Will the formation of the New Government bring Chaos or Peace in South Sudan?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

July 25, 2013 (SSNA) — People are wondering who to be appoint as the National Minister since the Ministries are only eighteen, the question is , will President bring in new faces or the old one that are becoming so common in the eyes of the Citizen for South Sudan, or the people who took 4. Millions dollars in to their private pockets  will come back in to the system and that money was supposed to be used for development of the social services like good roads, Hospitals, schools and boosting South Sudan agriculture sector that need to be put in place for the citizen survival . Questions are arising whether the government of Mayardit is going to be for illiterate or literate as people assume in the South Sudan daily discussions context or the same corrupts Ministers will come back again?

According to the President Decrees that he stated that, he will form the lean Government in South Sudan that will consists of the eighteen Ministries and some directorates, people are wondering who should be appointed as the Minister and who to be left behind. Other are saying that is the beginning of the crisis in South Sudan. Some people within the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) are saying the time has come for the party disintegrations in to small groups of parties or according to some citizen perceptions and imaginations people are saying it will take people in to tribal interest that will worsen the current situation in the Country. People in the Republic of South Sudan have started having many imaginations and perceptions about the formation of the new Cabinets by the President of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit which can be announce any time from now “according to what the President Stated on the Presidential Republican Decrees” that removed the Vice President of the Republic Dr Machar , the Cabinet Ministers and the suspension of the Secretary General of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Comrade Pagan Amum, some people are yenning and breathing slowly, people are in fear especially in the capital City of the Republic of South Sudan Juba and most people who are coward let me say left the Country on Tuesday night, other were using their own private cars, the all of Juba International Airport was full yesterday and even today morning, people pretend to go and see their families in Kenya, Uganda and many other places . People are going to other Countries due to the current fear and the security that has covered up the Capital City. There is no more traffic jams in Juba, however, it was a very terrible day yesterday evening on Tuesday 24th of July 2013 from 2:00pm up to late night people feared due to what happen in Konykonyo Market where people just run away from their shops due to small fight that took place and left some people were given injuries, meanwhile also in Jabel Kujur Yei Road, people did not sleep due to the same fight that took place within the market that killed one person on spot and the other one dies on the way to the Hospital.

Everybody in the Capital for the last two days depend on the only Broadcasting Media house that is South Sudan Television, that is run by the Government and other Media houses get the news afterward. According to my own view as individual, people of South Sudan are reflecting on the history of the liberation struggle that made most of the South Sudanese to lost their lives that has taken more than 2.5 million lives of the people between the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Sudan Army Forces from Khartuom. Other are projecting Prophet Ngundeng Bong Prophecy as the real and will become the truth that is when people will begin crisis in the Country and eventually the Democracy that will prevail afterward that is according to the people and our history as South Sudanese. Other are saying Prophet Ngundeng words were not right to be pronounce in this Country. Meanwhile according to what Dr Machar posted on his Facebook page on the 23th of July 2013, I quoted what he says: “he said he will not be a Vice President any more, his time for being the Vice President for the Republic of South Sudan is over but he is ready to lead the Country in a Democratic way without any intimidations from anybody” that statement alone justified the mean according to my own analysis as an individual citizen of the Republic of South Sudan.

Situational analysis about South Sudan current politics:

There are lots of issues here and there within the people of South Sudan with our nearer friend from Khartoum; there is the issue of the people of Abyei that need serious strategies and approaches to be follow critically and systematically by all South Sudanese.

People of Abyei need to be help in the due Referendum which they are going to be conducted very soon this year in October, there is need for all the South Sudanese to help people of Abyei through giving advices that might help them to achieved or to determined their own destiny but if we are divided like this now in South due to useless tribal grouping, what will happen next?

Secondly there is another issue of Oil, hope everybody knows in South Sudan that, the Country is depending on the oil revenues, donations from the International Communities for the development but since the Khartoum Government stated on the 23th of July 2013 through Sudan Tribune report that, they will never reverse the shading down  of the oil pipe line on the 7th of the Aust 2013 “according to the Minister of oil in North Sudan “no matter what might be the circumstance, that is also another threat to the Government of South Sudan. I hope this times around issues related to the negotiations will not move well this time around since the two mostly negotiators for the people of South Sudan have been relieve from their duties, therefore am not saying no one will do their duties but beginning always is the big challenge.

Thirdly the border demarcation issue is waiting, that need a serious unity among the people of the Republic of South Sudan as the Nation.

Key recommendations that might help the people of the Republic of South Sudan within these one year to the general elections for the South Sudanese to vote again for their President, Governors and their Members of the National Assembly;

President Kiir should appoint the Vice President who will do the needful like what Dr Machar did in the last nine years when he was the Vice President for the Republic, person who is sound minded person, full with dignity and respect for the rule of law and human right and the last, person who has high level of qualification in term of reasoning capacity and good working relations with International diplomatic communities globally.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit should appoint Ministers who are not corrupts like the former Cabinets which consists of many crocks that damaged the good I mage of the South Sudanese people, he should bring in new people with good ideas in planning and straight forward in any things. President should not bring the villages who are not civilize at all, for your information civilization mean many things but food for thoughts

President Kiir should appoint base on the merit not the people who supported him but people who will work for the benefits of the people of the Republic of South Sudan as a whole 

The author is the Independent Journalist who writes for Juba Monitor Newspaper as the Columnist, you can contact him through: [email protected]

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