Bashir’s Regime Rolls to its End

By Salah Shuaib

June 28, 2013 (SSNA) — The consistent opposition against Bashir’s regime is inevitably going to escalate in the coming months. But there is a question which should be raised: How could we deal with a new political atmosphere if the regime is fully collapsed?

A number of writers and pundits believe that complete chaos is part of the scenarios that are expected to happen. It is a serious speculation but there is always another way to perceive the alternative.

The long suffering of the Sudanese people will constitute an essential reason not to differ sharply about the homeland future. Therefore, it is a matter of reconciliative thought not speculative one.

In fact, we found out that the fear of change which was raised by the governing Islamists is mainly evidence of the collapse speculation some writers pointed to. Those Islamists whose lives are threatened at a time of the eminent change are the only ones who will benefit from the chaos. For those governing Islamists, hence, change is nothing but the end of their authoritarian.   

Moreover, there are the regime’s corrupt officials who believe that they will find a chance amid that chaos to confuse matters in order to avoid justice and escape punishment.

It is not strange that we have witnessed the regime’s figures trying so hard to inject the issue of race into the country’s political spectrum, so that people could abandon the thinking of toppling the regime.

Yes, we know very well that the regime plans to entirely destroy Sudan’s fragile stability in case of eminent change. Other than that, we know from past experience that some governing Islamist extremists have the satanic ability to break the rules of the political game whenever they feel that their lives are in jeopardy.

The argument now shouldn’t be about the importance of the speculation itself, whether good or bad, but rather about the Sudanese peoples’ willingness to compromise at a time in which there is lack of government control.

No doubt that the scenario I expect to happen is that the government will fall down without causing any harm to the country. If we go back to the legacy of Sudanese people of overthrowing the dictatorial governments we will find the same threats of ensuing chaos.

As writers, our duty should not be influenced by a situation in which the government is trying to intimidate citizens by the political alternative. Our people should be given full confidence in their potential to bring about the necessary change. But the government intimating threats have been forgotten over time as a result of the people’s will and determination.

The writer is a Sudanese journalist working for Radio Sawa, Washington. He can be reached at [email protected]

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