Keep Telar Ring Deng out of South Sudan’s Cabinet: Do Justice for our father Ustaz Mayek Riak Ater

DATE: 12.08.2013

Dear compatriots,

Juba, August 12, 2013 (SSNA) — It is a sombre moment for us, on behalf of our family that we take this chance to write to you as our fellow country men and women. Our family is writing to you, because, we believe, a united voice can be heard louder and clearer.

We write to you, because, we truly believe that we cannot do this on our own. That, in fact, this is not a personal issue – it is not just our family’s issue – but a collective issue for us all, as South Sudanese people.

We all know that our Parliament, the Parliament of South Sudan, has been actively working to ensure that our country, which has been bleeding profusely from bad and immoral leaders, must now be served by men and women, of probity and moral turpitude.

This is why the Parliament has been rigorously vetting the nominated Ministers. As a result of that exercise, one man, who does not meet in all circumstances the requirements to serve the people of South Sudan, came under close scrutiny. This man, Telar Ring Deng, who our good President Salva Kiir Mayardit nominated to serve as the Minister for Justice, failed the constitutional, academic and moral requirements to be confirmed for the aforementioned portfolio.

Our fellow compatriots, the South Sudan’s Transitional Constitution is crystal clear on the moral qualifications of a national minister. Article 112 (3) of the Transitional Constitution, clearly states: “Ministers of the National Government shall be selected with due regard to the need for inclusiveness based on integrity, competence………”

This is a low threshold test. If interpreted, it simply means, a man or woman of poor moral standing, cannot pass to serve the good people of South Sudan in any public office.

Fellow compatriots, Telar Ring Deng does not pass this key test. Telar lied about his academic qualifications to cheat his way through fame and influence. At all times, has been known and respected as a lawyer. NO, he is not. He has now confirmed that himself. Telar Ring Deng has done so much damage to our country that, we as the people of South Sudan cannot allow him to serve in any official position in the country.

Fellow compatriots, we refer you to the statement of Telar Ring Deng published on Sudantribune today, on the 12th of August. In his statement, Telar acknowledged that he presided over the deaths of so many South Sudanese, including that of our father 2nd Lt. Mayek Riak.

Mayek Riak, who was popularly known as Ustaz Mayek Riak Ater, because of his dedication to the education of South Sudanese, and who was our father, was sentenced to death by an unqualified lawyer and a “judge”, Telar Ring Deng.

Fellow South Sudanese, we are not regretting the death of our father Ustaz Mayek Riak because he died in the struggle for our country. However – fellow compatriots, Ustaz Mayek Riak was unfairly put away through a sham process by a phoney lawyer and judge. He was sentenced to death by an individual who conned our leaders to believing that he was a lawyer. Telar Ring Deng never entered law school. It has now been confirmed.

According to the testimony of Dr Riek Machar, Telar was employed as a “judge” on the advice of our hero Dr Garang Mabior that Telar was a lawyer. Put simply, Telar duped:

1. Dr John Garang to believing that he was a lawyer;
2. Dr Riek Machar into believing that he was a lawyer to obtain a job that he would never have obtained;
3. President Salva Kiir to employ him as his legal advisor; and most of all
4. The people of South Sudan into believing him that he was a qualified lawyer and who paid heftily a legal professional through our meagre resources

Our fellow compatriots, Telar has done a great deal damage to all of us. We must not allow this man to be on the helm of leadership in our country.

Our fellow compatriots – our family is taking this opportunity, for you to add your voice to our voice. Over the next two days, we will present our petition to the Parliament of South Sudan, to stop this man from ascending to power in our country.

Fellow compatriots, this petition is not driven by bitterness that Telar killed our father and he publicly and proudly mentioned the name of our father, Mayek Riak, in his letter to the Parliament. Yes, we are distressed and broken that we are reminded by the painful death of our father. It is a sad fact – but we are more driven by a national duty.

Fellow compatriots, Ustaz Mayek Riak left behind very strong individuals and we are here to continue his legacy. Ustaz Mayek Riak left Agook Mayek Riak, who is a highly qualified economist and a banker. Agook Mayek left a very lucrative job in Australia to go and work for the Lakes State Government. Agook continues to passionately serve the people of South Sudan. Ustaz Mayek Riak left behind Maker Mayek Riak who is a highly qualified and practising lawyer in Australia (unlike Telar). Maker is passionate about South Sudan and longs to the day that he goes back home to serve our country.

Ustaz Mayek Riak also left behind Riak Mayek Riak – the rock and the custodian – of the Mayek family. Riak is the eldest son of Mayek Riak and serves the people of Lakes State in the Ministry of Finance. We also have a younger brother and two sisters who are studying very hard to do their part for the people of South Sudan.

Fellow compatriots, we appeal to you to join us to ensure that this man does not become a leader in our country.

As we prepare our submissions to the Parliament, please add your voice to our voice so that we can be heard louder and stand strong together as a people.

This is about South Sudan –not about us.

As we canvass legal avenues to bring Telar to justice, please join us as one people to stop Telar from being confirmed.

Please talk to your local Member of Parliament; share on the social media and share through the word of mouth that Telar is not fit and proper to be a leader in our country.

May God bless you all and God bless our country.

On behalf of Mayek Riak’s family:

Riak Mayek Riak
Agook Mayek Riak
Maker Mayek Riak
Makuei Mayek Riak
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