Australian government, justice delayed, is a justice denied!!!

By Awumtiaidit

Melbourne, Australia, March 31, 2013 (SSNA) — The South Sudanese community Victoria is yet to come to term to Erjok Manyiel untimely departure. The late Erjok was found dead in the building where laws that govern Melbourne, Victoria are enacted. The Russel Kennedy, 469 La Trobe St Melbourne VIC 3000. The mystery of what happened to Erjok Manyiel Nai (Giant Erjok) on the 08/08/2012 is still a mystery. What took him in there, still not disclose. Nevertheless, the family of the decease is determined to soldier on despite the incommunicado style of communication we are in. 

As we write no one is yet held to account for Erjok’s demise. Since that indelible night, nobody has come back to brief the grieving family how the case is being followed. No nothing!! We have a feeling the case is being deliberately delayed to frustrate parents and somehow down the track may give up and therefore, result in disappearing of the case all together. Does this sound not like an organised homicide?  

A lawyer volunteered to follow the case is presumed to have been threated somewhere. She abruptly pulled out in the case last year citing things that don’t analytically stack up. No matter what it takes, we the family shall squaddie on and make sure the justice is done!!! 

As evident by the stagnancy of the case, the foci of this paper is to generate awareness about the discrepancies that lies in how cases as this are investigated.  It took similar cases as this apparently a week or two to apprehend the murderer, whereas the manner in which Erjok’s case is being investigated is somehow a gut wrenching. It is not promising altogether. This brought us to believe the justice delayed is a justice calculatingly denied!!

Take a look at these two similar cases below. First was that of Jill Meagher, an ABC news employee Victoria.

Jill was murdered on 22/09/2012; two weeks exactly to the disappearance of Giant E. Mr Bayley was apprehended a week latter by homicide detectives, on the September 27. Adrian Ernest Bayley caught Jill and smuggled her out of the city where he rapped her several times before he strangled her and dumped her body around Black Hill Road in the northwest of Melbourne.

It took the Victorian authorities a fair bid of time to put to action sophisticated device and as we write, Adrian Ernest Bayley is behind bars over Jill’s murder.   

Second, Ross Streeter of Bendigo killed his father and uncle on a central Victorian farm on the 19/03/2013. His father, Douglas Streeter, 69 and his uncle John Streeter, 67, it took at least six hours before Doug Streeter’s wife, Helen, discovered the bodies. Despite the locality of the crime scene, it took the authorities a week as well to establish the killer, and now Ross is behind bars to answer his actions. Above all these cases are broadcasted for the public to know, while that of Erjok wasn’t mentioned in any way!!!

Now from the above analyses, why is Erjok’s case handled lightly and far differently from other homicides? Are Erjok’s parents not the same with the above two parents? How long will Erjok’s parent wait to see justice is done to whoever took their son away from them permanently?

Erjok was killed in the heart of Melbourne city at Russel Kennedy, 469 La Trobe St Melbourne VIC 3000. It is an area compacted with all necessary CCTV which can help expose this case unequivocally naked, why is it taking this long to pin down the culprit? How shall we truth the authorities in the midst of this clear sanctimonious investigation? 

On a separate note, South Sudanese organisations Victoria representatives got to stand up for their rights. You all need to come together and ponder over issues that are affecting your settling-in in Victoria. When exactly will you all respond in unison to how your children are disappearing without trace? You are so dysfunctional and this has to stop.

A body/bodies as you are there to represent people’s grievances and this seems isn’t the case with how you all representing us!!! We understand south Sudanese community have lost considerable number of children and no one is held accountable so far. This is the time to wake up from our deepest slumber and asked video footage/s for all cases, past or present.

It worth mentioning here Peter Pal, the Greater Upper Nile chairperson tried his level best to pull together all representatives and to his chagrin, he was undermined and sabotaged and the whole process ceased from progressing. Thanks to you Pal!!  

There are things community can do about Erjok’s case and the previous cases. Number one, we can hire a private investigator/s to investigate such cases. Second, we can as well hire a community lawyer/s to present our cases at circumstances like this. Finally, we can organise ‘PREES RELEASE’ detailing factsheet this community is exposed to, and contact media channels so that we raise chances of journalists taking issues from there may reach the pinnacle office of this land, if it hits news headline.

Finally, the fact that our death cases as this of Erjok were kept secret as possible, contacting NEWS CHANNELS will possibly break this persistent cycle. Chances of journalists picking it up and running with them may help impart our inaudible suffering. The other bodies we can contact as well are Australian Human Right Commission head office and Australian Amnesty International. These bodies have revered records of shielding the voiceless and vulnerable people such as South Sudanese community Australia, Victoria.

You can reach us by [email protected] or call us on this numbers: You can call us on this numbers: 0469424674 and 0431146548.

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