Tears will be endless if the perpetrators are rejoicing normal life

By Diu Tut Deng

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” Dr. King.

September 4, 2013 (SSNA) — It tells us in our state of South Sudan today that blubbering is becoming a culture because the perpetrators are enjoying life after killing, tears become boundless with the ignorance supported by the power abuse from government officials in the Republic of South Sudan. The different communities are today weeping in the hands of their brothers who killed their beloved ones in a cold blood in their respective residences at night in Juba city which seem does not concerning their seating government. The emotional mourners went on streets around Juba town last two weeks caring with them slain ones (three slain) and were singing the mourning songs in their different mother tongues from Equatorians Communities, beating dissimilar kinds of mourning sounds, some were unable to cried or to talk just ready to collapse and were solely survived because they have tied their stomachs with unrecognized belts  which some of the eyes witnessed told the author that they were Equatorians mourning ropes specifically for the difficult time and Their songs were translated that they were only appealing to God and the Government for more and strong protection.

The demonstrators took it boldly to demanded their safety kindly on peaceful demonstration which hit out from Juba Teaching Hospital where the deceases were taken for diminutive medications heading along Juba ministries road to the State House (J1) which affiliated to the Central Equatoria Governor residence, the South Sudan Police fired at them live bullets without compromised neither using tears gas, this has top up tears on the mourners one more time and scared demonstrators to one’s  own way ran leaving the slain from nowhere; this had shown to the world the lack of democracy and human right in the Republic of South Sudan because the peaceful demanders were not aggressive and its one of the constitutional right. After police did away with demanders, they took the deceases and collected them back to the hospital and to the burial later.

In the second day of demonstrators South Sudan police have started night operation to tackles the challenges but all in van, within the operation they (police) themselves are dying which leave others in suspicious to the operators themselves. One should ask him/herself that when and how these tears will stop while there is no rule of law in the Republic? But the answer remained pending, others are appealing to God on the fact that they have seen the lack of the accountability in the Government Institutions where the culprit should face the good lessons taught to them in the margin of the laws equivalent to their deed. Tears actually are part of live both in happiness and sadness, but should not be the waterworks always covering the face on sadness, God and the Government should do something to save these innocent people whom he (God) said to be his savants not the savants of the killers overnight because of their power. Government can’t use the name “ unknown Gun men” whom got nowhere to be capture and if government captured the criminals by chance it will set up an endless investigation committee overdue which will gave no feedback and resulted getting the culprit free at last.

This repeatedly happened several times in our government hands in the several incidents in the territory not far from the capital city of the Republic such as Yei incident which killed the nine family members survived only one the shooting, but sustain injured at the stomach. This family was perished in the hands of Martin Maar Deng Manyuol on 27th /8/2010 and managed to escaped while found at the corner in Lainya County in Central Equatoria state after day, was tried to be jailed but free later. The same scenario occurred also  in Yei River County on 26th /8/2010, Gabriel Majur gunned down Colonel Peter Gatkuoth chol the former commander of SPLA Engineering Corp in Yei, where there was no charged on the murder at the ended. On 28th/3/2013 Bajioth Mathot Tap was Slaughtered in Tongpiny residential area in Juba near Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit‘s house and alleged that Gengdit was behind the killing which later announced by Bull Community in Juba, on this, nothing effective has been done, the phony investigation was carried out but did not materialized up to  the date.

The killing happened in Dar el Salam (two brothers), Hai Seminary (an old man and the boy), Nyakuron west (three young men) and Mawuna area (two men) and others killing which I didn’t mention and none of the culprit were founded.  Without doubt this is the failure of the Government, if government could not succeed it constitutional mandate to protect its citizens, respect the rule of the law who else to do so?  We will only appeal to God on the brilliant protection as the Innocent citizens of South Sudan because our Government becomes incompetent. We have to address these Issues before we got kill. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Luther.

The writer is the South Sudanese who is concerned with lives of innocent citizens and can be reach by email. [email protected]

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