Now to the International Criminal Court [ICC] in The Hague

Press Release

August 7, 2013 (SSNA) — Dear compatriots the gallant masses of the Republic of South Sudan and the friends of South Sudan worldwide,

We the undersigned would like to bring to your attention that since the country became independent on 9th July 2011, the top leadership under President Salva Kiir Mayardit has led the country contrary to the aspirations of its people.

It is no secret that the new Republic of South Sudan has for the last two years remained top in the media, side by side with the likes of Somalia, DR. Congo, Sudan and the Central African Republic [CAR] where citizens have suffered and continue to suffer unprecedented human rights abuses in the world.

The brutal face of president Kiir’s totalitarian regime is demonstrated by the heinous events in Wau in Western Bahr Ghazal state where unarmed demonstrators were maimed in cold blood by the very security agents supposed to protect them; the massacre of civilians coupled with the indiscriminate violations of human rights abuse in Chollo kingdom in Upper Nile State; and the wanton singling out of the Murle people for destruction in Jonglei state.

Juba the capital city has not been spared from these widespread human rights abuses which have now taken a systematic pattern. As government officials, common citizens and opinion writers perceived critical of the incumbent regime meet their fate through dubious disappearances, or being slaughtered without any remorse, or worse still face deaths through cold blooded assassinations, South Sudan is far from being governed by the rule of law.

The unfortunate fate of late Eng. John Louis Silvino, late Traffic Police Sargent Banyjioth Matoat Tap and the well-known civil rights activist late Isaiah Abraham, all  speak very aloud of how government security agents dispense terror in a town which in fact is the seat of the new country’s government.

In Eastern Equatoria state, the Lakes State, and the Unity State citizens continue to suffer in the hands of state run squads under directives of the legal authorities and their associates. In short, South Sudan is rapidly descending into a state of anarchy. And since no local independent and competent courts exist in the country to serve justice for the families of these victims whose numbers continue to rise daily as the perpetuators reassure themselves that no power on earth can stop them from these inhumane abuses, some bold initiative has to be sought to bring these abuses to a halt.

In line with all the above, we the under mentioned citizens have taken upon ourselves the responsibility to seek justice elsewhere for: the victims, and their living relatives who suffered and continue to suffer immeasurable pain as the result of the losses inflicted on them. By so taking this route we too, believe that there lies a light of hope at the end of the tunnel that will lead to the eventual restoration of rule of law in South Sudan. 

And as we put forward this press release, we would want to assure you that we have set the ball for justice rolling at the International Criminal Court [ICC] in The Hague.  Inspired by healthy debate in South Sudan Nation website on the issue of human rights abuse and our own values, we have now built a case and the legal process has started at the prosecutor general’s office as testified in the response from the court [see the attached correspondence]. Whether at this first attempt the case proceeds to a hearing or not,  one thing we know for sure is that South Sudan from now on will be on the radar of the international community in general, and the ICC’s in particular and this petition will remain a precedent on which future cases will be built. Let us keep our fingers crossed!

We now call upon all concerned citizens of South Sudan at home and in the Diaspora; and the friends of South Sudan worldwide to come forward to support this petition in any way possible. 

Let’s stand up as believers in human rights, peace and justice to cleanse South Sudan from criminals. If we work together, nothing is impossible to change for the better.

Yours sincerely

Elhag Paul
Dr. JAC Ramba
Karlo Kwol Akol


[Response from the International Criminal Court]

Our reference: OTP-CR-242/13
The Hague, 5 August 2013

Dear Sir, Madam

The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of your documents/letter.

This communication has been duly entered in the Communications Register of the Office. We will give consideration to this communication, as appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

As soon as a decision is reached, we will inform you, in writing, and provide you with reasons for this decision.

Yours sincerely,

M.P. Dillon
Head of Information & Evidence Unit
Office of The Prosecutor
Le Bureau du Procureur
The Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands
Boîte postale 19519, 2500 CM La Haye, Pays Bas
Telephone / Téléphone: + 31 70 5158515 • Facsimile / Télécopie: + 31 70 5158555 •
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