The Nuer Community will not react negatively to President Kiir’s reshuffling

For immediate Release

United States, July 25, 2013 (SSNA) — The Nuer Community Development Services in the United States (NCDS-USA) has received mixed rumors from different sources that its members may react violently in response to the removal of Dr. Riek Machar from his position as South Sudan Vice President by his President. The Nuer Community entirely does not view Dr. Riek Machar as its representative to the government of Republic of South Sudan, but as a figure leader who represents the entire Nation. Therefore, our community or its members will not have a separate reason to act violently before the reaction of the entire nation.

We understand that our name as (Nuer) and community as whole has been tarnished with sophistic statements that were created by our neighboring brothers from Dinka Community.  We want to clarify to the international community and the friends of South Sudan Nation, that Nuer are peaceful people who always seek reasonable solution before picking the fight.    We will not fight for the cause of Dr. Riek machar alone, unless Dinkas continue to intimidate Nuer Society with the removal of Dr. Riek by Kiir as Dinka and not as South Sudan President.  

The Nuers are not bothered to talk publicly about how peaceful we are, but we want people to know us through actions.  Good example of how Nuer acts are recent statements made by the sacked Vice President Dr. Riek, when he calls the nation to remain calm in such bias action taken by President Kiir. Should the very decree submitted by Kiir happened to released by Riek to remove Kiir, Dinka would have already blown the entire nation from the first day the decree was announced.

The SUDAN TRIBUNE news on 7/24/13 indicated how eagerly Dinka people want to drag Nuers toward violent actions. A Dinka man was dancing joyously in Juba Super Market, and “when asked by Nuer man why he was so joyous, the Dinka man told the Nuer man “What are you going to do now, that we have removed your Riek Machar” forcing the Nuer man to slap the Dinka man in the face”. These are evinces of how Dinka eagerly want violence in the country.

The Nuer Community has understood that President Kiir’s action was a set up plan to destroy the Nuer reputation in the eyes of the global community. Starting from his decree when he relieved the Governor of Unity State Taban Deng Gai, and soon replaced him with Dr. Nguen Minytuil, whereby he knows the burning discrepancies between the removed governor, and his newly appointed governor. No doubt President Kiir has publicly invited violence in his two years old country by violating the Country’s Constitution to dissolve the entire government alone.

Finally, the Nuer will not react negatively unless if Dinka dragged them to the violence as evidenced above.

The End


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