Analysis of the current appointment of the National Ministers in South Sudan

By Peter Gai Manyuon

August 1, 2013 (SSNA) — According to my own reasoning and the way I am analyzing the current political arena of the Republic of South Sudan and more so, the appointment of the National Ministers excluding the Vice President of the South Sudan is so complex and interesting to the nation that also need political commentators like me to have a words that might be of importance to the Country like South Sudan. I thought the President General Salva Kiir Mayardit was supposed to be wise enough in his appointment process but to make it worse, he appointed some people who have no good background in their communities, I don’t think whether these very people Mr. President appointed will do the needful to him, I mean in term of his campaign for the party leadership and the candidature for the President of the Republic of South Sudan in 2015 coming, most of them are liabilities that have no values within their constituencies a cross the Republic of South Sudan believe me or not this is the matter of truth and legitimacy from my point of view.

My dear elites class, I hope  you will agree with me in one way or the other ,you might dispute this but realities and facts must be conceptualized, scrutinized and evaluated for the direct benefits of the citizen of this nation unless otherwise we are just citizen with no says in any formation of the government in this Country.

The newly decrees of Mr. President that have form the government by appointing the Ministers and their deputies with exception of the Vice President which was supposed to be the first to be appointed indicates that, he will not make it by any mean to become the President of this great Nation in one year and half remaining due to the reason known to him and his Political advisers who have advised him wrongly that is why he has form the government full with people with no good backgrounds and people that have no market or influences  in their societies.  

Apart from only six currently appointed Ministers , the rests are very weak in term of speaking, convincing, advocating, free from corruptions complications, most of the people in this Country now testified that the Government of South Sudan was not looking at the good people but looking for the wrong people that might take away public funds and resources in this Country  and this is an indication that, our Presidential advisors does not want our beloved President to come back to the leadership again, to me am looking at the Presidential advisors as people who are against our beloved President in reality. What is the basis of person having two positions when there are very many intellectuals, competences, energetic people that were left I think due to unknown reason? But need justification from the right body that the President of the Republic consulted when forming his cabinets on Tuesday evening.

Viewing at the position of Ministry of Justice which is currently going to be run by the Presidential Legal Advisor and the Minister at the same time Mr. Tilar Ring let me called him that way because am not sure of his qualifications, whether he is a Lawyer by Profession or he is professional in other disciplines in Education. “You cannot put your two legs in different ways”  that might be interpreted by intellectuals as self-lobby for many positions by those who are really nationalists ,facts must be said no matter what might be the circumstances in any scenarios other people might view at my augment.

Truly speaking what shows that, people of South Sudan are really keeping their motto which is justice, liberty and prosperity for all? Is there justice, liberty and prosperity for all in the appointment of the newly Ministers in South Sudan?

To me is not logically for him to have two positions within the nation because other people specifically the citizen of South Sudan will have a doubt with the President of South Sudan as the new Nation likewise bringing someone who is an elected Governor to be the National Minister when he was not remove first from his position, many people are asking what a political situation is South Sudan going to at this stage? To me am not against their appointment but they are supposed to be removed first from their positions which they were holding before taking over the newly positions to avoid mistrust within the President himself alone as individual person. Am not legal expert to make a lots of quotations about the Constitution on who to be appointed in the right positions but am expert in analyzing politics, analyzing self-interest that might occur and following International Journalistic way of educating, informing and entertaining the audiences with factual issues that are so relevant to for citizen consumptions.

Now days what is very importance is personal integrity and the ability to do the needful to the people of South Sudan as the nation then  holding many positions that might help you as the person alone excluding the citizen interest who vote warmly for the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan through referendum processes. I have too much love for the President but due to wrongs advices that are coming in, we should advice our beloved President because logically and realistically, we cannot go far that way.

The author is the Independent Journalist who writes for the Juba Monitor Newspaper as the Columnist, you can contact him through; [email protected]

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