Bul Community in Diaspora Condemns the Killing of Sgt. Banyjiath Mathoat Tap

Bul Community in Diaspora Condemns the Killing of “Sgt. Banyjiath Mathoat Tap” by the RSS Deputy Minister of Interior “Salva Mathok Gengdit”

To: H.E. Salva KiirMayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan.
CC: H.E. Dr. Riak MacharTenyDhurgon, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan.
CC: Hon. John Kong Nyuon, Minister of National Defence and Veteran Affairs
CC: Hon. Justice Chan Reec Madut, Chief of Supreme Court
CC: Hon. John Luk Joak, Minister of Justice
CC: Hon. Alison Manani Magaya, Minister of Interior
CC: Hon. Oyay Deng Ajak, Minister of National Security

Your Excellences,

April 10, 2013 (SSNA) — We, Bul Community members in Diaspora are hereby to let you all know how we feel about the recent murder of our beloved son and brother Banyjiath, who was killed inside the resident of the “Republic of South Sudan’s Deputy Minister of Interior”, dated Thursday, March 28th, 2013. Your Excellences please admit this letter of condemnation with regards to manslaughter incident orchestrated by the Republic of South Sudan’s Deputy Ministry of Interior in Juba. By the virtue of being citizens of South Sudan, Bul Community in Diaspora is writing to express its strongest condemnation about this incident which has occurred on Thursday, March 28th, 2013, regarding the death of Sgt. Mathoat who left his house for shopping in the nearby shopping centers to buy airtime card for his family. Nevertheless, in a correlation with the victim’s family, the Sergeant must have been on his way home, but he didn’t made it home safely because Mr.SalvaMathokGengdit and his team had launched an attack on the Sergeant and captured him, tortured him, slaughtered him, and dumped his body into a sewage drainage nearby Mr. MathokGengdit home stead compound at the Tongpiny Residential area.

Your Excellences,

Based on the facts from the ground searches conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the eye witnesses, and the victim’s relatives; clear evidence were founded that, the Sergeant’s body had been disappeared for more than three days since March 28 until Saturday, March 30th when his body was found in the sewage drainage near by the Deputy Minister of Interior residential house.

Your excellences,

Bul Community members in Diaspora want to let you know that, the identified late victim is a son and a citizen of Mayom County who resided in Juba serving his Country as traffic police in the government of South Sudan’s Department of Traffic Police under the Ministry of Interior. Therefore, we believe that his rights and the service he had been providing to the Republic of South Sudan government as a traffic police should be valued; because he was a dedicated citizen who committed himself to protect his people as well as the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan.

To recall on his performances based on our understanding, Sergeant Mathoat had served in the South Sudan’s armed forces fighting for the South Sudanese freedom and in the end a serial killer and a Minister within your government took his life and slaughtered him like an animal for no afar reasons and no clear evidence found against the Sergeant.

Your excellences,

How would each one of you feel if such a tragic death happens to your own soldiers without any reason and no evidences? Furthermore, it comes to our attention that the Deputy Interior Minister has been hunting and launching a serial killing against Mayom County citizens in Juba and elsewhere for many years and your government has never convicted him or counts him liable for his actions. Moreover, if such horrible activities have been notice in the Ministry of Interior for years, it means that the South Sudan government is in favor of his behavioral matters.

Your excellences,

To keep you update and make the statement clear, Bul Community in Diaspora would like to assure you that our community is not contented and completely condemning such a brutal actions and human right violations to the highest term. Our community cannot just watch our people being murdered by those serial killers; no more on our watch. Enough is enough; we have to end all those types of manners set forth by the Republic of South Sudan’s Deputy Minister of Interior; who has been launching manslaughter against Mayom County citizens for many years. Justice must be done, and the time to do it is now. This Deputy Minister of Interior, he must be relief from his public post and apprehended to face justice based on his killing actions and the criminal acts he has committed against his fellow citizens without parole. In addition to that, if the South Sudan government is unable to take actions or press charges against the Deputy Minister of Interior, Bul Community will set a zero tolerance and take action against the targeted serial killer to resolve the case and the mission will be accomplish.

In conclusion

Your Excellences,

We want to let you all know that, Mayom County citizens are like any other South Sudanese citizens who deserve the right to live. Our community counts on you and your leadership to make our country a better place for our citizens and veterans to live in peace. As for every citizen deserves a fundamental rights to live and be protected by the law of the land, we believed that Sgt. Mathoat’s life deserves the same rights of protection as well as his service as a traffic police who protect the citizens of the Republic of South Sudan in Juba and elsewhere. 

Regardless of the facts, Bul Community in Diaspora demand that Sgt. Mathoat and the Mayom County citizens’ rights must be immediately upheld according to the law and according to the principles of the simple human dignity; respected by both South Sudan government and the international law. Violation of the rights of Mayom County citizens in Juba and elsewhere, where they look for equal rights, justices, peace and liberty are a contravention of the international law and should be dealt with accordingly.

Note:: To pre-empt reservations as to why the deputy minister of interior is a major suspect in this hideous crime, one should challenge his/her right conscience on how the minister’s home becomes death execution chamber in the first place in absence of his daring consent if at all? With this very fact, even the towering legal experts on earth would sweat blood to justify Mr. Gengdit’s innocent, and so do South Sudanese community in general and Bul Community in particular. In defiant, should the government of South Sudan as well as the legal system go numb, Bul community is here daring to say that the wisdom of such inaction would not only augment the existing inter-community conflicts in South Sudan but the functional systems in the land should be deemed worthless since no reasonable citizen can obey unjust system at all cause. Take it or leave it, mishandling this case entails far reaching consequences with adverse effects on communal peace as well as political harmony and alignments.

Yours Sincerely,
Signed by: Bul Community Association Leadership in Diaspora

If anyone has a question please contact us at [email protected] or visit us on www.bulcommunity.com

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