President Kiir’s next moves on implementation of 39 laws

By Kueth Yul Dieu

September 2, 2013 (SSNA) — President Kiir Mayardit has finnaly announced his last appointment today for his lean government.  He has achieved his presidential goals and was reported by a reliable sources that, he was actually celebrating  for the victory of his Jieng Community’s 39 laws which were established with specific intend to weaken the Nuer society in the government system.  He appointed Magok Rundial, from Nuer as the Speaker of the House, knowing Magok’s lack of trust and adherent to SPLM party besides being a pure betrayal from NCP.  Magok Rundial is not only infamous or unknown politician from South Sudan; he is an excellence choice for the president, due to being a good follower, and a “YES” man type of a leader. In Nuer society alone, Magok is known as (x33l) meaning a person eating by himself without welcoming others with food on the plate. Such type of a person is not ever a leader in Nuer Society.  President Kiir has a good reason to appoint him as the speaker of the house, and the Nuers know about that.

President’s Secrete meeting:

Between August 18, and August 24/2013, a reliable source revealed that President Salva Kiir has met secretly with politicians and highly ranked army generals from his Dinka Community. The meeting was about the establishment of plans to finish Dr. Riek’s political ambition, and the ways to complete goals for the implementation of 39 laws against the Nuers in general.  They concluded with agreement to establish the following 9 plans.

1. To buy back the entire cabinet members whom he has dismissed along with Dr. Riek, and assigned them in different posts within the government.

2. To dissolve the entire old SPLM Party, and establish a new one that will support the current system of the government.

3. To postpone the 2015 Election and reschedule it for 2020, with intend to give enough time frames for Dinka leadership to settle strongly.

4. Encourage the Defense Minister Kuol Manyang  Juuk to order more general army arrests including James Hoth Mai due to human right abuses in Jonglei State, and with intend to cover up the system from being accused of Human Rights Violation.  

5. Encourage the Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk to order civilian Disarmament early in 2014, starting from Lou and Bentiu Nuer because they are the two strongest holds of the Nuer society.

6. Encourage the entire Dinka Community to maintain strongest relationship with minority tribes starting from Equatorian community, in order to remain in the leadership of the country for its next generation.

7. The President Kiir to maintain a strongest relationship with Ugandian President Yuwere Meseveni, the US, UN, and the rest of International Community in order to win their hearts politically to support the ROSS system.

8. Establishment of Special allowances that will be used to pay Nuer politicians and Army Generals to rivals against each others.  

9. Put down restriction guidelines for independent runners for 2020 Election, so that Riek will not have room to play his political game, and perhaps will give up from running by then.

It was reported that this meeting lasted only for an hour or less.  It was not clear whether it was done through teleconference, or close door meeting.  

Dinka’s understandings of the Nuer political sight:

The source indicate that Dinka has completely understood the Nuers’ political ambitions starting from 1991 Nuer coup of Dr. Riek Machar.  The source revealed that Dinkas fear of Nuers to death when it comes to fighting. He said this is the reason why Dinka planned to destabilize the Nuer system not by fight, but politically.  He revealed that Dinka learned that Nuers has no strong political ambitions, and that they do not see far as others in the political arena.   Because Dinkas knows that Nuers cannot survive politically, they want to make sure no mistake is made during their political transition in order to serve the system from falling onto Nuer hands by fight.

The sources indicated that, if in case fighting erupts between Dinka and Nuer tribes, the Dinka community will make sure they are on the safe side, which is the international community side. It is the duty of every Dinka man and woman to promote political ambitions of the Dinka people, and the long lasting leadership of Dinka in South Sudan, he added.  

To Nuer Community:

There was a folk tale in Nuer that said, (Nyuonge Hok ka Liace Cie-Both) translated in English, put the rope on your cows necks, while yielding on Cie-Both. Meanings do not put your head down doing one thing without looking around you.  What is being stated in this paper is true whether you believe it or not. Our cousins have prepared themselves a head of us. It will be hard for Nuers to catch up with them, and I do believe it will definitely take time to reach their level unless miracles fall from sky for Nuers to lead the South Sudan.  Dr. Riek’s Democracy will not work unless if he expedites his Ngundeng philosophies, otherwise, he is joking and will never be our President.  At this time, it is up to Nueri to wait silently with Dinka’s planned political destabilization of the Nuer system, or start thinking about positive moves to make in order to rescue our system from such damage.

The author holds a Master of Science Degree in Administration of Justice. He can be reach at [email protected]

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