Centre for Corruptions has been identified in South Sudan; what next?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

August 30, 2013 (SSNA) — The Centre for serious corruption have been identified at last in the Republic of South Sudan, the question now is what next should be done in order to accomplish the mission of dealing with the culprits who are involved in the scandals of millions of South Sudanese pounds (SSP) in the last eight years in this Country?

For the last years, people have been wondering and having focuses only on the seventy five (75) officials that took huge sum of money to foreign Countries for their well fare and nothing have been done about the issue up to date and the issue remain as something sensitive not to be mentioned anyhow by a common citizen because intimidations through text messages and killings are becoming order of the day in this Country.

Some people have forgotten the issue because there are no laws that persecute people in this Country due to lack of transparency, integrity and properly accountability in the system of the governance in this Country.

I was much assumed and thinking critically at the same time, about the 11,000 ghost officer’s names that have been identified in payroll list in the Ministry of Interior in the Republic of South Sudan by the newly appointed Minister.

The question that came to my mind was, who are these people putting some ghost names in the payroll list? Are they directors in the Ministry or where are these very people?

According to the spokesperson for South Sudan National Police services Col. James Monday yesterday 29th of August 2013 confirm to the press that, following screening exercises the police have uncovered a scum in which 11,000 ghost names where included in force payroll. That mean the all force list in this Country are being increased with fictitious names or names that were put just for the formality of gaining some thing.

He also said “reports show that there was a network operating within the police force between senior officers and cashiers involved in plating the actual strength of the force in order to earn more” Enoke said.

Meanwhile in the media report also the newly Minister of Interior ALeu Anyieny Aleu revealed that screening results pointed that the figure could rise to 27,000 if the investigation confirms the mystery over the additional 16,000 names.

Realistically, if you contextualize, visualize the statement from the spokesperson of the South Sudan Police Services and the Minister at the same time, you find that truth have been realized at last unless if they will fair now to dismiss or persecute the culprits who are involved in corruptions in the Ministry.

Comprehensive Analysis 

We all know that the number of police officers is more than expected in the Republic of South Sudan and we know that, they are corrupts in all what  they are doing in this Country. Most of them are the one killing people in Juba City daily due to the fact that most of them need money from the government officials and different employees that work with International Organizations and National Organizations respectively.

According to what most people knows is that, police is supposed to keep laws and orders in this Country but not doing something very abnormal that is destroying the image of all South Sudanese people. Police officers have gone out from their mandate as police officers in this nation therefore; serious majors need to be follow critically in order for this great nation to be free from chronic disease known by the name of corruption that is paralyzing most of the government institutions.

If such a numbers of ghost names have been identified in one Institution, what of other Institutions in South Sudan? I think there are many ghost names in all Government Institutions in this Country including the ten states.

That mean, this country is leading to darkness my dear Countrymen and ladies, facts and realities have to be say here, otherwise if nothing is going to happen to these very people who initiates for these wrongs ideas of getting blood money in such a way, then South Sudan has the Country will be the first failed state in time to come in the all world instead of the fourth failed state according to this year report where this Country had been regarded in that way.

Keys recommendations

The Minister of Interior should do his best by also identifying more and more so that, he should be confirm well as the Minister after the three months because President Kiir had given the newly appointed Ministers only one hundred (100) days for each and every one of them to have action work plan for the Ministry that he/she run.

Minister Aleu should dismiss all the cahiers and Directors Generals who put in all those ghost names in the ministry payroll list because they are the one who did that calculation and strategy of duplicating. And he should appoint the young graduates who have all the skills and energy to do the needful to the people of South Sudan then those very old people who lack good ideas and attitudes as well, because their days are numbered base on the natural call from God the almighty.

Minister of Interior should start by arresting all the directors Generals in the Ministry and investigate them properly, and afterward should be persecute for the serious crimes that they have committed in this great nation. Because if no serious action taken about those culprits that mean the newly Minister should also to be investigate of not taken action and he was the one who expose the mess in the Ministry.

The Minister of Interior should publicly give the names of the directors and cashiers who are involved in the corruption issues in the Ministry in particular so that, their names can be send online so that, all South Sudanese all over the World should know who they are in South Sudan context.

Conclusion; President of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit, should also take action against the failure of the Minister, incase if he does not bring those people in to book, because truth had been realized now in the Ministry. And if the Minister will continue doing his mandate for the interest of the citizen of South Sudan by arresting those culprits and expose their names to the press, then he deserves to be there until further notices because no job is permanent.

The author is the Independent Journalist who writes for Juba Monitor as Columnist, you can contact him through; [email protected]

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