I am Dinka and Ngok is me!

By Deng Mangok Ayuel

May 9, 2013 (SSNA) — The change that Abyei needs is inside, 
And together we can if we all decide
As such, you and I are “Ngok people”
But first I know it must start inside of me.
I am Dinka and Ngok is me,
It is Abyei which is in me,
Abyei is my present and future,
It is my candle and everything I desire
The land of our forefathers for life!
Oh! Tell me
My Ngok people,
Are we freely free?
Where lies our future?
Where lays our destiny?
Where are you today?
Are your eyes opened?
Do you have one voice?
Are you aware of referendum?
Oh! Abyei my land,
I have you in reality!
Though seemingly paining
In passion of our certainty
But I am here to cry,
Telling the world today
Before God and ancestors
That I am a South Sudanese
Believe me!
I woke up in the morning from my sleep
Thanking God for the dearly gesture glad
And the love, hope, peace partially sustained,
But why does the tick still sucking blood
When it has long become extremely turgid?
Why did the guest turned a furious pest,
After being given a wonderful social rest?
Oh! Bear in mind that you are not a cat
That is damned to eat innocence rat!
I walked a mile to my deadline
Bravely like as soldier in Darfur’s frontline
After an African mediator stuck to guideline
And restored hope to westerners’ lifeline
But left me like a lady ready for adrenaline
But her beauty is truly damned to bikini line
So long scramming to mescaline
Like reggae singer with Léger line
Being traded by gangs to redline
I was born to a gentle generation
That left me in societal complication?
But my deep senses of ancestral orientation
Shall guide my daring hope to golden jubilation
And make the set referendum most willing, adoring option!
Because nomadic in Abyei was a citizenry gift of frustration
Before the laws in modern world where there is justice to mediation
Which causes interference today between mechanical devices and man?
Yo! Kiss my soil, leave it for me or stay bearing my wishes without obligation

Deng Mangok Ayuel is the former Office Manager {2008} to Aweil West County commissioner and lives in Aweil. He can be reached at: [email protected] .

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