Key Advice to Those Who are Trying to Spoil the Good Name of Naath Community Through the Media

By Peter Gai Manyuon

July 20, 2013 (SSNA) — I was very shocked and disorganized when I read the Thursday 18th The Citizen Newspaper publication that contain some names from Nuer that have been forged by individuals group of people calling for the removal of the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan Dr Machar. I don’t thinks Nuer Community elders and intellectuals all over the world can write such nonsense that’s try to spoil the good name of the Nuer people in South Sudan, I hope it is just a clicks of useless people that have sat down under the tree and begin to come up with some fictitious names that do not exist and other names were put when the owners were not aware. We all know that, the issue of the ethnicity, clans, nepotism and self-interest is becoming common in this Country, people are trying to spoil the names of other communities due to their self-interest, which will not take us anywhere in this great Nation.    The issue of the ethnicity and self-interest is becoming the first critical issues in the Republic of South Sudan beginning from the regime of the late Dr John Garang de Mabior up to the President Kiir Mayardit regime with his brother Dr Machar.

People have been divided base on the tribal line ,clan line and secondly to the Regionalism which is becoming so problematic to the South Sudanese politics ,and I can assure you that, it was because of the regional politic that have led to the disintegrations of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) because the top officials within the party are having parallel words that are different from each other in the current politic agenda of the state. If we don’t look in to this properly then South Sudan will always be in crisis dear Citizen of this great nation.

The interest that is trying to spoiled the name of the great people through the Media is what really disorganizing the South Sudanese all over and the Community of Naath in particular, it was not a surprise for me to see that issue happening in the name of the people who wrote a letter last month about the Dr Machar position to contest for the leading party leadership in the time to come, and one person claimed to be from Ngundeng family and also a Nuer youth Union organization. To me I have seen it as the self-interest and fabrication of lies that need no attention from the President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit, if he really needs a peaceful co-existence within the communities in South Sudan. Those eighty people who wrote the letter asking President Kiir to remove Dr Machar in his position as the vice President are not really friend of  President Kiir but his worse enemies in South Sudan unless he does not want to listen from the people who are analyzing the current situation in the Country.

Logically and realistically, President Kiir should work hand in hand with his Deputy until the election in 2015, when the President shall have his own political group and Dr Machar with his political groups as well as Pagan Amum or anybody who wish to contest for the leadership of this nation, or anyone who will win the election should led the Republic of South Sudan and set up his/her government without any hidden issues that might take back the South Sudanese. Sitting under a tree and beginning writing fictitious names that are so irrelevant will not help the people of South Sudan but rather, increase the speed of war that might take away some lives in this Country. Issue of food is becoming more critical in South Sudan these days, every one want to be something’s when he/she is not qualified to do the needful to our citizen in this great nation. What people should know is that during the time for the election in 2010 President Kiir and his deputy Dr Machar were moving from one state to another looking for some votes from the citizen when they were competing with Dr Lam Akol who is known as the serious opposition man in the Republic of South Sudan and eventually President Salva Kiir and Dr Machar achieved what they were looking for and up to now they are moving hand in hand and ruling people of South Sudan without problems. That mean if President Kiir might not change the agreement that was signed among them by then, that can cause political disintegrations within the party itself and Kiir is in the position because of Riak and Riak is in power because of Kiir versa-versa to the speaker also.

I think base on my observations and analysis in this Country, nothing will divide our top leadership unless the Presidential advisors are not doing their mandates and principles of advice in this country, and if they are trying to disorganize this Republic intentionally, God of this land should look at them critically and punished them base on their wrong advices.

What I know in every Country worldwide, leadership is just a contract between the individuals , if you and i come as one, we can push for the success of one person and thereafter, other person follow us that is why there is the position for the Vice President in every government , that is how politic is carried out. If some groups of people sat randomly under trees and begin coming up with the letter calling for the dismissal of the Vice President, I think they are not wise intellectually, I think their psychological black boards need good transformation and modeling that can direct them about the good directions in lives then writing nonsense that will only benefits them not South Sudanese.

President of this Nation was elected Democratically as well as his vice President ,likewise to the Speaker, let me bring this in to your attention if you are not aware of this , any decree might cause problem in this country because all of them were elected Democratically by the people. I think those who wrote the letter did not know that, all these guys were unanimously elected by the community of this great nation and were given the mandate. If anyone has opinion about any one he/she should not generalized the people especially the Nuer Community “that all Nuer agree that Dr Machar should be removed from the position of the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan” is not realistic and logically enough to be aired out. Only mad people can speak like that, and may be those are the people whose their intelligentsia is too low and are the one who are talking about this.

Nuer people have been known of their goodness all over the world; even in South Sudan they are respected due to the way they are handling issues that are relevant for the development, peace and protection of Democracy and the respect for the rule of law worldwide. If you have any personal interest, good for you to write something on your own behave as a person and not generalizing all tribe for the personal gain. What all South Sudanese should know is that, in every tribes, clans ,sub-clans and family there are useless people whose their job is just looking for something to eat at the end but does not listen to people advice and aspirations, and at the end die miserably.

Spoiling the name of Nuer as the community for personal gain does not come this way, otherwise those very people who reached up to this level should be look critically and seriously and the God who created all the Nuer in this Republic of South Sudan should take note, am not commanding but word of humor.

It was on Wednesday night that, something came to my mind about ethnicity and self-interest that is trying to divide the people of South Sudan at this particular period of time. Logically and contextually, people of this nation have been known worldwide of being good to each other during the struggle that gave the legitimacy of the recognition of the South Sudanese by other people globally but now since the beginning of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), people have started hating each other due to low intellect within the people. People have become very wild to each other in term of political perceptions which is taking place in this country that had started early this year.

When you try to look at the people in the capital city of South Sudan (Juba), you find that people have divided themselves base on their tribes to clans and sub-clans, just sitting under trees talking nonsenses, useless things about President Kiir Mayardit and his Counterpart Dr Machar , there is nothing wrong among our two leaders in this Country. They have been leading us from the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) period, the referendum and subsequently to the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan that was declared in July 9th 2011 and with the help of the two, we got recognized worldwide. What am viewing right now in south Sudan is that, some people have become desperate of what to eat,  people have come between the two and began talking  evils things about each other, and that is why the two are having  small misconceptions ending  up with no good understanding  among themselves , as a result of wrong advice that both of them got from their friends and spy within the system ,they are pulling rope that might lead to the displacement of the innocents citizen which is not logical to be encourage if we really need a peaceful co-existence of the people of South Sudan.

The author is the Independent Journalist who writes for the Juba Monitor as the columnist and lives in South Sudan.  You can him through;[email protected]

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