The rolling tears for Abyei

By Gathuoy James Pou

September 4, 2013 (SSNA) — My eyes like yours are blinded by the rolling tears for Abyei, the land whose quest and value is yet worth more lives as it was in the whole struggle since 1953 up to 2005.

The exemption of Abyei from 2011 S.Sudan referendum as per CPA provisions, in nutshell was a creation of call for another struggle for the salvation of it, as it fate was pinned in the hands of Dinka Ngok Chiefdom in the name of “separate ballot” as stipulated in Chapter IV of the CPA. That referendum as scheduled was to take effect in the same year 2011, but, contrarily, it did not take place for we have been sick, and when we are told to be hospitalized, we seemed to be skeptical to admit the truth.

Abyei from the face of it, even, the Jalabba knows that it’s for the Dinka Ngok of South Sudan, but because our executive and legislature are sitting and dozing on their national duty of protecting the interest of this country, she sharpens her claws for the predation of this unforsakeble land.

Jalabba is pumping more troops into Abyei after she was taught a well-unforgettable lesion by the SPLA on 10th day of April 2012, this therefore fades off the tiny doubt someone may habours in his or her mind that it wasn’t so because the executive and legislature are sitting on their hands.

The alarming murder of our beloved paramount Chief Hon. Kuol Deng Kuol on 4th day of May 2013 was an ultimate shout upon which the executive and legislature were suppose to engage the international community to intervene, if they couldn’t do it unilaterally, for if it comes to litigation, Jalabba couldn’t stood its ground, and had no legal excuse for murdering him ruthlessly. Unfortunately, that engagement did not happen because of so many diseases we have been labouring under.

Further, the most sleeping and hypocrite body whose existence in Africa will never cause any visible positive impact is African Union (AU). This is a body which its findings, decisions and rulings in respect of Abyei have never been adhered to by Jalabba. It is this body which in the face of any catastrophic event caused by Jalabba does offer nothing more than crocodile tears to South Sudanese.

AU seems to implements the natural hypothesis that, it’s only an old mudfish which bits its tail if it had no option for survival, and cannot feel the pain. As ensued from that version, AU could, and will hardly act against any African head of states who are as well the leaders of the same body for any atrocities committed. The only remedy for the citizens of this continent is to collectively tell this sleeping and hypocrite body to cease from its unprogressive operations in Africa, and we then continue licking ourselves’ made wounds under the feet of international communities, like UN, NATO, etcetera, which are also senior pretenders when it comes to weigh their interests and the interest of any country or subjects to whom/which the help is intended to be directed.

Naturally, I was having girls like eyes, but the rolling tears for Abyei that keep on urinating in them make them become red, and left me with no choice than embracing the situation. More interestingly, Jalabba is the only human being on earth who can elopes with your sister, and if you happened to catch each other eyes on the road, in lieu of hugging you, he would begin staring at you with capital eyes, and thereupon kiss your sticky nose with his deadly pistol, and he could care not of how your nose would flood the scene of the event. I suppose this would be enough for witnesses to question the normality of such a human being.

Our precious land, Abyei and Heglig are on final walk to Jalabba if our legislature and executive do not dispense with their dozing culture over their constitutional duty. The final journey of this land to Jalabba can be inferred from the war criminal (Bashir)’s announcement in August, 2013 that “the referendum for Abyei will not take place in October 2013” he said. These phrases left no doubt in my mind that Khartoum is preparing to take this land by any means. Surely than no, if this land is taken, our martyrs who died for it will not forgive us, and our existence on earth will mean nothing than being just best at chewing and swallowing the little proceeds we do gain from the few barrels of oil we have in the South. Consequently, the rolling tears will continue blinding the poor South Sudanese who will disappointedly have nowhere to go for treatment.

Our vibrant youths, who ought to contribute in Nation building are reluctantly chatting under the trees of, and roaming the Juba streets, counting passing cars on the roads. On one side of the coin, it may be that they have never been afforded an opportunity by the government to participate in matters that can positively shape the directions of the government, or it may be laziness on the other side of the coin that enslaves them and burying their potentialities. Well, if this practice is not going to be dealt with by the youths themselves and the South Sudan government, then I have to admit that I fails to visualize the prosperity of our country, and the philosophy of Jalabba who is still believes that Sudan will one day become one country again will probably prove true.

The effect of having such lazy and lame thoughts is that it does not spare you to appreciate the fact that the hardest job on earth is that one which you would have executed yesterday, but you procrastinated, and you wants to do it today. I have ever seen this as true, whenever I dropped in a contestable food during which the natural nest is badly in need of it, the lazy intestines which seem to respect the protocol do swallow nothing, and go to rest with bare tubes, that is why they sometimes end up complaining, and cause unnecessary noise in your stomach when in fact it is too late for them than not.

Tentatively, these limp thoughts could be the core reason why the most reliable state in South Sudan has no university and qualified teachers, My poor statesmen are stuck after their secondary level not because their intellect is half a dimension, but because most of them cannot afford to come to Juba or to go to any other state for studies in S.Sudan. This would have been easier for them if they there is “Unity State University” and qualified teachers. Thus, narrowing down this growing illiteracy in that State preferably requires National Government efforts and the State’s. Notably, it will becomes so ugly if our government proved my hypothesis true, that in South Sudan, “bad is good, good is bad, fertile ideas are castrated and send to hell, and impotent ones are embraced”. My compatriots, if this foregoing theory is proved true, I would like to invite each of us to brands that practice as “the sarcastic political culture in South Sudan.”

The author is a concerned South Sudanese and can be reached at [email protected]

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