A unique and analytical book on pre-independent South Sudan, Sudan’s liberation struggles and the present governance problems


Calgary, AB, September 18, 2013 (SSNA) — South Sudanese prolific author, poet and publisher, Kuir ё Garang, has just published a new book, South Sudan Ideologically: Tribal Socio-Democracy, SPLM Ideologues, Juba Corruptocrats, Khartoum Theocrats and their Time-Frozen Leadership, which analyzes South Sudan and South Sudanese through an unapologetic Afro-centered philosophizing. The book amplifies the voices of liberation heroes that have been downplayed in history and to the present; especially the wise chiefs of the infamous ‘1947 Juba conference.’

South Sudanese were subjected to the horrors of Turko-Arab slavery, dehumanization of Arabo-Islamic hegemony and misappropriation of the concept of civilization. While Tribal South Sudanese had stream-lined governance systems, democratized decision-making process, methods of problem solving and value systems, they were still regarded as uncivilized. The wisdom portrayed by the likes of Chief Both Diu and Lado Lolik in 1947 was ignored or downplayed by the British, the Egyptians and the Sudanese Arabs. We now know what became of Sudan soon after 1947: deception, mediocrity, dishonesty and chaos.

While the author has been highly critical of the British, the Egyptians and the Arab Sudanese, he has also analyzed South Sudanese liberation wars, ideologies, events and the figures behind them in a nonpartisan, nontribalistic manner. A good example is a balanced account of the SPLA under late John Garang (Ph.D.) and the 1991 ‘Nasir Declaration’ by Lam Akol (Ph.D.) and Riek Machar (Ph.D.)

Kuir ë Garang was born in South Sudan and lived as a refugee in different African countries before moving to Canada in 2002. Kuir holds a degree in Philosophy from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He’s written seven books, including the controversial book on Race, Color and Race, Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful? and a politicalNovel The Pipers and the First Phase. He’s also a regulator commentator on South Sudanese political issues. In all his books, Kuir tries to present a dignified African sense of self without relying on Euro-centered definitions and conventionalized Euro-centered truism; all of which do no justice to the essence of African-ness.

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(South Sudan Ideologically, The Nile Press, 2013, pp.266; $20)

The book is now available on www.amazon.com and www.thenilepress.com

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