Falsehood Accusations by Obang Metho and Dr. Birhanu Nega to Weaken the Ethiopian Government

By Duach Ruot Mach

July 4, 2013 (SSNA) — I would not go far beyond Obang and his character but I have to highlight some of his misbehavior on human rights abuses that he alleges against the Ethiopian ruling party, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), particularly in Gambella State. There are five different tribes in Gambella; these tribes are Nuer, Anyuak, Opou, Majenger, and Komo. In Gambella, Nuer 46%, Anyuak 21%, Majenger 6%, Opuo 5% and Komo 4%, according to the Gambella Statistics Bureau. Within all these tribes (above), how come the government of Ethiopia would isolate only one ethnic group, the “Anyuak,” in the state while there are many other tribes in the region? Obang claims that there was mass killing which was committed in 2003 by the government in the region—this is the biggest political hypocrisy I have ever seen. Obang’s accusations are based on his personal perception because he hates the government for no apparent reason. The man is not being honest; the truth is, there was no single person killed in 2003.

I would advise you, Obang; to refrain from bogus accusations against the government, otherwise, you will stuck and go nowhere with your fallacious allegations.

For instance, Ato Obang Metho gives several false testimonies to International community including the United States in particular. Obang Metho is not a newcomer to this kind of dramatic nonsense of shedding false tears of “human rights.” Obang Metho utterly forgot what Derge regime, the military Junta of former dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam had done for Gambella people. For example, for decades, Gambellains were mistreated and were granted no access to the Government policy and were not permitted to enter into higher education. For many decades, under Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam, Gambella region was only allowed to have one high school and one Teacher Training Institute (TTI). This isolation policy of Mengistu Haile Mariam shows that he was not interested in treating all Ethiopian tribes equal. Todays, thousands of Gambellains children are graduates every year in Gambella.

Nowadays, there are many different academic colleges and high schools in the state of Gambella; these schools are built by the EPRDF-led government—a government that mean business for the people of all backgrounds. Obang Metho’s phony accusations against EPRDF are not suitable because the marginalization that was once used by Derge’s regime as a political tool is no more. I believe that Mr. Obang assumes that Ethiopian political arena still look the same as it was when he (Obang) left Ethiopia for Canada to visit his family.

Mr. Obang must know better than making his own claims against democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia, particularly in the Gambella region! It is very shameful for Ethiopians Diaspora to listen to the lies caused by Obang who attempted to destruct the ongoing development in Ethiopia. It would have been much better for Obang to admit that Ethiopia had serious ethnic problems, severe corruption, and injustices under the regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam. I believe that Obang Metho is simply pleasing his blind supporters as he always do with his friends in the so called “Human Rights Watch”. No rational Ethiopian can waste his or her time debating Obang because those who support his empty ideas are the toxic Ethiopians Diaspora community, who collect funds from Eritrean dictator Isaias Afewerki and some of the Egyptian leaders who are enemies of Ethiopia. Frankly speaking, Mr. Obang must know that Ethiopia is not for Arab-Muslims and Ginbot 7 group; Ethiopia is for all Ethiopians who love Ethiopia, work for Ethiopia, defend Ethiopia from her enemies, and die for Ethiopia.

It is a shameful act for Obang Metho who prays and calls for destruction of Ethiopia through illegal means. The EPRDF –led government has done many good things for the country and Gambella in particular. In addition, the EPRDF-led government has done nothing wrong against Ethiopia or Gambella state; Ethiopia under Honorable His Excellency late PM. Meles Zenawi has witnessed good governance, democracy, economic growths, and many more. Therefore, Obang together with his friends Tamagn Beyene, Abebe Gelaw and Dr. Birhanu Nega and others who belong to the group of a lost generation and who are collecting funds from Eritrea and Egypt governments must cease their negative campaigns against Ethiopia. Despite all these concerns, Obang Metho, accidentally found a center of attention against both Ethiopia and Gambella state. Obang’s organization produces nothing good for Ethiopians; his organization only generates revenues for himself and for his living cost; nothing else.

Honestly speaking, Obang is a man whose parents never owned any land in Ethiopia. He has no clue of what is going on there because he never went back to Ethiopia since fled to Canada illegally. I visited Ethiopia three times and I saw that the development in Ethiopia is moving so fast. I am calling upon all Ethiopians to not pay attention to those people like Obang who always talk about Gambella land, land grabbing, human rights abuses, and nonsense. By the way, under the current government, Gambella people have achieved their rights and they are treated the same way like other Ethiopians and they are governing themselves. Again, Gambella people, the Nuer and Anyuak in exacting were marginalized for generations under former dictator Mengistu. The people of Gambella thank the late PM. Meles Zenawi for bringing all Ethiopians together. Possibly, Obang will surely be ridiculed and giggled at if he uttered his words to the real Gambella residents who are living in Gambella State right now. What is the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia mean to Obang?

The Ginbot 7 leader Dr. Birhanu Nega

Dr. Birhanu Nega, is a money evil-man ever been in Ethiopia! Dr. Nega is the founder and leader of the Ethiopian terrorist group, the Ginbot 7. He deludes himself into unbelievable dream that will not come true. He is delusional thinking Dr. who always runs after Ethiopians enemy’s money. In 2005’s general election, Dr. Birhanu Nega was elected as Mayor of Addis Ababa after his party lost the election. Right after, he refused to accept his position by calling street demonstrations which claimed the lives of people including police officers in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. Dr. Birhanu Nega and his group have been trying very hard to sell themselves for something they believe would be better for themselves, but all signs indicate that they failed.

Dr. Birhanu Nega and his forged organization, the so called G-7, was not formed to serve the Ethiopians interests, but it’s naked secret to all that was formed by the Col. Mengistu’s regime former insiders and external enemies of Ethiopia in an attempt to divert Ethiopia from progressing toward stable economy and good governance. Dr. Birhanu Nega and his affiliates are putting themselves into a big mess. Henceforth, the people of Ethiopia are united more than ever to defend their country and those idiots who have no vision for the country will ever have a chance to achieve their evil mission that they want to use against the ongoing development in the country including Renaissance Dam Project.

Constitution, Article 39:

According to the Article 39 of the Ethiopian constitution, it says, “Every Nation, Nationality and People in Ethiopia has an unconditional right to self-determination, including the right to secession. Every nation, nationality and people in Ethiopia has the right to speak, to write and to develop its language; to express and to promote its culture; and to preserve its history. Every nation, nationality and people of Ethiopia has the right to a full measure of self-government which includes the right to establish institutions of government in the territory that it inhabits and equitable representation of regional and national governments.” Honorable His Excellency, late PM. Meles Zenawi answered to a question of a journalist with heartfelt emotions and watery eyes on video clip in 1985 during the confounded famine in Ethiopia history, particular Northern part of the country, said this “My Ethiopians people, the people I love and fighting for them are dying for no mistake of their own.”

In due course, Dr. Birhanu Nega would wedged somewhere in the Muslim world by selling his negative accusations against Ethiopia to Ethiopia enemies so that he can feed his unpatriotic mentality. In more recent years after Dr. Birhanu refused his position as the Addis Ababa mayor, he exploded his lack of knowledge and his immature communication skill by creating a terrorist Organization, the G7 group. His exaggeration to launch a political assault on Ethiopians and his out of dislike of Ethiopia government shows that the Dr. Nega lacks leadership skill. It always amazes me, for the fact that the Ethiopian Diasporas who are trying to push American government to pressure the Ethiopian government for the hope to gain the helmet of power illegally should be trusted by any Ethiopian. I am an Ethiopian, who lives in America, and I do not understand and recognize anything that Dr. Birhanu and Obang are broadcasting against Ethiopian government; these two Ethiopians are greedy for reasons only known to them. In fact, it seems to me that they are calling upon the American authorities to run the Ethiopia government, but the fact of matter is that their empty campaigning against the government will produce nothing. Dr. Nega and Obang must stop their misleading allegations against the government.

The author lives in the United States. He can be reached at [email protected] or go to my Facebook [email protected].

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