What Methodology is desirable to kick away primitive politics in South Sudan?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

August 23, 2013 (SSNA) — I always think about how this primitive politics and hatred can be abolish or nullify in South Sudan as a country. Peoples’ minds focuses on the regionalism, tribalism, and many other things that are beyond exposure at this particular period of time. And all these issues were caused by those who claimed to have known or practiced politics for some times and whose of it , they are using Islamists’ politics that is destroying the Arab world whereby people stayed on the streets always demonstrating and they are killed like chickens.

However in South Sudan context, I have seen most officials from the government of the Republic of South Sudan always use a primitive politics that will not benefits them us an individuals and the people of South Sudan at large but dividing the small population that had remain from the civil war that we lost 2.5 million lives during our liberation struggle.

Moreover, when you look at the way people behave to each other is not good enough for this great young nation to grow in that way. Most people practiced tribalistic  politic that is full of hatred  mixed with evils spirit in South Sudan and I have seen this with my necked eye , no one can tell me it is not logic enough  South Sudanese always preach words that are very dangerous to other people in one way or the other.

People always sit under the trees in Juba discussing politic which even they don’t know, and if you tell someone to define the term politic she/he will never answer or giving you a narration about the description of the word.  It is good for people to practice politic but they should know the goodness of the politic by using it positively. People have a very big stomach and they lack what can bring South Sudan together, people just fight for where to eat and how to kill each other at night time in order to survive in one way or the other, and to testify this people are killing at night in Juba due to many reasons that no one is aware about.

It seems like most of the people in South Sudan do not know what is Politic and its principles in the world context.

Let me bring in to your attention about the meaning of politics; politicis a power relation between people and political groups in every country or even at the clan level or family.

As a general concept, it refers to the practice of the art or science of directing and administrating states or other political units. However, the definition of politics is highly, perhaps essentially, contested. There is considerable disagreement on which aspects of social life are to be considered ‘political’. At one extreme, many (notably, but not only, feminists) assert that ‘the personal is political’, meaning that the essential characteristics of political life can be found in any relationship, such as that between a man and a woman. Popular usage, however, suggests a much narrower domain for politics: it is often assumed that politics only occurs at the level of government and the state and must involve party competition.

In other hand, Politics is the struggle engaged by human beings to decide which members of societies get benefits or privileges. In other words, politics is where people argue to obtain something that they want to achieve in one way or the other that is my own understanding of the word politic.

Meanwhile Global politics is the discipline that studies the political and economic patterns of the world. It studies the relationships between cities, nation-states, shell-states, multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.

It has been argued that global politics should be distinguished from the field of international politics, which seeks to understand political relations between nation-states, and thus has a narrower scope. Similarly, international relations, which seek to understand general economic and political relations between nation-states, is a narrower field than global politics.

Current areas of discussion include national and ethnic conflict regulation, democracy and the politics of national self-determination, globalization and its relationship to democracy, conflict and peace studies, comparative politics, political economy, and the international political economy of the environment.

But when you look at the politics of South Sudan that is being practice by people who claims of having known the term; but in reality they are very doomed in term of influencing the people of the republic of South Sudan at this stage where we have got our Independent as the Nation. The question is; how can we move to another level when our big guys are just looking for what can split this great Nation? How can we move ahead when people divide themselves in to tribes, clans and families in South Sudan?   Everybody wants to be something at this time, which needs time to come, I mean everybody want to be the President of the Republic of South Sudan which is not the case. Those who will lead this great Nation are all known by the God almighty therefore, don’t deceived your selves that, you will lead when you are preaching tribalism and hatred among the people , someone dividing the people of South Sudan, someone who is saying these are Bari alone, Nuer alone and many more .

Having look at that, it tell me that South Sudan have long way to go in term of removing hatred among the people of this Nation and it is our responsibility all of us in this Country, am now doing my part whereby am writing articles that can transform you and other to a better level of understanding issues related to being together us one nation with the same objective and principles.

When we love our selves us people of South Sudan, we will be able to have a good leaders that will work for the betterment of the Republic of South Sudan and its citizen not leaders who are unclean in whatever they are doing.

What I know is that, if we continue practicing this hatred among ourselves, then South Sudan will not be the good nation, rather it will be the worse nation among many others Nations in the world at large.

I have seen that most, of our leaders lack intellectual dynamism and good approaches on the issues that are affecting the citizen in all the ten States of the Republic of South Sudan ; why do I said this?

People are killing themselves at night due to tribal conflicts that will not benefit anyone in this Nation. Sometimes I get confused, when I think of my fellow citizen of South Sudan on how they are doing these things in their daily bases.

Here are the few recommendations that I think can make us move to another level as the people of South Sudan;

Government of South Sudan should continue creating peace initiatives to the people of this nation for them to stay peacefully without any hatred and tribalism which is becoming the chronic disease to the people of South Sudan, since everyone is focusing on individual level.

Government of South Sudan should show the sense of responsiveness among the welfare of the citizen of this great nation in term of introducing the program that talk of equally among the people of South Sudan , if we don’t do this then we have no way to go as people of this Country otherwise we might be heading to darkness.

Government officials should be exemplary to other people in term of giving equal opportunities to all the citizen of South Sudan that is by giving employment in all the ministries to all those that deserve the jobs not giving the jobs to wives, Sons and daughters like what has just happening in the Judiciary when Chief Justice appointed his Daughter to the senior position because he is the big man in the office, whereby he does not care of qualifications and competencies of other people and that was not me who said it but it was a former Judge John Clement Kuc who said that, when he was resigning from Judiciary of the Republic of South Sudan early this year.

All our churches in this great Nation should pray for those who want to mislead this Country to the worse level, let the God almighty clean their black hearts full of hatred and tribalism and thereafter, we will be the great nation full of mercy and blessings from the God the father, the son and the all spirit.

I would be very happy if I could see Democracy, good governance and the respects of human rights and dignity to prevail in this great Nation in time to come; otherwise mess will be there all the times.

The author is the Independent Journalist who always writes extensively about issues that affects people of South Sudan. You can email him at [email protected].

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