The trust of enemy

By Mading De Manyok

June 10, 2013 (SSNA) — With the announcement made by Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir on Saturday instructing his oil minister Awad Al-Jaz to block the pipeline that carrying South Sudan crude oil not to flow again via Sudanese pipeline into Port Sudan. This announcement came after the Sudanese national security knows as “National Intelligence Security Service” give detail report alleged that South Sudan government is giving more support to Sudan Revolutionary Front which is fighting Sudan government.

According to what I read in Sudan News Agency (SUNA) website on Saturday 8, there was no proper detail as the copy report read but just only to cause havoc and chaotic environment within the Bashir leadership. The arrest of former NISS boss Salah Gosh clarifies the Intelligence Security Service officials are all working against Bashir regime and National Congress Party in particular, and Bashir put deaf ears on its organize forces but blame on South government. The report was only made to confuse the entire country in order to mess National Congress Party and to change Bashir government especially.

Since there are no evident claims that can backup Khartoum government allegations and their National Intelligence Service report, as South Sudan do blames Sudan government of giving many materials base on the need of rebels like weapons, ammunitions, and other logistical needs. Several South Sudanese rebels who were been in jungle areas inside Sudan are exodusily  back  to South Sudan government with unaccounts weapons, military trucks and other materials that make them to survive in jungle . The best example to prove that Sudan government is backing South Sudan rebels are like the coming of Brig. Gen. Johnson Uliny who reports himself last week to the South government because of Presidential amnesty issued by the president.

Others rebels leaders like Monytuil, Gordon Koang, and the rest do state clearly that the Sudanese government has been helping them in all what they need in order to instabilize the new nation government. But what about the claims Sudan government put forward against South. What prove does Sudanese government give to show South Sudan government is supporting SPLM-N? Just a matter of exchanging accuses which will not help Bashir. Still renegade David Yau Yau is being supported by Khartoum government and currently he is taking refuge in Khartoum.

Sudanese government and other extremists may believe in whatever intelligence Security Services may give especially those who are backing up Bashir statement and National Congress Party extremists as true evidences. South Sudan government may help in one way or other but there are no evident to prove the allegations files against them as South government always denying the claims. Khartoum regime even ruling party the National Congress Party government itself can testify this internationally as there are many internal problems facing the Sudan government itself as like of South Sudan where its rebels are trekking back from North Sudan.

Bashir forget of his internal bleeding problems that may need People of Sudan to look for change, and this change had begun several years. For instance, Western Darfur region, Eastern Sudan had been fighting for their right. Though the opposition parties had clarifies their 100-day plan aimed of overthrowing the regime of NCP and Al-Bashir, Sudanese people are ready to have change, and it could be called toppling of government. Bashir has been hated most by his brothers and colleagues because of over stay in power and put the country into bad image of terror groups and ICC which also need change. These rebels are capable and competent to topple National Congress Party regime. There is no doubt that Sudanese people are not ready to make regime change rather than what Bashir put on South Sudan government.

Of course, when you are on fire, you blame others and for sure your weakness and negligent may accounts on you, this is what Bashir is doing. He is accusing South Sudan government because SPLM-N and Opposition parties had gain momentum to take control of Sudan in order to make some changes. Toppling the Bashir regime has nothing that can benefit South Sudanese people at all if their toppling succeeds. Their struggle base on regime change and it will not succeed because of external support then internal like the opposition parties and the entire Sudanese people who are tired of Bashirism policies but to have change at all

Who benefits most in the Cooperation Peace Agreement whom Bashir is cancelling? It is the Sudanese people not South Sudan because there are nothing South Sudanese people are trading, owning in Khartoum like businesses, plots, houses and many more. Cancellation of Nine cooperation agreement sign last year by the two Sudans governments, the Sudan government is now trying to cancel it because of ungrounded accusation. All Khartoum regimes are like that, and South Sudan government is not shock because of that inherit behaviors of dishonoring an agreement. There are thousands of agreements which are dishonored by Khartoum government and 1972 Addis Ababa agreement is best live example.

Sudanese President believe that the closure of crude oil will horrify new nation economy, but this could not have any effect on South Sudan economy because South Sudanese people where fighting for two decades without receiving or surviving on oil money but depend on agricultural activities until this time. They also have many friends that may belt them out from any economic crisis if they avail. But what about Sudan whose president is indicted due to genocide, war crime and crime against humanity? Who will help the nation of terror? The best answer is to let South oil flow to avoid economic hardship.

If Sudan government implements its decision of shut down South crude oil? God forbid! It will be Sudan government to face it rough. This is because Sudan government especially the NCP extremists are ICC candidature, no one to associated themselves with them and since Sudan is qualified member of terrorism group. They will not be assisted in term of finance to back up their economy in case of Economic crisis if arise.

However, if South Sudan retaliates on Sudanese President Statement by closing all the businesses which are being run in South Sudan like Sudan airways, Khartoum Bank also known Chart One Bank, embassy and other businesses operating inside South Sudan then Khartoum government will know that they are benefiting most in South government. Many businesses are being run here by an Arabs but no one is disturbing them. The buildings of peaceful co-existent between the two Sudans turn now the trust of enemy.

Mading De Manyok lives in Juba, South Sudan, reach him via email: [email protected]

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