The short story about three bulls and a Lion

June 19, 2013 (SSNA) — “There were three bulls, all brothers, born long ago. There was the Red bull, the Black bull, and the White bull (In Dinka Language: Malual, Machar, Mabior/Mibior/Mabor). These three were released to go to the forest to graze. As they were grazing they were approached by a lion. When lion wanted to eat them they all united against him and the lion could do nothing. Then the lion went away, and called them one by one. He promised Malual, if you chase away Machar, I’ll never eat you. In the evening, Mabior and Malual chased away Machar. Then the lion approached and attacked Machar, killed and ate him. After two days the lion returned to Malual and Mabior. When he tried to attack them they united and defeated him. The lion then spoke to Malual and told him to chase away his brother Mabior. In the evening the two bulls were together and Malual began to argue with Mabior until he left. Then the lion went and killed and ate Mabior. Finally, the following morning he ate Malual. So the lion devoured all three bulls.” Credit Source: The Dinka people of South Sudan’s short story.

Based on my personal analyses about this short story, and it should be my advice to my tribe people of Dinka tribe in particularly, as this short story was adopted from. You my people have to know that, the short story about three bulls was all about “Strong Unity” in the beginning yet at the end it becomes “Weak Unity.” The two words, “Strong Unity” was the main reason why the three bulls did resist the Lion from eating them at first, and then at the end of story, “Weak Unity” did overtake three bulls, and that is why the three bulls were eaten by the Lion and then the Lion becomes the winner while the Lion in comparison was one (1) to three (3) in ratios. Thus, my point is this to you Dinka people as being a bigger tribe in new nation of South Sudan. Your tribe needs to show good unity based on mutual respect of other sub-tribes’ identities or histories within yourself and be strong. Please click links below: This strong unity and mutual respect of your own sub-tribes of Dinka would ease some of bad images being tagged or portrayed by other tribes or Ethnicities as Dinka being marginalizes or dominant of other tribes or Ethnicities in South Sudan. For instance, they always, “you Dinka people can deny that because your own sub-tribe of Dinka Bor (Bor County) has already showing that kind of bad behavior over Dinka Twi (Twic East County), Dinka Nyarweng and Dinka Hol (Duk County). This people from Dinka Bor/Bor County had changed Mading Bor to Bor Town for that reason. So how can we trust Dinka people when some sub-tribes had demonstrated bad behavior of Arab whom did we fight for more than forty years concerning our freedom of our Africa culture identities and histories.” You Dinka people would be the judge about that accusation, I will not answer it. Also good example within Dinka people by respecting it own sub-tribes’ histories and identities also would delight good attributes to Dinka people around the world as being decent people to lead a nation to promise land.

Furthermore, I need Dinka people to show good image within itself and other Ethnicities in South Sudan as ultimately the Dinka tribe becomes like a big brother and sister to his/her own siblings. My Dinka people you all need to know that, the world is watching, and you my cousin Nuer people as being the second larger tribe in South Sudan, you are not immune from this mission. Both of you these two tribes need to show some good examples as nation becomes compulsory in your hands. Any good or bad perceptions about South Sudan will always rests you two tribes of Dinka and Nuer.

Finally, if you seem to be worry about your people histories or identities being overtaken by others, please take a deep breath. Why? Because you have to bear in mind that every histories or identities of South Sudan’s Ethnicities, sub-tribes and many others were including when our people fighting Arab for many years. Also your histories or identities are being protect by South Sudan’s Constitutions as statement show it below: "The Transitional Constitution of South Sudan, 2011 article 33 stipulates the Rights of Ethnic and Cultural Communities citing that ‘Ethnic and cultural communities shall have the right to freely enjoy and develop their particular cultures. Members of such communities shall have the right to practice their beliefs, use their languages, observe their religions and raise their children within the context of their respective cultures and customs in accordance with the Constitution and the Law.” Where to go! That means you have to right to sue or bring to court justice anybody [individual or more, especially those who write anything before they even make full research about South Sudan’s tribes or Ethnicities, sub-tribes, Clans, etc.] Also according to constitution of new nation, you have the absolute right to sue any government entities or branches from top to Boma level (i.e History Department, Higher Education Department or Institute, etc) of South Sudan. I sense sooner or later, the firm is going to be formed for this purpose, and might be named: “South Sudanese Ethnicities’ and tribes’ histories protect Agency or other names.” I will end my note with short prayer, “God bless our people with sense of understanding based on knowledge of prosperity and unity under mutual respect of other people rights.”

Thank you all, and God bless,
Yours Faithful/Sincerely,
By Garang de Faith & Truth
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