South Sudan: What is Leadership?

By Ambassador Dhano Obongo

July 30, 2013 (SSNA) — Every society or institution will always need leaders, whether that institution is in the political, social, religious or even the industrial realm.

Before any institution can develop leaders, however, it has to answer the question, what is leadership?

A leader should have many qualities, such as the ability to inspire confidence, good communication skills, and leadership experience. Yet no leader will have all of the qualities necessary to be a great leader.

The dilemma our South Sudanese leaders face is reconciling what they believe advisable or desirable and what they can actually accomplish under the present political realities of our new country.

However, God has redeemed us from the yoke of Arab/ Muslim Sudan and brought us into the land of honey, liberating the state economically, socially and politically.

As our Savior Jesus Christ sees His leadership in terms of humility and service and as we claim that we are followers of our Redeemer, we should serve in humility rather than seek power and in sacrifice rather than seek status.

As Christians we are called to show a different way of living and acting as we help our newborn and   beloved nation of South Sudan to rethink or revolutionize our thinking about ideas of leadership.

So , I urge our Church leaders to pray for our political leaders in all levels of government–national, state, and local– that our political leaders will  use their power wisely and have a true sense of serving our people and country.

It’s my prayer and hope that, God will forgive all of us if we seem overly concerned with power, honor, and status. Let us give ourselves opportunities to serve rather than be served. That is the true meaning and definition of leadership from the Christian biblical perspective. (Mark: 10: 35- 45). Let us meditate on this, as we are approach 2015 general elections and let us lay aside our personal ambitions, putting God and the people of South Sudan first. May God bless South Sudan.

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