Prime Minister Meles’s memorial, one year later

By Duach R. Mach

August 20, 2013 (SSNA) – H.E. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (R.I P); over a million people from Ethiopia and all over the world have shared their memories, thoughts, and feelings about H.E late PM. Meles died. H.E. late PM. Meles Zenawi’s passing one year ago today was sad and difficult for all of us. Today everyone will reflect on his extraordinary life and the good things he left behind. For everything he made for Ethiopia a better country in the history. As many of us know firsthand, one of the greatest gifts H.E. Meles gave/brought to all regions of Ethiopia and to Africa in particular has ever inspired such a development (Growth and Transformation Plan of the momentum of economic growth leading) and such high standards of good governance. Our country’s values for development of today were originated from H.E. late PM. Meles.

Thus, his talent and his spirit will forever be the foundation of the great development and the good governance, the democracy we all share today in Ethiopia. It is a great privilege and responsibility for all of us to carrying on his legacy into the Ethiopia’s future and for the future of our next generations.

H.E. late Meles changes Ethiopia with his visionary outset after he successfully deposed Derge’s regime in 1991, and revamping of the development and the good governance. He will be a name which rings out through history for evolving the better way we live today, sharing all human interest and emerging our country Ethiopia together. I thank H.E. late PM. Meles for dedicated his aptitude and so much of his charismatic life to the people of Ethiopia. It is a wonderful tribute to H.E. late PM. Meles memory for everything he stood for in his present-days. Last year today we truly lost a great innovator and person really loves his country and its people. I am an ordinary citizen who has never been employed by the ruling Ethiopia People Revolutionary Democratic Front EPRDF Party (Amharic: የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝቦች አብዮታዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ግንባር), but I know of the brilliance of late PM. Meles had changing Ethiopia.

H.E. PM. Meles was the quintessential of Ethiopians’ dream, from nothing to more than something truly amazing, good governance and economic growth. Today everyone is so lucky to have just known him and to learn from him that Ethiopia does not look like the Ethiopia of the 1990s! I confidently utter that if we all live and think like H.E. late PM Meles, Ethiopia would be a better place. Brothers and sisters, August 20, 2012, Ethiopians have lost a genius, one of the greatest genius leaders that ever live or seen. Last year was a huge loss for all and for each and everyone in Ethiopian. I am incredibly proud of the optimistic future he brought into our country, everyone is now dreaming up new ones that is a delight down the road for our nation and everyone in the country today because of PM Meles’s successful leadership.

The author lives in the United States of America. He can be reached via [email protected]

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