Anuak King Survives Assassination Attempt in South Sudan


Press Release
June 27, 2013
Media Contact
Friday Awow
June 27, 2013 (SSNA) — An effort to assassinate King Akwai Aganda Akwai failed on Tuesday June 11, 2013 at 3:00PM local time.

On his way from Pochalla to Otalo village, where his throne sits, King’s vehicle came under attack by gunmen. His bodyguards fired back in defense, killing the two gunmen.

The two gunmen, Chuol Gatwich and Chuol Rou, happened to be National Army soldiers (better known SPLA), who were actually deployed and stationed in Otalo village.

Nobody knows their interior motives since they were all dead. “The two soldiers escaped and were missing for the last three days” answered captain Gatjang, the area commander of Otala village when asked by the King.

Comrades of the deceased soldiers were furious. Over the phone conversation, an eyewitness in Otalo village reported that group of soldiers already blocked water sites, denying women and girls access. Others stepped up patrols in the village. It is still unclear whether such blockages and patrols represent orders from the area commander or just isolated incidents.

Fear is building amidst civilians as anticipation for vengeance heaves upwards. “Mule tribe is already killing us, abducting our kids and raiding our cows….now the government soldiers also want to kill us. Where can we go people?” wailed a frustrated woman by the name Thwol.

“Yes, there is a conspiracy against our community. The so called big tribes are using government power to take our land(s) in Akobo County and Pochalla County”, yelled Cham Omoli, cutting Thwol short before finishing her thoughts.

Cham Omoli is an Akobo County native, forced out from his home during Anyuak – Nuer tribal war in 1983.

His majesty King Akwai immediately reported the assassination attempt to the American embassy in Juba. Another preparation is on the way to meet President Salfa Kiir Mayarddid very soon.

ASSAD is too concerned and adding her fear on the entire community’s. With the strongest terms possible, we denounce the assassination attempt on our supreme leader’s life.

Rwäth (Majesty) is for the Anyuak people, by the Anyuak people, with the Anyuak people and to the Anyuak people. An endeavor to do away with his life is tantamount to an endeavor to do away with our community existence.

National Army should protect all communities in the country, not the few that control the government. Using government might to achieve tribal ends by means of terrorizing our community is adamantly unacceptable.

We ask the government of South Sudan to:

  • Protect civilians from possible revenge in Otalo village in particular and Pochalla County at large
  • Investigate the motives behind the assassination attempt, beginning with lieutenant general, Peter Gatdit, an area commander of Jonglei State and Gat Kiir, Pochalla County area commander. Relocating the area commander of Otalo village in an urgent manner isn’t only a cover up of the debacle but also an attempt to destroy valuable evidence
  • Recruit more county police and station army barracks away from the civilians
  • Protect Anyuak in Akobo Country from being systematically terrorized with an aim to move them off their land

On the other hand, in the spirit of nationalism or patriotism, we regret the death of our gallant soldiers, who chose to defend their newly born country. We respect their services and expected them to die for a higher reason. We pray for their beloved families, friends and the nation at large.

The 43-year-old King Akwai Agada succeeded his half-brother King Adongo Agada, who passed away November 30, 2011 after battling chest pain caused by car accident when he was a young man.

Called from the United States to be seated on the throne, he resettled in 1995 during the South – North Sudan civil war, becoming an American citizen later.

Married to a beautiful young woman – Abarry Akwai, his Majesty King is the father of two children with the third baby on the way to be born in July this year. Agada Akwai and Awilli Akwai whose ages: four and three respectively are currently residents of Mankato, Minnesota.


Office of Public Relations


Should you want to interview King Akwai, contact Adhiero Omot in Canada: [email protected] (306-684-0541). If you want to interview ASSAD representative in Australia, contact Friday Awow and in United States, contact Ojulu O. Ogala: [email protected] (206-501-0554)

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