain our firm and unbendable supports and assistances to your leadership and urge you not to follow the footsteps of your predecessors that had cost divisions, mistrust, acrimonies and other undesirable attitudes amongst our communities. We, therefore, wish to see a peaceful, secure, and prosperous community in Akobo County under your leadership. Hence, as you count on us, we shall count on you; and together we shall make a difference.

  • Long Live the Unity of Lou Nuer People!
  • Long Live the Unity of Mor-Nyang !
  • Long Live SPLM Party!
  • Long Live the Unity of South Sudan People!
  • Struggle Continues!
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