RSS Leaders’ Brats

By Laura Nyantung Beny

April 21, 2013 (SSNA) — I guess it’s time to post a new blog entry, at the end of another busy school year full of teaching, grading, writing.

This one is a message to RSS’ Brats:

RSS leaders’ brats — Playing all sides (liberators, investors, critics, reformers, and beggars) at the same time, always forgetting OUR forebears’/ancestors’ connection to the LAND. Quite the players you are — for the mighty dollar and the obscenities of power. You guys (and gals) seem to really love the games and deceit, playing meek, pitiful, beggar, while simultaneously enjoying your access via land cruisers, global escapades, wielding  obnoxious merit-less "diplomatic passports" around South Sudan and its geological riches, and around the world — bending down in far lands for the Benjamins.   Setting up sham private companies and "think tanks" qua NGOs to siphon your daddies’ and uncles’ and mommies’ loot.

At bottom, you stand for yourselves, yet pretend to stand for ALL SOUTH SUDANESE. It’s a global phenomenon: elites selling their own down the river.   "The beautyful ones are not yet born" (Ayi Kwei Armah); they may come in time for our kids, I guess.

But I am not sure, as we are so perpetually busy selling our souls. We, AFRICANS. I’m not sure….

Have a lovely Sunday and don’t forget to pray for SOUTH SUDAN.  Weather here is looking up!

Laura Nyantung Beny is Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School.

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