Are there transparency, integrity, and accountability in South Sudan?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

September 11, 2013 (SSNA) — Logically, socially, politically and even economically in the Republic of South Sudan, there is no transparency, integrity, and proper accountability in all government Institutions. Why is it that we lack those relevant issues in our system and we call ourselves good citizens? Does it mean that people hearts and minds are only channel to public funds and properties? Or it is the gene among the people in South Sudan that make people to be corrupts too much like this?

However, it has been a way of accuses from our people in this country especially the government Officials that, we are new nation therefore; we could not do much at this particular period of time because we have started our Country from scratch level. And if you can question them, when will the time come for the people of South Sudan to have proper accountability, promotion of good governance, respect of rule of law and human rights, Transfer of powers, and transparency as well?

Most of the government officials just focus on themselves not development. How can we move ahead as the Independence nation in that way? I know most of the old people or elderly people are the one that are promoting serious corruptions in government Institutions in South Sudan; some of them lack good ideas of taking this great nation to the promise land , it could have been better if the President of the Republic of South Sudan General Kiir to give opportunity to young people ,so that they can bring up this nation to a better standard that can be respected by the world at large because as far now, we have not yet reached to the level that we were fighting for some times for the last twenty one (21) years of civil war.

I don’t think whether God will come from heaven and begin telling South Sudanese people about issues to do with transparency and accountability in the system of governance.

All the citizens of South Sudan has the right to freedom of expressions, freedom to advocate for any amendments in the current Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011, if they really know their rights and aspirations. Based on my findings and observations, most of the South Sudanese does not know their rights in this Country. People are just going in the direction that is so confusing and very discouraging, and moreover we call ourselves people who know things and we don’t know some of our rights and obligations. Assumptions without justifications sometimes is not good my dear compatriots in Jesus Christ.

South Sudanese does not admit their mistakes in their daily lives, people assumed to have known things but in reality, they are doomed in brain, and they lack transparency, accountability and even integrity within themselves in this great nation. People have been blaming each other for nothing when they really know what is blocking transparency, integrity and accountability in South Sudan. People might ask what the possible ways to overcome these fundamentals issues are.

First of all, South Sudanese should have truth among themselves for a common goal that can be achieved. There is need to do away with tribalism, hatred and lack of commitment, people need to have the direction to advocate for the freedom of all the relevant issues that need proper attention from the citizen.

Secondly, there is need to be good observance in this current issues in the Republic of South Sudan, so that by 2015, we should choose for the leader who will do the needful to the entire Country not basing on tribal issues, insecurity and lack of respect for the rule of law and human rights.

Citizens of South Sudan should come out and point out relevant problematic issues that need attention from the government which we are having in this Country.

People might be wondering of the question am talking about but for some people who knows what is ongoing in the Republic of South Sudan since the beginning to date, they will know what am talking about.

Conclusively; lastly there are people who are really traumatized psychologically and mentally, I don’t know whether it is war that caused it or it is the mentality within the minds of the people, people are very volatile to one another; people lack diplomacy and good approaches to the issues that are of great concern to the people of South Sudan. Within Juba as the capital city of South Sudan, you find that people discussing tribalistic and evil words that might take us backward one day, that will never take them anywhere, people minds focus only on evil things. People are opposing ideas that might be of great importance to the future of this Country.

The Author is the Independent Journalist and Columnist for Juba Monitor. You can contact him through [email protected]

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