National Legislative Assembly Vetting Committee Intimidated

By John Smith

August 12, 2013 (SSNA) — [On] August 9th, 2013, the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) vetting committee which was in charge of screening the new cabinet was engaged in an unusual meeting. Despite the national holiday for the Muslim community which marked the end of the Holy Ramadan, it was business as usual for the speaker of the NLA Hon James Wani Iggadit. He solicited the committee to his office, which was attended by:

1. Hon. Daniel Awet Akot, the deputy speaker for NLA
2. Hon. Atem Gualdit(MP)
3. Hon. Michael Makuie Lueth, Min. of information and broadcasting
4. Hon. Machok(MP)
5. Mr Telar Ring Deng the justice min. Appointee.

The agenda was to verbally intimidate the body in order to forcefully pass the appointee minister of justice without considering the embarrassing issues related to shameless cloud over his head.  

Let me briefly educate you about the true appointee minister, Telar Ring Deng. Telar joined the liberation struggle in early 1984 with the fake qualification of a lawyer, while In fact he had only obtained a degree in political science and anthropology in 1981. 

The leadership of SPLM/A believed and assigned him the task as a legal officer to the SPLA Wolf battalion under then major Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Telar under this condition was unfortunately given the role of a judge, a duty he performed unlawfully. Many innocent people were executed.  However Telar is believed to have finally obtained his needed law degree in 1994. 

In an article published by Sudan Tribune which was evidently read worldwide, Telar and others were found to have been a Hired Gun with many others. Their mission was to sabotage the cause of the people of south Sudan through the destruction of the SPLM. As a result,he (Telar) was expelled from the party in 2008.  Somehow he was appointed as a legal adviser to the president, a post he used for his personal gain by misleading the president. Any by the way Mr. Telar if you have forsaken the $3 million dollars that was meant to dismantle the Liberation Movement in 2004 which was given by Gen. Bakery Hassen Salah, and was delivered by then commander Mohammed Hardebb to Commander Sava Kiir Mayardit in Yei Town in order to fund the 2004 project. This fact was not known to the public until you revealed in an attempted to destroy the naïve Kiirdit, simply because you were ousted from the Party.    

Recently he rewarded himself as a minister of justice while in the event maintaining his post as a legal adviser to the president.  

This time he thought he could blindly fool the people of the south.  

Once again he was discovered to have misappropriated public fund. Millions of USA dollars were discovered to have been in his possession, a document obtained by vetting committee revealed.

Today more documents of money laundering by the appointee minister of justice were submitted to the vetting committee. With this entire mess brought out to the light of this constitutional chaos and confusion, we need to ask fundamental questions.

  • What kind of justice will Mr. Telar bring to the new nation?
  • How possible will he deliver the needed services to the people of South Sudan?
  • How can we trust the system that is meant to protect the country’s citizens if it will be run by people like the appointee minister who lack professional ethics described above?
  • Should we allow our nation building to be jeopardized by people who lack the integrity?

It is now more than clear that all this was done for personal gain through the application of a conspiracy and moreover to serve a hidden agenda.

In performing my duty as a concerned citizen I hereby would like to advice:

  • The National Legislative Assembly as the people representative should perform their duties as it is stipulated and mandated by the national constitution, by allowing the vetting committee to deliver their mandate without being INTIMIDATED or THREATENED. This is an historical and heroic task which the people of South Sudan are closely following while the world is watching.
  • I would also like to advise the Right Hon. James Wani to distance himself from this shameless act of impunity. Doing so will preserve your dignity and your well known integrity. Failing your duty in this regard will automatically derail your character.
  • H.E. Mr. President if you are not aware about Telars’ evil intentions which are indeed to devoured your person, then you better appoint him to take care of your domestic affair in Juba or Akon.
  • H. E. Mr. President Kiir it would be wise to immediately appoint a new minister of justice without fail in order to avoid further embarrassment to yourself and to the people of South Sudan.

The author can be reached at [email protected]

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